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Eight Mustangs Start at Top 13 Sunday in Bristol –

Eight Mustangs Start at Top 13 Sunday in Bristol -

Ford Efficiency Labels and Quotes
Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Saturday April 6, 2019
Event: Meals Metropolis 500 Qualification

Ford Qualification:
3. – Ryan Blaney
6. – Aric Almirola
7. – Joey Logano
eight. – Clint Bowyer
9. – Paul Menard
11. – Ryan Newman
12. – Brad Keselowski
13. Brad Keselowski

18. – Michael McDowell
19. – Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
20. – Daniel Suarez
22. – David Ragan
29. – Matt Tifft
32. – Corey LaJoie

BRAD KESELOWSKI No. 2 Low cost Tire Ford Mustang – IS TRACK ANY OUT OF USUAL? "No, not really – just more unpredictable than before."

Are you going to open things which might be comparable? "Indeed. That's good. It is healthy. You are making progress and improving." about 200 rounds, it wears and the competitors shall be at the top of the subsequent 300. That's just what we've seen, and I'm wanting ahead to something else. ” chemist, but I have heard these rumblings, and in both instances I do not assume it means what method they set, it takes 200 rounds of competition, after which we transfer up the wall and our race there. ”

CLINT BOWYER, No. 14 Haas Automation Ford Mustang -“ It wasn't the world's greatest thing, but a single number and start-up and a front-to-face fun, fun racing track. It's a long race, 500 rounds of this baby has a lot of questions – a lot out of your equipment, a lot about yourself, a lot out of your communications, a lot of different things. Tomorrow we will present the whole range of worms we have to overcome, and then on Sunday, but on this track, when they put this stuff, it will only evolve. I was happy. Usually we fight on Fridays here and get it buried, and take three-quarters of the race to get the place where we have to be, and then you fight for a bad pit stop. Today, we made a little bit better of these things. ”

FOR YOU THAT IDEA WHAT PJ1 WILL BE. “No, I mean, stuff is bad, man. It is temperature sensitive. You hate to complain about the aptitude and have to wait, and everyone is like, "Well, they're still waiting." We are still such that you need someone to get out there and get some temperature. and wake it up, I literally mean it. When it is, it's like: "Oh, man. Here we are. "You'll see. The first couple of cars that go, their hands are full. It is that you would be on the dirt track – every now and then you have to pay your fee and roll the track. ”

HOW TO LIKE THE FUTURE IN THE RACE TIME? “I don't know, we'll find out. We think everyone will see it during the XFINITY race. Usually a paragraph makes a decision. Many times we are concerned about it and then we get rain and things that prevent them from doing it. I still think that with the power and in everything in our car, I think you have a different view of the competition, regardless of PJ1 / VHT or who sponsors it. ”

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 10 SHAZAM / Smithfield Ford Mustang -“ I decided not to wait anymore. I thought it would get bottled there when everyone was waiting for the last minute, so I immediately went and it was a mistake. Keeping track of the track was smaller than the rounds before I waited, so we went back out and went really faster in just two minutes turning our car so our car is really fast. I made a mistake when I was the first guy to be in the final round. ”

RYAN BLANEY, No. 12 PPG Ford Mustang – WHAT'S THE THIRD CENTER? “I’ve a greed. I received grasping in three and left it. I feel in all probability about .45. The primary round was our greatest round and I simply obtained grasping in three and I missed it and then I removed it. We misplaced slightly of how dangerous I lost it, so just grasping. I ran one round every round, but I used to be so badly in the first spherical of the primary spherical that I had to run extra and never simply that good. "

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Wyndham Rewards Ford Mustang -" That's how some guys do it in XFINITY follow, but they didn't anticipate to take what we did down, so that's what stunned me, and you must comply with this recreation. ”

WAS THE FULL COMPANY? "Does not matter. I shouldn't have fearful if it was right in three inches near the wall. I don't care about this part, you simply should sustain with this recreation. ”

WHY DOES IT BE LOOKED A DAY OF DAY? "I don't know. It all depends on what they do and how they like it and dress it up, literally, more – and what K&N cars do. You never know. You're just going with the flow."

