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Fontana (California Native Cole Custer wins at home) –

Fontana (California Native Cole Custer wins at home) -

Ford Efficiency Notes and Quotes
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Occasion: NASCAR Xfinity Collection (Aftermarket)

First – Cole Custer
5. – Chase Briscoe
6. – Austin Cindric

COLE CUSTER, No. 00 Thompson Pipe / Haas CNC Ford Mustang (Accomplished 1)

VICTORY LANE INTERVIEW – THIS IS YOUR THIRD SUPPLIER XFINITY WIN GETTING STARTED : "That means t. To win here, in southern California – I grew up in San Bernardino and Irwindale." Meaning tons. Come again right here. I can’t thank the Thompson Pipe group. I wouldn't have competed with out what their family did to me. Haas Automation can also be an area firm. It was an enormous competition for us. All the things, it's our hometown for our complete staff. I'm fairly pumped. “

YOU ARE ONE BUSCH AND END YOU, Tell us that you’re going to the supervisor and what you needed to do to maintain KYLE? “Kyle Busch is one of the legends of our sport. In order to stay in one competition for 200, it means a lot. I'm sure he's probably a little frustrated, but we have a great racing game with him and hopefully we will do it more in the future. ”

WHAT IS SPECIALITY IN END? “For us it was pure air and good restarts really. We had a pretty good Mustang all day, it was just a question of getting out. We got our car to turn better and it was a difference. ”

LAST TWO YEARS OF WINNING RACE 35 AND RACE 33. WHAT SHOULD YOU MAKE TO WIN WINS IN SEPTEMBER? “It seems strange honestly. We'll save it up to the end of the season. I'm pretty pumped. I think it's a bit more relaxing, and now we can focus on overcoming the rest of the year and probably build some steps and drop points. I'm pretty pumped for it. ”

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 American Ring / Low cost Ring Ford Mustang (completed 6th)

“ If you look at the numbers of steps and endings, it seems that we had a rather quiet day. We didn't really have any practices or eligibility requirements. I had a lot of long-term speed to start the competition in short stages. Returned to a wall that I am not the best, and learned a lot about how it is done today. I'm proud of it. We made our car better all day and we got to the fifth place, then we got a blown rear tire and we had to return from it and recover to the sixth. We finally smelled fifth. I will take it. It is difficult to make such days when you make a couple of mistakes and learn a lot of things, and we were able to get back to the stage and with good paint. I'll take it and go to Texas. ”

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 Nutri Chomps / C-A-L Ranch Ford Mustang (End 5)

” We had a battle at the beginning. This has been our mantra this yr. When competitors continues, we get better and higher. I don't know if we have been good at the top. I received to screw myself into the pit and I paid myself four gadgets. We had to restart the ninth and come back fourth. We have been too tight at the top. I hope that even earlier than it might have ended. I feel we might have been third or perhaps another. All in all, not a nasty day. I consider we’ll proceed to do higher and better once we study from one another. It was an excellent day for Ford Mustang and Stewart-Haas Racing, and we'll transfer on to see what we will do.

Ford Performance Notes and Quotes
Saturday March 16, 2019
EVENT: The NASCAR Xfinity Collection (Race Profitable Workforce Press Conference)

COLE CUSTER, No. 00 Thompson Pipe / Haas CNC Ford Mustang [19659002] Did you will have a variety of family and pals here at present? WHAT IS A WINNING WINCH SYSTEM?

”It meant so much. I grew up competing for about 20 minutes here after which in Irwindale, one other 20 minutes from right here. It means quite a bit to return back and win. We had a gaggle of people here to take footage. That's why it took so long. It's an ideal victory. I feel each driver needs to win right here because it's a cool music, however for me it's my hometown, and meaning so much. ”

WHAT IS THIS ORGANIZATION OF THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE SEASON OF YOUR TIMER? “No one has been negative to us. When the year continues, it will improve and improve. I think we have two good teams. We share information, reflect ideas from each other. It all helps. Even in order to help each other on the race track. ”

WHAT TO DO? “Well, I can drink this year! I do not know. I think actually that I'm on the way campsites event, which I am going to do. This certainly means a lot. I will stay tomorrow so I will live in LA for the night. ”

WHAT YOU SHOULD SEE ONE BUSCH OUT FRONT AND THIS WILL BE WINNING PIT ROAD. HOW TO CHANGE THE PROPOSALS OF THE SHIPPING WHO SHOULD SHOW? “Even when he was in front of me, I felt that if the restart had come out or it would take a really long time to be able to catch him. We would quite say. Just where they had this mistake on the pit road, it certainly did it so I knew I needed clean air so I could pull as fast as I could. I knew it was between the two of us. I had to get as far as possible and build a lead. We were able to do that. ”

