Catch the power! – Short Kid Stories

Catch the power! - Short Kid Stories

Imra, who cooked and cleaned our household, came from Friday's prayers to the mosque with someone who had a nasty afternoon.

I requested, "Isn't that a good lecture?"

He was indignant. "Of course, Imam spoke only good words."


"It's not a mosque, Joel." [19659003] "No. Okay. So?"

His resentment deepened. "There was a merchant in prayers. His name is Reza.

”Yes, and Reza has seen us there. He says you have studied old things and you are an honest man. museums have in my country. "

I favored the" honest man ". I'm only thirteen." and? "

" Most of these retailers want to protect our treasure. But Reza believes that one trader can buy stocks from theft and sell them illegally keräilijöi

He gave me his phone on the screen. ”Reza took the photos. It is this trade that is worrying. ”

” Uh-huh. "

" And he thought he might know this foreign man. Reza has seen her go to the store many times. ”

I looked at another picture, a middle-aged guy who came out of the store with the package.

My head snapped back. The foreign community is not so huge, but I really did not expect to recognize him. I never even thought he would be a teacher at school.

"Douglas Proby," I said.

"Have you learnt him?"

"He teaches arithmetic at a world faculty."

Imran sat on the sofa arm, his mouth hanging open. "What are we doing?"

"I don't know. I have to assume. "

" Joel, in case you should inform your dad? "

" No. "Adults deal with things in the manual, even if my dad, and it doesn't always work.

could say to Imran:" We will't do something throughout the weekend. On Monday at college I attempt to determine one thing. ”

It was an extended weekend, I assumed.

Monday came too slowly – and too quick. And I had no plan but. The place was Probyn's office? I didn't stroll in any corridor. What number of did it depart? Too many. And we weren’t in the corridor the place we had no good cause to be.

I stayed in my very own hall, fighting this, and the instructor's workplace was in entrance of me. Locked, in fact, however the door is a glass, my imaginative and prescient is sweet, and there was a neatly written record hooked up to the basketball desk.

So I knew the place Probyn's office was.

I went house for sweating, heart. Now I really had to select. I knew the place to go. The one query was, should I? I might get into critical hassle, some might imagine and doubtless much more that I wouldn't even have thought.

In the English language, Zachary asked me, "You have a bad weekend, Joel?" [19659003"Vaisitsanoa"

"What happened?"

"Perhaps we now have a instructor who buys stolen antiques."

"Really?" He seemed excited as shocked. "Who?"

"Can't say. It have to be checked whether it’s true. ”

” And whether it is? ”

” Dunno. ”

” Hey! Don't depart me out, Joel! Ji-Hoon and Aurangzeb also needs to be there. In any case, if the stuff is stolen, it’s Aurangzeb's heritage. ”

” Okay. I'll see you at lunch, once I tried to check it out. ”

So I might have decided.

The closest class I had was the third episode. Before the class I drove the hall down, dodging the pupils who have been shifting to an accepted sensible walk, strolling the stairs two at a time, and there was no right in the hall.

I found an workplace. Locked. No Probyn. A fast assessment did not present any answer to my query. Burned again to courses. Arrived late, breathless, looked at an apology as a spaniel puppy and sank into my seat.

Repeat steps 1 and a couple of. Now determined. Dropping the courage to assume that you are doing this for the third time, if I come down this time

I slowed down, walked relaxedly, not quick, not too sluggish, approaching Douglas Probyn's workplace open door. I knew what it meant to say in your throat.

The instructor seemed up from the sorting papers in entrance of the bookshelf.

"Hey, Mr. Proby," I said, smiling politely.

”Hi – One of the Fleming boys, is it right? Year eight? You have no class here, or what? ”

” No, sir. Just asked to write a message. ”

Then I saw it. Bookshelf. You had to know a little really old stuff even when you notice such a boring little gray pot. But I knew. I have worked for weeks, the university museum. Really old things are not exciting to look at, but it is very, very valuable.

Proby saw where I was. He laughed. "Oh, you want my duplicate."

I shook my head. “Look at all the Math texts. I think I have to learn everything before I prepare. "I laughed and walked.

I found friends in a friend. I told them everything and said, “The rats were a replica! Who makes copies of boring gray pots? ”

” So, what now? ”

” No concept. "

Aurangzeb, the prince of one of Gulistan's ancient kingdoms, said in a quiet, steady voice," He have to be stopped from taking this out of my nation. "

"We might tell the faculty," Ji-Hoon said, but he was not convinced.

& # 39; ? Zachary asked me.