Hunt Brothers Pizza Ford Mustang – “Our car was good, I just ignored the first two rounds in the middle of the corner and I just got away from the attraction of the compound. in the third round and got a decent twist and just got one point short. ”

TRACTION COMPOUND?" Faster. "" I have no idea. " , after which they minimize us so brief on tires that whenever you get into this type of state of affairs, nobody goes to hold out tire saving. "HOW TO DO CAN YOU WANT TO BE LIKELY THAT AFTER THE MEMBER OF THE MEMBER OF THE PJ1? “It doesn't matter to me or another. I think you had two XFINITY practices just to watch and watch, and finally it just went down when I didn't do a good job in the car. Our car was fine. I have traveled far enough laps here in tow combination and high, so that I know what I needed to do, and it was not really matter whether I practiced or not. I guess you probably could have enough cars here to probably go before the Cup qualifier, but I'm not doing any schedules or anything. ”

RICKY STENHOUSE JR., No. 17 SunnyD Ford Mustang – Base. In follow, we have been in the middle till the underside came in. It was really energetic to start out, so no one is operating there in apply. It's normal for Bristol. Tomorrow we’ll in all probability transfer quite a bit and transfer and get the monitor wider than it’s. ”

Was OTHER CHANGE AFTER OTHER OTHER SERIES? “No, the bottom came a little because the cars came out of the race. We've all been in the qualifying competition, so we didn't have time to just go round and get to the bottom, so the XFINITY cars got on the ground and we were able to run there, which is much faster. We just left it in the car. I was too loose in practice and then too tight there. ”

PAUL MENARD, No. 21 Menards / Sylvania Ford Mustang -“ It was a solid day, a good starting point. We were too strict in practice and we released it, but we had to go more because we were too strict. Still we had a nice pickup. ”

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Autotrader Ford Mustang -“ The song changed mainly through the practice of XFINiTY cars. We are the first cars out there in practice, we hardly taught anything in practice, because if the line was in a different place, you are just guessing where you are going to run, what you need in the car and what it changes to the balance of your car. We tried to make the best guesses. I think we got a couple of victories in our car, but honestly I would be qualified in the same place if we just demolish and qualify. It was a challenging day because you expect the bottom to come, you expect the top to come, and we're all in the qualifying and don't do the rounds by helping anything, so you're just going through the practices and not really learning the whole bunch. The good news is that we are not so far away. I think we're seventh, so we're going there. ”

DAVID RAGAN, No. 38 MDS Transport Ford Mustang -“ We just slowed down the tenth and we probably had to pick up half a tenth. In this knockout qualifier you have to run a little better as each round progresses, and I felt we had a really good first round. We made a little correction and we didn't have the cleanest lap in the second round, and I think we got to 22, so it's better than 25., better than 23, but not as good as 12 or 14. The song changed a lot today. Tomorrow we will have good practices that will surely get into Mustang and look forward to a good Bristol race. Bristol has been great to me over the years. I love to come here. It's always a good show. ”

DANIEL SUAREZ, No. 41 Haas Automation Ford Mustang -“ I was not very happy with the balance of the car, but we see what happens tomorrow. I feel that tomorrow morning's practice will be a massive thing, because we are going to be everywhere, but hopefully we could be a little better. ”

WHAT SHOULD I DO? “I think it's coming out and getting better. We had a problem after practice when we made adjustments so we could drive from above and we were not right there, so we didn't have the right balance to end there. ”

MATT TIFFT, No. 36 Floor Sunscreen / Tunity Ford Mustang -“ That (stripe) went through a big change. It's one that has injured us because most of us have been in the middle of the race track today, but it seemed that K&N cars ran a little earlier. We just forgot about it, we can fix the rear tires so we can get enough gas down and make lap times, so it certainly went through a great shift from the first practice you couldn't touch it, so it would be interesting to see how it moves throughout the weekend. ”

ARE EXPECTED THAT TUESDAY WILL BE SUNNESS? “I feel like it would be something. It seems like every time you get a super supercar, you can have a little lane down, but it doesn't seem to be nearly as contagious as it has been in the past here. I don't know if it was due to rain last night or this morning, but it certainly feels like it takes a lot longer to work than usual here. ”

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