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Chris Collects Dreamcast: Journal # 4

Chris Collects Dreamcast: Journal # 4

It has been considerably because the final diary, but I had just lately been an amazing outcome that I have been excited to share with you.

An previous pal of The Requiem and I traveled for a number of weeks again to the Basic Recreation Junkie at Glenside, PA, for good "Dreamcast Hunting". I have been to this store many occasions, and you’ll have seen it through the years, The Recreation Chasers. I knew there can be some high-quality Dreamcast games on this store, so I made a decision to open the pockets and cut up slightly right here, even when it meant that I may need to pay somewhat for a couple of video games.

When You Walk by way of Basic Recreation Junk Doors, you’re welcome to the basic The Legend of Zelda music when Hyperlink opens a treasure chest, telling you that there are simply many treasures of video games inside. Earlier than I accepted the Dreamcast part, I made a decision to flick through different gives.

Sitting inside a single glass case was the JVC X Eye! Man, I'm making an attempt to get considered one of these for therefore lengthy, and Requiem has a de facto one, however has up to now refused to offer it to me. What a good friend, proper? There was additionally a huge choice of SEGA CD and Master System video games, so in case you are out there for one among these methods, a Basic Recreation Junkie visit is certainly value visiting in case you are ever close to Philadelphia.

that they had an extremely nice Dreamcast supply, and I immediately began to get what I forgot from the Dreamcast record, and once I realized that my stacks had almost 30 games, I knew I needed to break it and concentrate on games


I went with a huge Dreamcast stack in my hand to a glass of glass where their costlier video games have been sitting, and I saw that that they had Giga Wing! This was one of the costlier games I knew I ought to decide up sooner or later during my quest, so I decided to destroy it and decide it up!

Complete I purchased 14 video games and used virtually $ 200! Here is a complete listing of video games I purchased: 102 Dalmations: Salvation Puppies, 4 × 4 Evolution, Air Pressure Delta Alien Front, Centipede, Giga Wing, Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing, Sentimental Graffiti 2 (* import) Silent Scope, Trickstyle, Vigilante eight : Second Offense, Wetrix +, Who Needs to Win a Millionaire, Xtreme Sports.

I used to be capable of get the proprietor to earn cash because I bought so many video games, however I discussed the worth of the unique label within the table under. This addition brings the current Dreamcast Assortment 95 into the sport!

Keep in mind to learn the previous diary entries right here!

