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Friday 15 February 2019
EVENT: Ford Performance OEM and Proprietor Press Convention

Mark, 2019 Mustang Presentation has just lately been a championship, pretty respectable present final night time's competitions, apparently created lots of pleasure. Speak to us about how Mustang is delivered to the Monster Power NASCAR Cup collection and expectations for this season.

Mark Rushbrook, international manager, Ford Performance Motorsports – "Our 2018 season was beyond expectations. The teams have been capable of make the monitor. What we did without such huge partners within the racing teams. To make Fusion's last yr take what was referred to as the previous physique, make it aggressive. The brand new Mustang course of was the choice we made about 18 months ago. Mustang is now a worldwide automotive, we needed to put Mustang in as many international racing occasions as we might. I don't find out about our racing teams as a result of they compete for automobiles each weekend, they know what they need. With enter, weekly conferences, a variety of CFDs and metric tunnels, as well as a full-scale tunnel, we have been capable of ship and settle for the automotive in the midst of last yr. Now we've been working arduous after starting our 2019 imaginative and prescient of the strongest Mustang. It was encouraging final night time to see efficiency in all of our groups, strongly at Duels. We are fairly enthusiastic about what we’ve thus far with a racing automotive. Undoubtedly waiting for Daytona 500 on Sunday, seeing the way it works in that competitors. It’s just the excited Mustang monitor. Whereas working with Roger and his workforce in Australia, we even have a new Mustang coming in, I feel two weeks in Adelaide. I used to be simply excited to see the Mustang monitor in so many various elements of the world. “

Might you remark slightly in your workforce's preparation for 2019 with the introduction of the brand new Mustang and the new rule packages Working with Ford Efficiency, what you all prepared for this season.

Roger Penske, Workforce Penske: “I feel that the arrival of Stewart-Haas in 18, we actually began to work on how you can improve automobiles. With the thought of ​​the new Mustang, all of us had the opportunity to take a seat with technical individuals and be a part of the Ford Efficiency Staff. Whether or not it was a wind tunnel, a metering tunnel, all of the things that went collectively, they have been key. Each of us had a bit of it. Based on our preparation, you could have all these automobiles which are mergers. We don't have just 4 or 5 automobiles secure. You’ve got several automobiles that must be replaced. It puts nice strain on us. The excellent news was Ford, who provided us NASCAR's own songs. We had them in time so we might build these automobiles that I assumed have been good. One thing that we don't speak much about is Jack's and Yates's engine program, which is probably the cornerstone of final yr's success. And positively, once I noticed final night time, it's an excellent piece. They need to be grateful for that. It's just good cooperation. We compete towards each other on Sunday. However I feel what we study is that we will work better together throughout these races. You’ll be able to see it last night time and last yr. We all need to win, but I feel it's the key to get us to the point where you’ve 5 or 10 rounds to win what we're all making an attempt to do.

Jack Roush, Roush Fenway Racing: “I'd like to comment on Mustang. Mustang is a river that runs to me. 53 years ago I downloaded the first Mustang in a truck and brought it to the people of winter. I've watched the Mustangs running in a number of categories, on the road, dragging a race. We have taken Bonneville, Pikes Peak, we have taken it to Europe. Mustang has finally taken the right place with NASCAR at the top of the warehouse arena. It's been something that I have seen usher in a period of time, which I am very proud that I have them in all those years. Mark Rushbrook, all Dearborn engineers, Charlotte's technical staff, the toolbox has never got more tools. The fact that we have reached at least the first couple of competitions to show that we are competitive with Mustang directly from the box that CFD, simulation, simulator, all the tools are toolbox has been applied effectively. I think it's good results for the results we have with different racing cars with different Aero packages and different engine packages this year. Lots of balls in the air. But I'm sure Mark and all his contemporaries, all my friends and my partner are able to meet these challenges. ”