& # 39; Yes. I'm pretty sure I did. ”

” Why did he have one where anyone could see it? "

was decreased. “Criminals are arrogant, want to take risks. And it wasn't a big risk that someone in school would recognize it as an ancient treasure. ”

Zachary nodded. "Certificates and prizes depend on the walls of their office, saying, I'm not smart?"

The darkish eyes of Aurangzeb narrowed. “I'm not in the psychology of thieves. I just want to get back what he's stolen. ”

” How, if we don't tell the faculty or the police? ”

“ I have to tell my dad, ”Aurangzeb stated. “He has all the right connections at the top of the board. There is no other way. ”

In all probability not. However I didn't prefer it. Adults either work too slowly and too late, or they don't consider you at all.

The subsequent morning I requested my residence and mathematics instructor: "Have you learnt if Mr. Proby is as we speak, Mr. Neumeier?"

"Ah, why?"

"He promised to lend me a textbook on arithmetic."

He referred to as the sick. I’ve to take some of his class. "

I rotated and three friends, who knew why I looked so panic, staring at me.

To my mouth: "He has completed it!" 19659003] The remainder of the class checked out me as a result of I might have stopped pretending to be regular.

I sat down in my thoughts bouncing from the walls. Perhaps Proby was arrested. Did the faculty know? Was it a quick sickness? Was every little thing okay? Did the police save the previous treasures from Gulistan? Have they now questioned Probyn?

Was the police ever so fast?

In all probability not.

We met in the corridor. Ji-Hoon stated, “He's an American, isn't he? The only direct flight to the United States is Tuesday. Today. Eleven Thirty. “

” He has reserved it. Definitely, as we stand right here, he has booked a flight. "

" Overlook the police, "Zachary stated. "It is now for us."

Even Aurangzeb nodded and as a prince he didn't even assume he worked to date outdoors the rules. But he advised our story to the right authorities, and it seemed that they and their guidelines were not working fast sufficient.

I warned the guys: “This could make us deported. At least paused. ”

Ji-Hoon is isolated. His mother and father have been in love with it.

He shook himself and stood larger. “If it were Korean historical treasures… Let's go!”

We went along the paths, the place the academics have been in all probability the smallest, in the parking area and on the road. Zachary introduced to the taxi, we immersed in, Aurangzeb waved obvious notes with an astonished driver and murmured at Gulsha: "How much do I pay for you depends on how fast you take us to the airport!"

The driving force thought his family had to be fed, and paid lease and electrical energy billing, and he pressured the rusty wreck to be destroyed at its prime velocity in seconds. We crashed terribly to turn to the major street, which set horns in complicated, bus and truck tires when the brakes have been closed and we have been gone, weaving and diving between the lanes.

We peeled the airport street, the engine cried as the spherical rose with the temperature gauge, and the shiny flower beds and cheerful flags of the middle stripe blurred once we tore in the past. Virtually turning to a roundabout the place bronze horsemen fly eagles from their wrists at a frozen table surrounded by glowing fountains, we straightened out to see the airport lifeless ahead. pushes all the money to the driver, and we ran into the building by pulling our ID card out of our pocket. Three of them did not affect the airbags, but once they noticed the prince, they virtually greeted. We have been in.

We ran to the escalator, we ran up, we sent virtually some passengers, and we have been in the protected. Aurangzeb used his position to take us ahead. Telephones, wallets by way of X-ray imaging, us via a metallic detector, gripping our telephone and wallets and driving gates.

& # 39; B6 & # 39 ;, shouted Zachary, studying the board, and we have been operating once more, and we have been operating again, and there Proby

. He jumped on his ft, and the other guys on each side, pulled his coat open, and Zachary slipped his passport inside the pocket.

We all returned. His eyes turned to wolfish and he got here to us and unfold. He tried to make use of the authority. The passengers shouted. Safety got here on.

The primary call to the plane got here by way of PA. The lady who sat next to her stood and gathered her things. He stated quietly, however very clearly, "You are yourself, Douglas," and walked in the direction of the bridge.

Security did not know who was alleged to stop, and Aurangzeb met all his private powers to tell them who was the legal in this, and what was the crime.

They grabbed the instructor, rounded us up and took us downstairs to this small room and allowed us to name our mother and father. Ji-Hoon was virtually in tears by telling her mother in Korea that she was in police custody. The airplane arrived. Costly. Exhausting shell. Additional robust. Safety opened them, in fact, and all the time wrapped it so rigorously that it hit my abdomen that obtained my stomach.

I was glad that that they had all the treasure that spread to the flooring when my father walked. why i was in the police station at the airport, not in the classroom at college.

Explain why I never advised him earlier than it was slightly harder.

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