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Ford Efficiency Notes and Quotes
Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Saturday April 6, 2019
EVENT: Meals City 500 Media Availability

RYAN BLANEY, No. 12 PPG Ford Mustang – WHAT EYE SHOCK AND WHAT'S WIN? "It was interesting. No one went down to the bottom and it seems that no one is still going down. I was so surprised that I would be honest, but I was so surprised that we didn't go there. You just need a lot of cars running on it. : "These XFINITY automobiles and Okay&N drivers are going to be driven down and then we’ve to be down there and I don't understand how our automobiles shall be. Nobody will run it but, so I don't know. are operating, and this may be the solution to what they use in the middle, and they only start and then we’re all The first handful of automobiles doesn't go down, and then everyone simply says, "All right, we're just running in the middle." It's unusual how it flows and works, however you by no means know. It’d work and we might be in the qualifying, you just have to comply with. ”

THREE SPEEDS AND FOUR CONNECTIONS WITH THE COMPANY. HOW DOES THE MINIMUM STRENGTHEN? “There are times that you frustrate. You just want the thing to end. We had this running there with really good finishes, as we were ready where we were going. I wouldn't say that it would be mitigating, but it was nice to finally have nothing to do with these races, and then look at last week, which leads the competition, and some falls and we'll blow. This part is frustrating. It has been taken out of context. I was angry and, like the story that came out last week, I was tired of looking at the positives, and the good thing we have is really fast cars, so it's always positive. I mean the kind that I am tired of being in places where there is a chance to win and just dumb luck happens, and it just goes away from you, so that some may be frustrating, but I'm really frustrated, just a 10-minute period after the agreement. You can move forward and find out what you can do to prevent such things from happening, and then focus on the next week because nothing can be done after that. You just try to make sure it doesn't happen again. The good thing is that we have had speed all year round, and sometimes it may frustrate that we have not yet won the competition because, frankly, we have had enough good cars to win almost everyone – at least they have shot them – and yeah, more bad things have happened as good – but as a whole group, the whole Penske group, we have to stay on the circle. We're at the top of the game, and I think our cars are the fastest – we and the Gibbs guys seem to be in the field, and that's all going perfectly. You have torrents, you have good times and you are just trying to take advantage of good times. ”

WHAT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU MUST PROFIT THAT YOU ARE LEGAL? “Yeah, I think we're winning a year round. Our team is capable of doing this, but when we have so much momentum right now as a whole, so, you want to take advantage of it. I mean you want to collect as much as you can as fast as you can when you can, so sometimes smell, but rather get fast cars and things happen when we are claiming to win the races than drive 15 and think about scratching our head where speed is. They're both frustrating, but I'd rather be in this position and just keep up with the fast cars and get up. I hope the problems will stop, and you hope you can find out how to try to pull one of these races. ”

ONLY PRESSING ONLY PENSKE VEHICLES WHICH NEVER HERE IN THIS YEAR? “I don't feel pressure at all. Yeah, you want to be part of a group, but we have the ability to do it and that's just the thing that is done. Everyone knows that my entire team knows and all Penske knows and all competitions know we have been one of the best cars all year round. Yeah, you hate zero in this column even though it's still early in the year, but no, the pressure I used to let me take a handful of years ago and then it won't help you, so you're just trying to stay pressurized no matter how good or bad things are or how things look, so no, there is no pressure just because Brad and Joey have won. You are just trying to focus on the trade and what you need to try to get your team in the winning area and help your teammates and team in the best possible way, but you just try to forget all things and focus. ”[19659002] OUTLOOK FOR RICHMOND NEXT WEEK. "I'm interested in it. We now have to see. It's arduous to guage it. It's been actually troublesome, you already know we haven't been to Richmond yet. Phoenix is ​​totally different. Right here's a special one. Martinsville is in fact quite totally different, so Richmond will be the first of its sort with this new package deal, so I'm really unsure the way it competes with cooler temples and could also be shifting somewhat more with these. automobiles and such things, so it's exhausting to say proper now, but I'm optimistic. Richmond has not been one of the best place, and I feel we are starting to turn around, so hopefully we will maintain it going, however it's arduous to guage now. I discover it onerous to provide you a solution on how the race goes to be, however I'm optimistic about all the things. For my part, this package deal has shown truthful competitors this yr. It has, in fact, been an issue with it and such issues, however I feel Richmond is an effective competitors. It all the time places a reasonably good show and the nightlife I feel is pretty cool beneath the lights. It ought to be good. ”

