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55 Reasons why you should not vote for Modi in 2019.

55 Reasons why you should not vote for Modi in 2019.

Though a huge group of dissatisfied voters seems to be indignant with Narendra Mod, listed here are some reasons that one of many political followers has listed for why should not vote for Mod.

your self.

1. Growing gasoline costs without justification when the worth of crude oil is relatively low. Maintaining a high tax fee on gasoline is a basic instance for most of the people.


Petrol has more than 87 rupees per liter. Over 90 rupees in many cities.

2. The worth of LPG exceeded the mark of 800 R… It is double the worth for 2014.

3. The Indian Rupee Nostril Dive, which retains document of Asia's most devalued foreign money

Rs 72,71 is the worth of the INR towards the dollar.

4. Varanasi, Mod's own parliamentary constituency is on the listing of the 20 most polluted cities in the world

5. The Indian rail freight worth has risen by 10%.

6. Widespread polarization communally, as never seen or heard earlier

7. "Organized robbery and legalized robbery" is comprised of an faulty experiment referred to as demonization.

The federal government estimates that 30% of the banknotes will not return to the banks, but ultimately 99.3% got here back. The remaining are with the Royal Financial institution of Nepal, the Royal Financial institution of Bhutan and the cooperative banking sector. This experiment took over 100 individuals in our country

Introduction of Rs. 2000 Notes was a disaster.


"Give me 50 days and if demonization turns out to be wrong, I'll be happy to receive any punishment that the public wants" – Narendra Modi

These have been the phrases of Narendra Mod in the days following demonetization. Now he says nothing about this.

9. Lower in GDP by 2%, which is the loss of three strikes for the individuals. This additionally led to the closure of MSME strikes throughout the country.

10. "Black money that has been stacked outside is brought back within 100 days," Modi stated. However no motion has been taken up to now and the 673 names given by HSBC have not yet been revealed. Who’s the Authorities of India who needs to guard?

11. “2 Crore jobs are created every year,” he promised. In reality, up to 1 lakh job did not occur however, demonization has killed lakhs jobs in virtually all sectors

12. The Rafale Settlement is another robbery. India buys airplane from France to 1526 Crores. He passed HAL and made Anil Amban a model new company associate in this settlement. A fun twist, Qatar and Egypt get the identical aircraft for $ 700. Mother of all rip-off!

13. One other crony capitalist, Patanjali, acquired 268 crowns for simply 58 crores.

14. Like RBI's loans of 2.four Lakhs, Crore was handed over to the company sector when farmers committed suicide as a result of they might not pay the mortgage.

15. Farmers' suicide rates elevated by 40 %, most of which originated from nations managed by BJP.

16. GST is one other example of monumental dangerous governance. Government revenue has been badly affected. Small businesses endure significantly

17. Banks surviving the global recession have misplaced $ 44,000 in the final quarter.

18. 200% tax on petrol and 400% on diesel

19. Within the agricultural sector, which had grown four–5% yearly, there at the moment are solely 2%

20. The decline in agricultural exports has fallen by $ 9 billion

21. In accordance with the South Asian terrorist portal (STAP), in accordance with the NDA 2 authorities, 191 soldiers died, 72% of the loss of life.

22. Kashmir alone has shown a 42% improve in terrorism. Civilians killed in the terrorist assaults in Kashmir have grown by 37 %.

23. Supported corrupt individuals resembling Gali Janardhan Reddy and gave a number of seats to the gathering for his family. Modi even shared the stage with corrupt people who supported them in the rally.

Ultimately, BJP misplaced the election. Individuals have been even more indignant when Amit Shah made statements saying, "We see who comes to CM" and used the governor and different forces to type the government and failed there too.

24. India has simply given 1000 hectares of land to Bangladesh as an alternative of 500 acres. A basic example of dangerous overseas coverage

25. Banks' non-performing belongings (NPA) rose from less than 2 lakh crores to 10 lakh crores. This is an all-time document for Indian banks.

26. How far can the NDA withdraw from Nirav Modi's port regardless of the clear written info from S.V Hariprasad. Nirav Modi successfully escaped from India

27. Vijay Mallya, Vikram Kothari, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, and so on., who cheated Indian banks, the Indian government, Indian citizens, loved a good time abroad.

Vijay Mallya even claimed to have met the Finance Minister earlier than leaving the nation.