Tony Stewart, Stewart-Haas Racing:“ Yeah, what they said. What else will I say you didn't say two? They are both right. From the point of view of Stewart-Haas, the fact is that we came from a completely different culture with a different manufacturer. When we came to the Ford stable, how the hands of Mark and his staff are, it's just an extension for the rivals who sit here. It's not just a manufacturer that you go and say you need this, you need it, it can be weeks before you hear something. These guys are very proactive. Mark is on the phone, where all these competition groups constantly check what we can do to be better, faster. Getting such support from the manufacturer is very important for what we do. As Roger and Jack have mentioned, we couldn't do it without these friends. Getting this kind of support is tremendous what we are trying to do here. As competitive as this series, it continues to be more competitive every year, so such support, the resources that Mark Rushbrook and his staff give us, are such. As mentioned, there are a lot of tools in this toolbox. We have a lot of fun in our store, whether it's in the Aero department, gear. Every department that has the opportunity to work on the Ford side has had fun with these guys. They really feel pushed forward. No, our friends need a lot of motivation anyway, but the motivation and push we get from the Ford side is fun. It keeps us all going. For the preparation of this year, I think Stewart-Haas Racing has probably been one of the teams that are used to hitting the left and right curve balls. You can sit here and change your body styles during the winter as much as it is a huge company for everyone, I think it's just another walk in the park with our friends. They are used to adding teams in successive years, changing manufacturers, changing body styles. It's just layup to our friends. I have had all the confidence in the group. We have cars that are here fast. I think we all learned last year, especially on the tracks of the record album, we get these Ford teams together, it's really hard to deal with us all if we work together. We all want to win the race at the end of the day, but if we compete with each other at the end of the day, it's a much better scenario than the whole field race. Excited about what we have to wait for this year. ”

Bob Jenkins, Front Row Motorsports:“ My youngest baby as a toddler was driving my grandfather in Mustang in 1966, considering of driving in the best automotive on the town. I’m proud that the Ford model is the efficiency of the automotive, which is now the flagship of NASCAR. You think of Mustang's historical past, the better the automotive is to symbolize sport. Rollouts are rollouts. Every time sport has a new physique fashion, traditionally there have been problems, the manufacturer often takes it six months and a yr. I have been impressed with the Ford group, the preparation of which they took this automotive, the outcomes of the preliminary check right here in Daytona. We're fairly good going to hit the bottom. For some teams, like Ford, we need to be our companion with us, they need to be a part of our improvement. Mustang, what it brings to our staff, is a new platform, a chance to construct all new racing automobiles. For us it is a new beginning. We now have an excellent relationship with the individuals of Roush Fenway. We are building a new automotive fleet, so they are. I hope that this yr shall be a breakthrough yr for us.

Len Wooden, Wood Brothers Racing: “We've been running for Fords forever. We rely on their judgment. They really picked up a good Mustang. Our father was red, our uncle was dark blue. We have a union with Team Penske, they do a good job of giving us the best cars every week. Mark Rushbrook took Ford's program last year, and I think he's done a very nice job. Deepening the Mustang, just like the GT you rolled many years ago, is top notch. It is clear that last night the three best competition, we are going to a good start. ”

Roger, where we go to new automobiles, based on NASCAR in a few years, automobiles that mirror what you’re promoting in an exhibition area, how can we follow for a long time so long as we will renew NASCAR followers concurrently a passionate automotive tradition?

Roger Penske: “I think it has to be a match for what we sell in showrooms, it doesn't matter. This is part of NASCAR's agenda to try to better connect these cars with fans. In my opinion, at the same time as we look at the technology that is there, the things we look at on the motorway must be combined with racing cars. I don't have much information about Gen 7 today, I know there's a lot of talk. The good news is that NASCAR is sure to be in touch with teams, not just the Ford team, but everyone. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer, Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet to make sure that it is relevant to the product they sell. They all support us in a certain way. I think they need to be sure we are in touch with the customer. This customer is ultimately a fan. ”

In current months, we’ve got heard rather a lot about NASCAR that we’re right here to implement Jim France's imaginative and prescient. What have you ever been advised concerning the vision? How confident are you in the future?