Did I feel you’d be quicker here with this package deal? “What did we get final yr? (15.0 or 15.1) We have been 14.8. I really feel like it. I really feel like we might be just a little quicker if we have been down. I feel final yr we have been on the bottom right now, and I don't know where it was as a result of the solar was all day or just automobiles that dedicated to it instantly. I'm unsure. It might not have rained a lot, so there's somewhat extra. I was guessing we have been going to be operating in the 14th century, so I used to be a few tenths away, however I felt we'd be a bit quicker if the things at the backside have been good to go, but no, you possibly can feel it. Two tenths of this can be a lot. It is much quicker than you’re used to being a fuel lever and how arduous you get to the angle compared to last yr, however you knew you have been going to be up. I feel the speeds will probably be up right here, Dover might be fast – actually fast with this package deal, so it's fascinating – however I waited for us to be a bit quicker, however that's precisely what it’s. "

CAN YOU HAVE THIS PHYSICAL FUTURE TO 500 LAPS LIKE BRAD SAID?" This competition is all the time robust. life so much more than final yr? not likely. I actually don't anticipate this to happen. ”

MICHAEL MCDOWELL, No. 34 Love's Travel Stops, Ford Mustang – HOW IS THIS SEASON THANK YOU?” It has been rough Daytona apparently went to the highest five and then it was down the hill. , we competed in the highest 15, ran the 10 greatest days and in all probability our greatest competitors thus far – perhaps not the perfect outcome we are busy – however solely the general competitiveness of the automotive and the belief of the day and it isn’t a whole lot of fatigue, it was a very good day for us. So we are excited to return again to Bristol, where last yr was quite robust. All we’ve got to do is do every little thing we will to get around. ”

HOW DOES THIS YOU CONTACT THIS YEAR? "I am really excited once we as a gaggle and group. We haven't had much of an exhibition, but the brand new crew chief Drew Blickensderfer is nice. I'm really excited that we received him and he's accomplished a superb job. We haven't achieved every part we needed to do, nevertheless it's still early. The season continues to be young, and I really feel that last week is an effective indication of what we might do, and hopefully we’ll continue to construct it. ”

HOW DO YOU GET THE END OF CHILDREN WEEK? “Momentum is really our real sport. It is absolutely real. When the pace is wrong and when the pace is going in the right direction. It certainly happens, and I think more than anything when you start clicking on results, it is not that it would never be easy, but you only know what you need to do and you do it and then it just goes. It's hard to explain until you've experienced it, so the pace is the real part of our sport. It's hard to get and you can't have any mistakes, and that's the biggest thing. ”

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOT WIN YOU TO EVER WINNING EVERY WEEK IN THE COMPLETE WORK AND REALITIES “I don't think so. I just want to do my best every round and every day and that changes. This sport is tough. Every weekend is one winner and 39 losers, and if you look at the whole season, you make the numbers better than I can, but what is it, 13 friends who might win the race – 13, 14 friends a year? It has been so long, so you have to set your expectations and goals, and you just have to go out and try to reach them. Now, Kylie's goal is to win every race. It's also my goal. I'd like to win every race, but we know where we are, and we know where we want to go, so over the past 15 weeks, we won the race. We did all day. We did a lot with what we had and we hit it perfectly, so you're just looking at the days and building the days. You can't just let your heights be too high and low too low in this sport, otherwise you'll end up miserable and see a few other guys. ”

