Dancing at the Top of the World

This story has lots of ice and snow and funky winds whistling in it. Please be sure to are in a warm, snug place as you read it.

In a excessive cave, on a frozen mountainside, lived a family of boutiques. There was Mumma Yeti, Poppa Yeti, Sister Frizzie Yeti and the youngest of all, Little Bittie Yeti. Sure, these are foolish names for women or anybody else, but attempt to learn them out loud and they’re pretty humorous.

The little Bittie Yet had the similar measurement as a garbage truck, however nonetheless had issues to do. He hoped that someday he can be as huge as his father.

Most individuals who see But can't consider it. What they assume they have seen is a big bushy creature combined in with two ft in a snowstorm. A storm is all the time on a lonely mountain. Nobody has ever seen yeti in the backyard, at the bus cease or anyplace else. Nevertheless, on clear and clear days, when snow is as clean as cake icing, unusual footprints have been seen. These footprints are as giant as surfboards and could properly be included on a notice pad

. Because they’re so massive and bushy, they will nonetheless look scary. That's why they keep at the prime of the mountain. They actually don't need to scare anyone. Most of the time, all the Yeti who ever see are herds of yaks. But ice, snow and yak, ice and snow and yak, all day each day, can get boring. Little Bittie Yeti felt confident that there have been extra fascinating locations in the world. He simply needed to be brave enough to go look for them.

One morning, little Bittie Yeti awakened feeling much bolder than regular. Right now is the day, he informed himself. Journey, right here I come!

Poppa Yeti had gone to feed her episodes. Frizzie Yeti tried to scrub frizz from her hair. Mummy Yeti opened a pile of leaves with a rock.

"Don't go far," he informed little Bittie Yet. "Breakfast is almost ready."

But Little Bittie Yeti was too enthusiastic to eat. Which path should he go in search of adventure?

He appeared as much as the sky, however nothing occurred. As he appeared down, he saw snowfields and rocks, and deep, darkish gorges all main, down, down, down … to what?

The settlement was just one approach.

Little Bittie But's surfboard-sized ft. have been nearly as good as skis, taking him to the snowy slopes. Typically he slipped and bumped his backside over rocks and rocks. Leaping over the gorges was straightforward, and his journey didn’t last at all.

Down under it was much warmer than above and there were many extra colors and things to see. Little Bittie Yeti found herself on a grassy meadow with yellow sunflower nodding her head. On the different aspect of the meadow was a tree, and sunlight sparkled via the leaves of the timber. She wandered via the tree listening to the birds and feeling pleased.

Little Bittie Yeti typically saw a poster that was hooked up to a tree trunk. She stopped each time to look at the woman. He was balanced at the tip of one foot and his different foot was ready in the air behind him. Her arms curved over her head in a very sleek approach and she or he appeared completely lovely. The posters had some writing. If Little Bittie Yeti might have learn, he would have recognized that it stated AYUSHA DANCE TODAY. But he couldn't read, so he solely received in when he obtained to the edge of the tree.

Little Bittie Yeti heard music for the first time in her life. He favored it so much. Peering by way of the timber, he noticed the village cluster round the square. There have been a gaggle of individuals in the square. They have been dressed as brightly as the sunflower and the meadow and the sky. Some individuals played music on the whistle and pipes. It was a voice that little Bittie Yeti might have listened to for hours.

Though he had a brave day, he was not courageous sufficient to return out of the timber. So he stayed in his hiding place and watched. After which she saw Ayusha dancing!

It was like watching the leaves flip round in the wind. It was like a butterfly fluttering amongst flowers. Ayusha's dance was the most fun thing Little Bittie Yeti had ever seen.

She watched till the dance was over and Ayusha curved. All the individuals clapped and cheered, and the little Bittie Yeti clapped. He clapped and cheered and jumped up and down. However it wasn't a good suggestion. When the Little Bittie Yeti jumped, the ground trembled and two timber fell. The villagers started operating round and shouting. So Little Bittie Yeti snowed as fast as she might.

As he rushed over the meadow and rushed up the mountain, Little Bittie Yeti wished no one would chase him. However something else occurred to him. She knew she needed to bop like Ayusha. He needed to float and roll and roll like leaves in the breeze.

When he went to the But household cave, he might assume of nothing else.

"Where have you been?" Cried Mumma Yeti.

"Dance! Dance! Dance! ", Stated little Bittie Yeti.

" Your mother has been very worried, "stated Poppa Yeti vehemently.

" Dance! Dance, dance! “Little Bittie Yeti replied. "I need to dance like Ayusha!"

"You possibly can't dance like anybody," said Frizzie Yeti. "The ft are too massive!"

Little Bittie Yeti looked at her feet. "Too massive?" He asked.

"I feel so, pricey," said Mumma Yeti.

"Somewhat too massive," said Poppa Yeti.

"The whole thing is just too massive," said. Frizzie Yeti.

Little Bittie Yeti ran from the cave. He began to climb further up the mountain. Up, up he stumbled, crisp on top of the world. Then he sat in the midst of snow, rocks and the whistling wind.

Little Bittie Yet's family tried to climb up behind him, but the sharp tip was too sharp and they kept slipping down.