Jack Roush: “Crucial thing for everyone within the room is that racing is as thrilling as it can be for followers of the competition. The competitors teams do some issues which are towards it. We make engines blow much less typically. We make our automotive higher by analyzing CFD and all elements. You gained't break elements, blow up the engines. Goodyear is consistently working on tires. It’s a must to get the fans to be obsessed with the truth that the money they haven't seen will occur. You don't have as a lot gaming as before. Things that NASCAR does concerning the segments and issues that others do, the championship will ultimately find yourself as they have arranged to be more fascinating to followers. We now have to keep them closed. We’ve to think about their consideration. Competitions could also be shorter. It might be value savings on a regular basis. In all probability have to get shorter. Individuals say we’ve to run less typically. I'm unsure it's true. I used to tell Mike Helton if he had three or four races every week, I'd be there for him. I don't know, I'd say this at this time, however… Anyway, protecting it thrilling for followers, the person selections we make that hold them involved, maintain the news or surprises inside their consideration are essential. [19659002TheNormalWhisperingCatchesDayton'sWholeSeabirdAnotherDeedsNewPackageworldworldworldwillreplacethefirstthefollowthedeveryheartheartheartheart?

Tony Stewart: “I feel it's still one-time. I feel the racing plate racing is all the time there. The brand new package deal will certainly add this yr to the factor, as Roger stated, a bunch of balls in the air right now. No one knows what to anticipate. The Limit Disc Package deal, the Open Package deal, this new package deal, we are all enthusiastic about what it produces. The top of the day is that followers get extra exciting competitors. I feel the racing occasion of Daytona and Talladega rivals will all the time be their own component, which is basically separate from what you see in the remainder of the season.

Bob Jenkins: It's a Packet Competition. I feel the competitors is far nearer, however not the packages you might have in Daytona or Talladega. ”

Roger and Tony, are you a bit biased because you had gained last night time, however what do you assume up to now concerning the general high quality of races during Speedweeks? Has NASCAR given you any indication that they might make modifications on Sunday?

Roger Penske: “NASCAR has not given us any indication that they are going to change anything. I think we have to put it in context. In the 125s it is fairly honest that you have 500 cars, you have fewer fields, so there are fewer cars that you can move or pull. The competition is definitely better on the race day than you might have seen last night. Cars are trying to get up and pull last night. From the point of view, I think you have a blanket over cars that can win. The only thing to stay away from is the competition day by working with other Ford teammates here. NASCAR has not made any changes as much as I know. Maybe Tony has something he hasn't told me yet. ”

Tony Stewart:“ I haven't even been right here (laughter). No, the thing about qualifying, a lot of the subject is locked anyway. The worst thing you need to do is put yourself in a nasty place so it is best to convey a backup. 20 years ago, once I began, the backups were not as shut as the primary automobiles. These days, security automobiles are virtually equivalent to the starter automobiles. Nevertheless, you don't need to do something to jeopardize the automotive you've put into the competition. Men are far more cautious. But we noticed males like Chase Elliott last night time, Daniel Suarez, who tried to move about themselves. This isn’t often seen by many, where guys can transfer and move themselves. I assumed this was encouraging to see that you simply don't should rely on the whole automotive package deal to move by way of the sector. It was an exhibition for me. As a driver and an autonomist, I paid consideration to 2 pals, their competitors, the efforts they made in trying to find out the best way to get to someone, return to the opening, get again in line. From this perspective, I was thrilled about it. The large thing is, as Roger stated, the extra automobiles you get there, the more packet competition will get a lot better and larger. Pruning competitions are often not as thrilling from this viewpoint, however it is because the blokes are actually making an attempt to maintain their gear. At the finish of the day, it’s deliberate to win Daytona 500. I don't assume we can be investing in profitable the qualifier. For those who can win it, good. You never need to compromise your main automotive. "

Mark, I heard a Ford driver say this week, if I can't win, I'm going to ensure Ford wins. The 5 personalities that you’ve there, the automobiles of the egos, how have you been capable of create this mindset among all these guys?

