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American Football: Using Strengths and Solving Challenges (Part 1)

American Football: Using Strengths and Solving Challenges (Part 1)

Discussion with Mirelle van Rijbroek, Director of US Soccer Talent Identification

The FIFA Ladies's World Cup 2019 has started in France. Because of this Ladies's World Cup, I requested Van Rijbroek a hard question: who in his opinion wins the championship? He replied, “Well, hopefully we will. But it will be difficult. I just don't know. I think it's going to be the US, England, France, Germany, or maybe the Dutch European champion. ”

The remainder of the women's football world is shifting quick. What strengths do People have on their aspect?

When taking a look at Van Rijroek's record, it’s clear that the remainder of the ladies's soccer world is continuing fast. Particularly in Europe. I asked him what strengths the US has that we will use to remain forward.

“The Americans will never give up. It's in American DNA. Americans are tough ”

He explained that the constructive elements of American sports culture:“ I believe we have a great sports culture in the United States. Also, our players have a great way of thinking. They want to work hard. Americans never give up. It's in American DNA. The Americans are tough. They are driving and believe that you can achieve anything as long as you work hard and never give up. ”

” We will demand quality. ”

He continued his nearly non-existent fashion,“ We ​​can demand quality. There we will use the pay-to-play system for the good thing about america. In Europe, youth coaches are still principally voluntary. or are part-time contracts. Most buses have full-time regular jobs, particularly for ladies. In america, coaches and clubs earn their money. It's a full time job. Right here in the USA, gamers pay some huge cash to coach and play. That's why we have now an obligation to ship high quality. In fact you’ll want to know what quality is. This is likely one of the largest challenges here. “(Extra details about upcoming articles…)

Creating younger players with worldwide requirements to remain dominant worldwide

It is clear that Van Rijbroek sees quality and power in some American youth football environments, but not all over the place. He explained: “Some clubs have just become good at recruiting the best players but have not developed. On the other hand, fortunately, I have seen a number of clubs, with a clear philosophy and methodology and are doing a good job in the development of young players. Unfortunately, this is not always recognized. Players and parents should be aware of what a good environment is and what is quality. There, the American payroll system can be weak for American development. ”

We’re discussing this and many different issues in future articles (keep tuned!). I will now return to the American strengths that we’ll certainly see on this 2019 Ladies's World Cup.

Each American player on the NWSL workforce

You possibly can study extra about each NWSL participant in the US.

Van Rijbroek explained that one of many biggest strengths of the USA at the international / skilled degree is the NWSL (Nationwide Ladies Soccer League). “NWSL is still one of the world's strongest leagues. This is related to the fact that most NWSL players can concentrate on football and train every day. The world's biggest players are also playing at NWSL. ”

Every US World Cup player is in an NWSL staff that performs towards the most effective international player. This is certainly the benefit that the USA is conducting ladies's World Championships and hopefully by means of championships.

American ladies aren’t a brand new world championship

Additionally, every US participant collaborating within the Ladies's World Championship, except for Christen Press, represented the US on the US youth group. Every American player has in depth expertise within the international scene. World Cups are nothing new for American ladies. This experience is effective in France next month

Solving Our Challenges

American soccer should continually evaluate and enhance the youth improvement system to remain internationally dominated by ladies. What are the challenges that must be addressed?

“We do a lot of things that work tremendously, but we have to evaluate and train continuously.”

What are the primary weaknesses within the American youth football improvement system? Many coaches and American football specialists are eagerly pointing their finger on the pay-to-play system of the American youth ball. But Van Rijbroek shouldn’t be so fast that it might accuse the American football of getting a dominant position in our "pay-to-play" system. He explains: “We do a lot of things that work tremendously, but we have to constantly evaluate and train ourselves. Look at our system. Pay-to-play is not the biggest problem. ”

”… our scattered system within the US is the most important weak spot. “

He continued:“ Most other countries have the best 16-year-old professional year-round environments that develop their abilities. The environment we have set for the best young people is so important. It doesn't have to be centralized, but quality coaches must be on board. The program and the training must be such that they develop those actors. Some ripen earlier and of course later. But in the end, the best players must practice and play against the best players. That is why our scattered system in the United States is the biggest weakness. ”

” The press can still happen, however it is uncommon. "

Obviously, van Rijbroek is of the opinion that one of the best of the US youth gamers shouldn’t be in techniques where they play high school football, and they’ve the last word aim. Therefore his remarks that the US system is dangerous. I showed him that Christen Press was not within the US soccer research earlier than his football career. He was not involved in one of the United States Youth National Group system in years of improvement. Van Rijbroek replied, “Sure. The press journey can nonetheless occur at the moment, however it’s rare. It is an exception and there are all the time exceptions. Most of our ladies's teams have expertise of younger nationwide teams.

Earlier Results Do Not Assure Future Results

Van Rijbroek continued: “Football is a global sport. Americans need to have an international perspective that reflects what we do in terms of youth development and the performance of the elite. We need to achieve this global perspective and not just look at the former dominance of the United States. The world changes. What we did in the past is not good enough for much longer. ”

” We’ve got gold in our hand, we simply have to use it in the appropriate approach. ”

” I consider we’ve monumental potential. We’ve got gold in our arms, we just have to use it in the proper path. Every American football system has this shared duty. America has to compete in the rest of the world. It’s within the interest of the elite players that all of us should work collectively and not compete towards each other. ”

How does van Rijbroek reply to pushback?

US Soccer brought Mirelle van Rijbroek to the Netherlands in the Netherlands as a result of she has proven expertise in creating a youth system that led Dutch ladies to grasp European champions. Many mother and father and coaches have opposed Women DA's give attention to year-round improvement, and modifications to Van Rijbroek must take place in American youth ball methods, as in the feedback HERE. I asked van Rijbroek how he responds to a counterattack

“I sometimes hear people say people I've never talked to,” He’s from Europe, he doesn't know our American system. Our system is so totally different from the European model. “I can inform you that that is the viewpoint: What is needed for elite gamers should all the time be based mostly on what is required to realize excessive efficiency at international degree. This should all the time be the start line. No system or league or school soccer. We have to always take a look at our landscape to determine what works and what needs to be improved because we’re competing globally. “

” Coaches with worldwide information and experience tell the same story. ”[19659005]” I need to also say that I’ve a reasonably good understanding of the American system. I experience this day-after-day. I've accomplished loads of training right here and spoken with so many American coaches. Coaches with worldwide experience have the identical story. ”

“ Gaming hurts us but little… ”

“ The scattered system and the broken landscape are one of the biggest problems. Our best players are everywhere. They are often taught different languages, which often conflict with each other. It's a club, high school, college, personal trainers, parents, on and on. The rules are different in all these different systems. We do not have a coordinated system of talent development. There are all these different platforms and leagues and all these different rules and standards. The game-to-play hurts us, but little, and not as much as our fragmented system and broken landscape do. ”

Van Rijbroek has a variety of explanations about how young individuals are creating in America and how our challenges may be solved. In future articles, we’ll go deep into the small print of his views. US Soccer strives to make sure that American youth improvement maintains worldwide standards. Another focus of US soccer is to offer holistic and personal improvement to young American athletes. Van Rijbroek believes that each can occur. The setting during which American youth play is of paramount significance. What does this setting seem like? What works and what needs to be modified? What do mother and father, coaches and golf equipment have to know? Tons, so stay tuned!

Keep tuned for rather more about US football youth improvement

However now, hopefully sooner or later, we're all excited to see how American ladies do in France!