collected? Recreation identify Date of assortment Worth paid Worth paid Location
102 Dalmation puppies to save lots of 15. July 19, 2018 $ 9.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker
4×4 Evolution 15. July 19, 2018 $ 7.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
4 Wheel Thunder
Aerowings 2: Airstrike
Airforce Delta 15. July 19, 2018 ] $ 8.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Alien Front Online 15. July 19, 2018 $ 10.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Alone in the Dark: New Nightmare
Army Males Sarge's Heroes
Atari Anniversary Version
] Bang! Gunship Elite 30. March 1928 $ 14.99 Video Nutz
Blue Stinger 30. March 2018 $ 14.99 Bomberman On-line
Bust-A-Move 4
Star Command Buzz Lightyear
Caesars Palace 2000
Cannon Spike
Capcom vs. SNK
Service Service Service ] Already Owned
Centipede 15. July 19, 2018 $ eight.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Championship Surfer 18. March 2018 $ 6.99] Jay Road Video Video games
Cost Run
ChuChu Rocket
Coaster Works Already Owned
Confidential Posting eBay [19659082] Conflict Area: Trendy Army Strategy
Loopy Taxis
Loopy Taxi 2
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 24. March 2018 $ 6.99 9] Next Degree Video Video games
Daytona USA Already Dedicated
Lifeless or Alive 2
Demise Crimson OX ] Already Owned
Deep Fighter
Demolition Racer - No Exit 17. March 2018 $ eight.99 Jay Road Video Games
The Dino Crisis
Disney's Dinosaur
Disney's Donald Duck Goin & Quackers
Draconus: Wyrmin Cult
✓ [19659017] Dragon Riders: Perennial Chronicles Dedicated
Ducati World Racing Challenge
Dynamite Cop
Ecco Dolphin: Future Defender Already Owned
ECW Anarchy Rulz
ECW Hardcore Revolution
EGG [Elemental Gimmick Gear] ESPN International Monitor & Subject
Evil Lifeless: Hail to the King
Evolution 2: Far Off Promise $ 5 January 30, 2018 eBay
Expendable Already Dedicated
F355 Challenge Passione Rossa
Deadly Fury: Mark of Wolves
] Preventing Drive 2 [19659018] 30. March 19, 2018 $ 7.99 Video Nutz
Flag to Flag (CART)
Floigan Brothers
Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge 30. March, 2018 $ 9.99 Powered by Video games
Fur Fighters
Gauntlet Legends
Giga Wing 15. Basic Recreation Junkie ] Giga Wing 2
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grandia II Already Owned
Grinch, The [19659160] Gunbird 2
Gundam: Aspect Story 0079
Heavy Metallic: Geomatrix
Hidden and Dangerous 18. March 2018 $ 9.99 Jay Road Video Video games
Home of Dying 2, 30. March 1948 [19659018] $ 14.99 Powered by Video games
Hoyle Casino 18. March 2018 $ 7.99 Jay Road Video Video games
Hydro Thunder
Industrial Spy: Spy of Motion
Iron Aces
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000
Jet Grind Radio
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
KAO Kangaroo
King of Fighters Dream Match 99 Already Owned
The Evolutionary Circle of Fighters, The
KISS Psycho Circus
Final Blade 2,
Cain's Heritage: Soul Reaver
Looney Tunes Area Race
MagForce Racing
Maken X
Mars Matrix
Marvel vs Capcom
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 19659206] Max swimming pool
Max Steel
Metropolis Road Racer Already Devoted
M Idway's Biggest Arcade Hits Volume 1
Midway's Largest Arcade Hits Quantity 2
Monaco Grand Prix Already Owned
Mortal Kombat Gold
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness Already Owned
MTV Sports: Skateboarding Feat Andy MacDonald
Namco Museum
NBA 2K Already Owned
NBA 2K1 NBA 2K1 [19659018] 18. March 19, 2018 $ 1.99 Jay Road Video Games NBA 2K2
NBA Hoopz
NBA Showtime
NCAA School Football 2K2 18. March 1928 Jay Road Video Video games
Next Tetris: On-line Version,
NFL 2K 18. March 19, 2018 Jay Road Video Games
NFL 2K1 Already Owned
NFL Blitz 2000 NFL Blitz 2000
NFL Blitz 2001
✓ [19659017] NFL Quarterback Membership 2000 18. March 2018 $ 1,99 Jay Road Video Video games
NFL Quarterback Club 2001
Nightmare Creatures II
Omikron: The Nomad Soul Already Owned
Ooga Booga Outtrigger Already Owned
Pen Pen TriIcelon
Phantasy Star On-line
Phantasy Star On-line Ver. 2
Plasma Sword
POD SpeedZone
Power Stone
Energy Stone 2
Persian Prince: Arabian Nights
Challenge Proper