Mark Rushbrook: "The most effective working circumstances for Ford Motor Company continues to be a household business. The fact that Edsel Ford is here this weekend, the presence he has with us, supports what he has, is large for our packages. As I stated earlier than, we cannot compete with out teams, as we stated earlier. We all know within the totally different areas the place we will get groups to work together, which makes all of them stronger. The stronger our company is in our motor sport program, the stronger and more help we may give each staff. They’re all rivals, house owners and all drivers. I feel they understand the concept and profit all of them in the long run. ”

Roger and Jack, as a result of sports activities appear to include costs, do certain things that shouldn’t be included within the teams, you must be capable of have the power to be creative if you anticipate the longer term? Might you deal with a price range of € 10-12 million per automotive if it have been some sort of cap?

Roger Penske: “I don't necessarily believe in a cap. You can spend more time trying to control it and regulate it. I think there are common parts in the car that can be supplied by the manufacturer, several manufacturers, assuming they are the same, which can cost some. I think NASCAR and OEMs are looking at it. We don't need to expand it. We need it reasonable. I'm not sure what this price is. We can do a lot of things if you want. For me, these are things that we need to look at as industry, OEM manufacturers, teams, drivers who have to buy this from a security perspective. I don't think I'll see what the cost is. This always involves costs. The technology that passes through the garage area may have a number of rules and it will not take long, and next week people will have an idea of ​​how to do it better. It's really all we want to do. What it is, I don't know today. ”

Jack Roush:“ The less systems we compete in engineering and development, the lower the cost. We went through last year's changes in the exits. The relative rigidity and relative weakness of the body began to develop. This required more engineers and the manufacturer's time, which was attempted to ensure that you did not interfere with Tony's discoveries or Roger that Chevrolet's guys have found or Toyota. The less we need to control the development of engineers, the lower the cost. I think with Gen 7 that NASCAR is discussing with teams how to solve it. If we are able to compete in margins and have fewer things we do, empty page technology, the lower our costs. There we all try to get. ”

Roger Penske:“ I think we're really talking about NASCAR's Gen 7. It's not just a car or engine. I think it is an exhibition, the length of races we're going to run, we're going to run more at night, short songs. NASCAR is called Gen 7, not just a car. That's what I said. ”

Len, you've been here with Wood Brothers because the beginning of Daytona 500. Is the Daytona 500's appreciation at present as great because it was years ago? 19659002] Len Wooden: “Yes. Our father and uncles won the first race for Ford, the first Daytona 500 race for Ford in63. They were over the moon to win this race. When it continued, we won at Pearson, won Cale, A.J. Foyt, David Pearson. When we won with Trevor Bayne, it was almost like it was (self-evident) and I, it was more of our team and then father and his brother earlier. My father, his last time to win, was here in 2011. He wasn't with us in Pocono with Blaney. To see his smile, my mother's smile, it's pretty big. ”

Mark, NASCAR OSS was in operation final yr. How did this affect Mustang's improvement? Was it perhaps the overall interest of Basic Motors who had an present automotive and needed to adapt to it?

Mark Rushbrook: “After adapting the rules, we have to adapt. We need to optimize our car and our team and implementation. When we designed a new Mustang, it allowed us to try to optimize it. However, the rules changed at the same time, right? Our car was approved in July. We didn't know the 2019 rules until after that. Sport is always changed. It's good, isn't it? Keeps it healthy and exciting, all changes are made right. It's part of what teams do and we do as OEMs. We are adapting to these changes and going to the competition. ”

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