28. In response to official knowledge, a 50% improve in Swiss bank deposits has been recorded

29. India's poverty index has risen to 100 in 119 nations (keep in mind, we are 95% self-sufficient in meals)

China 29.
Nepal 72.
Sri Lanka 84.
Myanmar 77th
Bangladesh is 88.
Even the conflict strike Iraq is dealing with us

30. In 2012, Modi said that overseas direct funding is the reversal of overseas nations in 2016. Modi came into drive on the 100% FDI that BJP allowed.

31. The identify of lynching meat has develop into so widespread that even information channels find no value.

32. Individuals are killed in the identify of meat when India is the world's 1th exporter of beef. Keep in mind Mod's speech about meat exports before the 2014 elections.

33. M / s Allanson Pvt ltd is adorned with a state diamond award for the most important exporter.

34. Ladies's security has turn into a joke. In a single case, the BJP cadres have been on the nationwide flag and sang Vande Mataram by demanding the discharge of the kid and the assassin.

35. Sabotages of Regulation and Justice. The Malagav bomb explosion eyewitness has disappeared into the air judgment of the Naryad Pataya case, Maya Kodnani, who’s responsible of 28 years of conviction, has turn out to be a minister. Although he has been transferred from judgment, there are nonetheless doubts

36. Operation Maithiri, an operation that was organized overnight to assist the Nepalese individuals by facilitating the Rs 6000 crores package deal. The help announced by the Middle through the Kerala flood was solely 600 Crores. The Middle additionally banned overseas assist provided to Kerala

37. The rise in prices is excessive on a regular basis, however inflation statistics are around 5.

38. Gangan River Cleaning and Rejuvenation Accounts present Rs 7000 crores. Nevertheless, the standing of the Ganga River does not change.

39. There was a big improve in rail transport. The minimal cost is from Rs.5 to Rs.10.


40. Jay Amit Shah, the younger prolific businessman of BJP, son of Amit Shah, managed to multiply the corporate's wealth for 16,000 occasions a yr! Many media have been pressured to take away this information.

41. Through the first 5 days of demonetization, Allahabad Osuuspankki has exchanged 750 crores of rupees worthy of previous notes underneath the dynamic leadership of Amit Shah

42. BJP's allies are misleading. BJP's allies, corresponding to Shiv Sena, Telugu Desam Social gathering (TDP), and lots of others, are unaware of their promises to their states, resembling Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, unfulfilled.

43. In 2012, Amit Shah's wealth was SEK 1.90 and in 2017 it was SEK 20. What is his source of revenue?

44. The "Make in India" system was taken from the previous authorities by changing the identify of the program. This system to promote Indian products and Indian industries, this system emblem, has additionally been designed by a overseas company, Weiden n Kennedy.

45. Overseas direct investment has proven a $ 4 billion decline, which signifies that the Indian program did not have an effect on the Indian financial system, while China has attracted $ 37 billion.

46. "Swachh Bharat" has failed, which was the modified identify of the UPA authorities's Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan. See the quantity of toilet bogs on UPA's board for the primary 4 years UPA rule
11.3 million 2008-09
12.four million 2009-10
12.2 million 2010-11
] eight.eight million
The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan web site tells us that it now builds some 50 lakh bogs, but in the identify of the toilet Rs 16400 crores have crossed the general public sector. Rs 530Crore was used only for advertising

47. Based on Anarock Property Consultants, the government's formidable 90 Sensible Cities mission has did not make vital progress, as solely 5% of the proposed tasks have been completed

. Failure to digitize the financial system. The RBI report states that the money transfer elevated by roughly 37% after the foreign money ban

49. The printing of the new banknotes was SEK 21,000. A foreign money that does not return is just R. 10720 crore.

50. In India, the world's highest GST course is probably the most complicated. 6 tax varieties and high costs give complications to retailers.

51. Manmohan Singh spent $ 642 on worldwide journey in 9 years. Modi has spent 1484 SEK until July this yr. Nevertheless, relations with most nations have weakened

52. Aadhaar's leak. The suitable to privacy is a elementary proper of citizens. But Modi Govt does not agree. They consider that the citizen has only a limited right to privateness.

53. Over the past 4 years or 1475 days, Modi spent 800 days in public meetings and spent 200 days overseas and solely 19 days in Parliament.

54. In his first speech, Modi announced that criminals can be removed from politics. Legal Proceedings of the Third Mod Cupboard Minister towards them

55. The states which are not controlled by the BJP nations, similar to Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, are in the method of creating in India.

Written by Mannarkkad of Nasarudhei.

The Southern Report: India has been supported by Narendra Modi as prime minister, and the truth is that individuals are indignant about gasoline and diesel costs that affect a standard human being in on a regular basis economic coverage.

The BJP should undoubtedly reply individuals earlier than the election or individuals look

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