Psychic Drive 2012 dedicated [19659274] ✓ Q * Bert Already Owned
Quake III Area Already Owned
Railroad Tycoon II 18. March 2018 18. March 19, 2018 [$ 8,99] Jay Road Video Video games
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six Rogue Spear
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Razor Freestyle Scooter
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing [19659290] Prepared 2 Rumble Boxing
Prepared 2 Rumble Boxing: Spherical 2
Lodoss Warfare E-book Already Devoted
Pink Canine
Reel Fishing Wild 18. March 19, 2018 $ 11.99 Jay Road Video Video games
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Re-Volt 9 , $ 99 Jay Road Vid eo Games
Ring: Terrorist Empire, Already Devoted
Rippin & Riders
Samba de Amigo
San Francoico Rush 2049
Already Owned
Sega Bass Fishing 18. March 19, 2018 $ 4.99 Jay Road Video Games
Sega GT
Sega Marine
] Sega Rally 2
Combine Smash Pack Quantity 1
Sega Swirl 18. March 2018 $ 4.99 Jay Road Video Video games
Seventh Cross Evolution [19659017] Already Dedicated
Shadow Man Already Owned
] Shenmue Already Owned
Quiet Scope 15. July 2018 15. July 19, 2018 $ 5.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Silver Already Devoted
Arcadian Sky Already Owned
Slave Zero [19659018] 9017] March 18, 2018 $ 8.99 Jay Road Video Games
Sno-Cross Championship
Fortune soldier
Sonic Journey
Sonic Journey 2
Sonic Shuffle
Sonic Shuffle
Soul Calibur Already Owned
Soul Fighter
South Park: Chefin Luv Shack
South Park Rally
Area Channel 5
II Omega Squad 30. March 19, 2018 $ 5.99 Video Nutz Velocity ​​Devils Already Owned
Velocity ​​Devils Online Racing 30.3. 2018 $ 9.99 Spider-Man
Spirit of Velocity ​​1937 Already Owned
Sports activities Jam 25. March 19, 2018 [19659018] $ 14.99 Next Degree Video Games
StarLancer Already Owned
Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Energy Battles 659404] Star Wars: Episode I Racer
Road Fighter III Double Influence
Road Fighter III: The Third Strike
Road Fighter Alpha three
Striker Pro 2000 18. March 2018 [19659018] $ eight.99 Jay Road Video Video games
Stupid Invaders
Super Magnetic Neo Already Owned
Tremendous Runabout: San Francisco Version
Surf Rocket Racers [19659017] March 18, 2018 Jay Road Video Video games
Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing 15. July 19, 2018 $ 6.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Berserk: Guts & Rage Already Owned
Sydney 2000 18. March 2018 $ 3.99 Jay Road Video Games
Tech Romancer
Get Off 25. March 2018 $ 4.99 Subsequent Degree Video Games
Tennis 2K2 25. March 1918 $ 7.99 $ 7.99 9] Jay Road Video Games
Check Drive 6 30. March 1928 $ 5.99 Video Nutz
Check Drive Le Mans
Check Drive V-Rally
Time Stalkers 9. March 19, 2018 $ 14.50 eBay
TNN Motorbike HardCore Warmth
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Already Owned
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
Tomb Raider: Chronicles 18. March 2018 $ 9.99 Jay Road Video Games
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Toy Commander ] Already devoted
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to salvation!
TrickStyle 15. July 19, 2018 19659019] Basic Recreation Junkie
Writing of the Lifeless,
Ultimate Preventing Championship Already Owned
Unreal Event
Urban Chaos 30. March 1948 $ 29.99 Powered by Games
Dropping Level
Vigilante 8: The Second Violation 15. July 2018 $ 14.99 Video games Junkie
Virtua Athlete 2000
Virtua Striker 2
Virtua Tennis Digital
Digital- On: Oratorio Tangram
Wacky Races Already Dedicated
Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour Already Owned
Wetrix + 15 . July 19, 2018 $ 7.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Who needs to win the millionaire 15. July 19, 2018 $ 7.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Wild Metallic Already Owned World Collection Baseball 2K1 18. March 2018 $ 1.99 Jay Road Video Games
World Collection Baseball 2K2 February. 20, 2018 $ 9.94 eBay
Worms Armageddon
Worms World Social gathering
WWF Angle 30. March 1928 $ 4.99 Video Nutz Video Nutz WWF Royal Rumble
Xtreme Sports activities 15. July 2018 $ 5.99 Basic Recreation Junkie
Zombie Revenge Already Dedicated