YOU HAVE THE YEAR OF THIS CHAPTER. Is it all the time there now? “People have said it, I don't notice it. I feel the same. I think more than anything, it's just me if you look at my whole career, this is really just the fourth season that is full-time. I've been doing it for 12 years, but they were the start and park areas, and there was only a handful of laps, so it seems to me just to get my rhythm to return year after year with high-quality equipment and to build up this pace. You go and run 15 and run 13 and run 12 and do it when you go, "OK," you start this confidence. I don't think anything has really changed other than just getting more seasons under my belt and more competitions. As I said, the first half of my career was just getting a seat. “No chip. I know this sounds crazy, but I could really care what people think. I really don't try to do anything to please people because it's empty. Pleasing people is impossible, so if you try to do it, it's just an empty road. I just know what I'm trying to achieve and what I'm trying to do, and I feel my goal as a driver personally and know the goals of our team and know what we need to do to achieve them, and just focus on them. I'm not too worried about the idea because you can let it build you and let it tear you down. It goes in both directions, so I just don't put much value on it. I'm just trying to do my best. ”

WHAT TO TAKE THIS WEEKEND? “Bristol is always so challenging, it has been for many years. There's not much time to think about what you're doing. You'll get to this rhythm and get to the fish stock, and you're up here and it's fast. It's just a pace. You get to the zone. However, it is difficult to do an acceptable surgery. I've done the first race and I'm alive. “I did three rounds. It's like 45 seconds and I'm alive, "and it is just because there's so strong that you forget to breathe, and you hold onto, and it is fast and fun. In the race about 25 rounds you are like "Okay, if I don't stop killing this bike, I'm not going to make it 500 rounds," so you get to that zone and get that rhythm and I feel that Bristol is the same Bristol. When you remove from here, it feels very similar. Excess power and all the things that I think are cars are a bit faster, but not faster than huge amounts. I think the speeds were probably quite similar just because PJ1 has not yet come, but Bristol is in Bristol. Last year I thought I made a total of 10 rounds of this 1000, and one was my one, and I had nothing to do with it. It's just all happening so fast. You can have one of the races like last year. ”

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Wyndham Awards Ford Mustang – WHAT WIN YOU HAVE YEAR? “I hope I sat here saying that it was better than what it was, but I think we have progressed – maybe not at the pace I had hoped for – but I feel we have progressed. Last weekend we had a good competition. We're a little here, a little out there. The way the state of the sport is now when you compete so tightly with other organizations from the manufacturer's point of view is one of the 14, so if you're at the back somewhat, you're behind 14 or more potentially. I am not saying it is bad, I just say how difficult it is to get yourself to the top of the 5%. I think we are now at 40%, and it's not good enough, so Scott, all the guys in the chemistry idea, I think we get better and stronger. I think that I never thought about it before the start of the season, but this is the first time I've ever gotten a new all – I mean absolutely everything. Even when I started, when I had no idea what the NASCAR Cup race was, we have made a number of tests. Here we made one test a day and a half in Vegas and we came out with a new car, a new engine, a new crewmaster, a new manufacturer – not just body and aviation rules, but a Mustang frame. Everything was new, and I think I just underestimated it, but I said that I think we have done a good job to make ourselves competitive. Obviously, we are now out of the top 16, but I feel that we are more than able to compete up and look better every week. ”

YOU WILL NOT BE BEFORE THIS CHANGE BEFORE GIVING SEASON? “I think you have a lot of confidence in all the things you have around you, around people. It's like putting together a group in battle, as we all know in our workplace, but we've never done all the work together, and I think I underestimated that little, and that is why I said chemical wisdom and personality. What are we now seven races together? It has definitely healed and grown, which is good because it needed it, and at the same time start with everything new that is completely different from what we had started last year's package. If we could have taken things that we knew from last year, whether it was Scott Gibbs, I, RCR, Roush people apparently, it would have been so much easier, but it has emphasized the need to improve what's good as long as we have our eyes open. ”