HOW IT'S NOW TO KNOW THIS YEAR AND WEDDING THAT SHOULD COME BETWEEN THIS YEAR AND ALL:“ It's my third year. I have much more experience. I think Mike has also been huge. They had won a lot of competitions at Ginass last year, and they have a lot of experience with different drivers over the years, and he brings his organization to mind where we started. It helped a lot. It gathered rather late when Ginassi turned off his Xfinity team. I think it has been a victory for our team. ”

MIKE SHIPLETT, Crew Officer, No. 00 Ford Mustang

JOE CUSTER MAKE YOU THAT YOU CAN YOU MAKE TRANSFER AND OPERATION COLE AND HOT POTENTIAL? "I've seen lots of Cole-race towards him over the past two years. He has loads of expertise, and we just wanted to nice-tune it and positive the place he was the weakest and the capital. He has loads of velocity. He had a variety of poles. We simply wanted to cease the automotive. He all the time had a great brief-term velocity, so we targeted extra on lengthy-term velocity. Bringing Davin Rustino was an awesome assist to make us go. He has been an engineer over the past 4 years and introduced him here. It was a fantastic help to get everyone to go quicker. The whole lot came together. That they had a great core group within the shop, and all of us hit it and started working collectively and we're starting to see the automobiles we might construct in January. ”

CAN YOU ALL ALL PERSONS HERE-AUTOMATIC AND SUPPORT? “Yeah, there is a long list of people who had this in their hometown. Me, Thompson Pipe Group, who was in the car this week, is 10 miles from here. Many people may not know the story I grew up in competing with their family. My quarterly dwarf was stopped in Pomona and Ken Thompson had a concrete business and made tubes to build a concrete stone dwarf chip and kept everyone competing in the quarter dwarf community. I probably wouldn't be here without them. Haas Automation, I wouldn't be here without them and their support for me, and they're right in Ventura. It was a great competition for everyone. ”


WHAT'S THE FOLLOWING THAT WINES THIS COOPERATION? WHAT ARE THE CONDITIONS THAT MAY BE WONDERFUL AND ANYONE THAT MAY KNOW MORE? “The biggest thing is just consistent. You cannot win if you are running about a tenth all the time. If you are in the fifth week's top class, you are consistent, you have the opportunity every week. Get all the details about the car. NASCAR does a great job of inspecting these cars, but you have to get every thing every week if you want to run ahead and win every race. You must also be a talented driver we do with Cole. I'm really looking forward to the end of the year with Cole. ”


IS HERE THAT MIKE CAN ONLY GET YOU TO WIN THAT THE FOLLOWING PENALTY WINS? “I think it takes the whole team together. Take a really good pit crew. The driver works in all areas. Starts up, gets the car the way he wants, the team brings speed with the cars and takes a long-term speed, but is able to quit. One fifth of the running and the speed from time to time may perhaps hide the victory or two, but be the dominant team, you must have it all. I think we are working on it and hopefully we realized it this weekend and we can continue to do it all year long. ”

MAKES A LONG INSTALLATION INSTALLATION IN A three-INSTALLATION. , YOU ARE THE FOLLOWING BUSCH SAFETY THAT YOU ARE COMING OUT? "Yeah, I feel we acquired slightly automotive throughout the race. It's arduous since you're making an attempt to fix one factor and it hurts one other thing. We knew our automotive was quick and we didn't need to harm it. It was the most important factor. and we did it a bit of higher every so often.If I ran behind Kyle, that I ran, I definitely discovered slightly bit in three and 4, how he ran on the monitor and the totally different runs he was operating on. that they’re restricted because the fans have been given higher racing, but you need to compete towards them to study. and we’ve all the time had the velocity there. We look ahead to the longer term. Mike ran good last yr and I feel we're going to get there fast. , be sure you stay prematurely, clean the air and don't make any errors. ”

YOU HAVE 18 CAN SEND IN THE FUTURE. Was NERVES KICK IN? WHAT IS THE LONG TERM WHEN WON'T GET TO START? “You look in the mirror and you see a black car and I hope it won't get bigger. All you have to do is tell yourself that you know your brand, don't exceed it. All you have learned in the race, you have to complete it and focus on yourself and not on what is behind you. I think it just stated that we had a better car than at the end of the competition, and I was able to hit my mark and pull it off a little. ”

CAN YOU BE FILLING AFTER THE FUTURE? “Yes, it means tons. Apparently he is one of the legends of our sport. He's the Famer Hall. It means a lot of competition with these guys and wins them. It means a ton to come out of the top and keep him in 199. ”

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