“Please come home! Called Mumma Yeti. "You don't need to be alone there."

But that's what little Bittie Yeti wanted. There was only one thing she wanted more and that was dancing like Ayusha. But now that he was thinking about it, Ayusha had small and delicate feet. In fact, he was small and elegant in its entirety.

Little Bittie Yeti got up and stood on one heavy leg. She lifted her other leg back, which made her even more gentle.

Frizzie Yeti rolled down, laughing in the snow. But Mumma and Poppa Yeti were the most worried.

"No!" Cried the Mummy Yeti. "No matter you do, don't do it!"

Poppa Yeti tried to explain. “If you dance with those big feet, you cause an avalanche. All ice, snow and rocks glide on the mountain! "

Little Bittie Yeti shortly sat down again. An avalanche can lead to a village in a valley valley!

He thought of a village and a woman who had been so charmingly dancing. He knew now that he might never dance like him. He only had to keep in mind him in his poster identify. Her eyes and nose leaking in tears, the Little Bitty Yeti began to gather a bunch of rocks.

This is turning into a reasonably unhappy story, so earlier than we all begin crying, let me inform you Professor Peter Petty, Vet Yaks and Yetis.

Professor Petty was a great veterinarian. He had run a whole lot of jackets for colds, coughs and sneezes, not to mention sore noses and knees. But he has never met a yeti.

On that day, all the villagers came to Professor Petty and informed him that that they had seen a nearby spent. They showed him big footprints and fallen timber.

"What are you going to do about it?" They requested.

Professor Petty went down on the roof and settled on a still level telescope. He appeared via the telescope high and low, however especially excessive as a result of the Yeti was in all probability there. Positive sufficient, he soon observed the entire household's family. Three of them stood on the ridge and waved their arms. The fourth Yeti sat alone at the highest point.

As if it wasn't exciting sufficient, he saw something extra. The Yeti alone had used stones to put in writing the phrase on snow. The phrase was AYUSHA.

Ayusha was well known to Professor Petty. She was a woman who liked to bop. He lived together with his Aunt Minin and was very variety. He knew that if he asked him to return to see the Yeti who had written his identify on the prime of the world, he would.

Professor Petty harnessed his jacket staff, Blunder and Blimp, to his air rack. As they flew toward the prime of the mountain, certainly Ayusha was with them.

They couldn't land right at the prime, it was too bumpy and jagged. However they hovered as low as they might over the places.

Blunder and Blimp threw air and the sleigh floated. Mummy Yeti and Poppa Yeti might solely stand and stare. They didn't know what was happening, however they undoubtedly didn't go residence without Little Bittie Yeti. Even the Frizzie Yeti stayed quiet and wished the greatest.

Little Bittie Yeti watched the sleigh via her tears. It might have been a brand new adventure floating from the sky only for him. However he already had sufficient adventures.

"I want to dance like Ayusha!" He shouted, raising his arms to the sky.

Plop! The tied end of the rope landed beside him. The other finish was nonetheless tied to the sleigh. Little Bittie Yeti rubbed tears from her eyes. Someone in a pink wool coat and a pair of pink boots was climbing down the rope.

He fell flippantly into the snow.

"Hi, Yeti," stated Ayusha.

Oh, nice snowballs, is it actually true? Did Ayusha keep there at the prime of Little Bittie But Mountain? He definitely was. And, greater than between Ayusha and Little Bittie But, there was a specific amount of information that occurs between individuals who have been typically thought-about buddies. He couldn’t converse human and he could not converse Yeti. Luckily, they have been each capable of converse Yak. It's referred to as Yakkety-Yak and it's very straightforward to study.

"I really want to dance," little Bittie Yeti informed Ayusha. "I want and I want, but my feet are too big."

Ayusha agreed. "They're pretty big," he stated. "Not really dancing feet."

However before Little Bittie Yeti might burst into tears, Ayusha stated, "It doesn't matter. If you can't dance with your feet, dance with all the other bits. "

Then, as he whistled the music, he began singing as he showed Little Bittie But what he meant.

Properly, you retain your two ft flat on the ground

and swing your hips and lower part around.

You carry your head and switch your knees

and shake your arms like wood in the wind.

It's a Massive Leg, it's a Massive Leg,

It's a Huge Leg Boogie!

It wasn't the method Ayusha had danced earlier than, nevertheless it was a dance and it was enjoyable. And perhaps, simply perhaps, it was a dance that the Yeti might do.

Little Bittie Yeti bent over her knees and gave her a wagon.

"Go Yeti!" Professor Petty leaned on his sled and cheered.

Little Bittie Yeti fucked his head and waved his arms. The lower part of all the lower elements began to clap.

"That's what I call dancing!" Cried Mumma Yeti and even Frizzie Yeti needed to agree.

"Look!" Laughed Ayusha. She swung and fluttered until her cheeks have been as purple as her boots. “No matter what you possibly can't do. Do what you possibly can! "

So it was that Yeti and the woman have been dancing along with The Bigfoot Boogie at the prime of the world. The setting sun turned the snow pink and it was actually pretty.

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