THIS IS THE FOURTH CONTACT. NEVER ONE ONE HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONNEL? “I think many drivers can't actually talk, but yes, I think for sure. I'm not going to go into detail about it. I think it's pretty clear from the outside and it's pretty much on the inside, but certainly on different families that could say. Mentality is still much the same. It's racing. It does what you can try to overcome and you've always got someone in an organization full of excuses and you've always got someone in an organization trying to overcompensate. This chemistry that makeup always exists in all four organizations, but it is interesting. It's still fun. ”

FORD PECKING ORDER. SHOULD BE DELIVERED FOR ADVERTISING…. “No, I didn't say that about it. I said, for example, if Ford goes on a race track with five less horsepower on a weekend, there are 14 of us with five less horsepower. Do you know what I mean? It's something else. It's not digging for Doug Yates or anyone else, it's just the facts. When we come to us, what the results of the Texas Wind Tunnel will be interesting and a great tool to learn from the Roush perspective of where we are and how we can shake compared to other friends. ”

WIN THE EXPERIENCE WITH SHR ON THE 4 CARS AND THREE? “The number of cars, for me, is not so much a factor. I'll go back to 78 more victories. Four cars are not necessary. If that were the case, Hendrick would win the championship every year, and it was clearly not so, so I don't see it as a champion. I think it's about the funds you have, and these assets are people and parts and chemistry that work with everyone. ”

IS A SHORT TRACK RACING CHANGED YOU NEVER USE THIS? “It's got much faster. Moving here for less than 15 seconds, and racing in the 15th century, when we met the 17th century, is definitely different, but it's just a car shutdown, the speed of everything has made it more than Indy Cars. I don't know if it's ideal for me. I liked where we were – the use of force and driving-wise and what we did inside racing cars as far as lifting and we had to brake a little. My gas time in Texas was 90 percent. Ninety percent wide open. It's hard to drive someone. Someone's hard to stop. It doesn't happen in three tenths of a second round. It's just not. ”

HOW DOES PHYSICALITY IN THIS TRACK? SHOW THAT YOU CAN ANY OTHER WHEELS AND LESS? “It's a combination of things. Bumpers, the way they are now rising, are almost impossible to run around. It's like you have to drive through and then knock the hole in your nose, where before you just lift your friend's tires off the ground and kind of shake him out of the way. If he saved it, he saved it. If he didn't, we'll talk about it later. Now, the buffers get up and race so close to the same speed that it is really a challenging race for people, but before you got up on someone and blocked you or anything, you just moved him out of the way and it was no longer cut and dried. ”

Where are you related to what you assume you’d be at this point? “I expected to be better than we are. I think 37 other friends would tell you the same thing, but at the same time we are where we are. I recognize our strengths and recognize our weaknesses, and we just have to go there and fix everything we can and then some. Winning guys are doing even better work next week, so we're behind eight balls, but at least we have a little shade. ”

DON'T AND RICKY TALK OTHER DIRECTLY? "I've spent extra time this yr the shop – let me inform you this, I have spent 4 occasions as much time to trade in every week than over the past five years, which is dangerous and good as a driver to spend a while there because you must make issues higher, but to spend time there to do issues higher, so I feel we have now a very nice assembly when we’ve got seating and conferences – not only a assembly, however a flooring of meetings that make us better and study the place we are, and I feel we’ve a a lot better probability of displaying what we’re they did once we hit a few of these songs for the second time as we have been simply watching our experience for the first time. ”

HOW ARE THE RICHMOND FUTURE? even driving problems in Martinsville, so If you go to a spot like Richmond, it’s in all probability there, however to the extent of downward pressure that we don't have as much as we’ve got had earlier than. Often Richmond is about to drive ahead and make your automotive minimize in the middle so you don't try to accelerate when it is still making an attempt to show. "

YÖRIKKAUS. DO YOU LIKE IT? “Yes, I like night races, but it looks like we won't get home until morning, so our night races will make you a waste the next day. It takes another 12 hours to calibrate again. Maybe I'm just old. ”

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