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Ford Driver Q & As and Qualification Quotes –

Ford Driver Q & As and Qualification Quotes -

Ford Performance Notes and Quotes
Friday, March 8, 2019

EVENT: NASCAR Xfinity Collection Driver Availability (Austin Cindric)

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 Money Lion Ford Mustang – CAN YOU HERE THERE ARE RETURNS THERE? “It's just because of where the start and stop lines are located, and where the track is expanding, and it keeps wide across the one and two turns and at a relatively flat angle at first, so you have to drive one and two down, so it's well tempting to try it. ”

WHAT ARE THIS CHALLENGES? "I feel the most important challenge once we go to follow and race, one, to us, is getting tighter all through the run, so it prepares for it, but in addition tries to mix both angles, because one and two are very flat corners roughly perhaps one or two lanes, which you’ll be able to attempt, and then you could have an enormous tilted angle with a downhill and again up a hill that’s fairly unambiguous within the race, as long as it is, and it is a very robust crewmaster and the driving force will find out the most effective compromise between the 2 totally different bank ranges. ”

YOU IN THE NORTH AUTHORITY THAT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE GOOD FREEDOMS. WHAT IS DOWNLOAD HERE? “It's working for me again. Yeah, I have to do it once and now it's back to work. We are trying to compete for the championship this year, and it is great to know at least that if such a situation is again that I can use it and try to be the best. It is clear that they had a great weekend and it was really fun to stay in the competition and watch it and the whole process. It is so different package Cup series, but like I said, I have returned to my work and the real fun in it. ”

HOW DOES WIN CHAMPIONSHIP? “It's tough. Ever since you're in Playoff, it's hard. I think the only goal is to get to the championship 4 and have shot a shot there. In my contests and winning competitions, this is great for the first two rounds of Playoffs because it means you have got Playoff points. I feel like I am in a regular season whose biggest goal is to try to get Playoff points because it's important. I have done two years of NASCAR racing car without the roughly playoff points, so I know how difficult it is to make it 4 championships in this situation, so Playoffs points racking is very important to me, but the championship 4 gives you a picture. ”

AUSTIN CINDRIC CONTINUES – THREE SPECIAL WINNERS IN THE FIRST THREE RACES. WHY WHAT DOES IT HAVE? “You have three different race tracks, but of course I think there is parity in this area. I think there are six or even eight cars this year that can compete in the 4-race, which I think is unique compared to the last couple of years. There are very competitive cars and some very good drivers, and it's fun. ”

WHAT WILL THE WINNER WIN FOR THE FUTURE PHOENIX GAMES? “It's a short track on a kilometer-long track, and I find it hard to tell you what a driver does about it, but this has been a place I really like because I like to go anywhere and use a brake pedal. I have two legs that allow me to use them. My nature is to try to manipulate the car with my brakes and try to understand it and help yourself throughout the run, and of course we have a tire drop from here and we really understand what the car is doing all the time and trying to prepare for it. ”

HOW TOUGH THE LAST WEEK ON THE WEEK? “So, a lot of circumstances, a lot of fighting back and forth and getting ourselves to a good point, but it's racing. I mean, you can get by car collected, which spins out, and then get two other cars, which roll out and after a long recovery, but what can I say competition in Vegas, I am very proud of my team and I think they got plenty of credit for its transmission, that they are ready to repair Hood flaps in the car and even give us a shot to get back there and really compete for something. Landing back from Vegas is not really the easiest because it is such a track-dependent race track, even if you have such usable lanes. We probably weren't as good as we wanted to be, but we were good enough to be among the top five. I whispered the five best just before I got it on the final reboot. ”

AUSTIN CINDRIC CONTINUES – TWO TOP 10 IN THE FIRST THREE RACES. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OR APPLIED? “I think the first three races, Daytona Finishing is probably the highlight for me just because it was the first for me so I can do it all the way to the end of the competition. But honestly, I think it's trying to figure out what I need to know later this season. When I come back to the ISM Raceway and try to make it to the 4-championship because I see ourselves in this position, if we haven't already won it, but it's certainly a long year. It's a marathon and is trying to figure out what we can do between practices and competitions to really maximize our points in a regular season. ”

WHAT DOES TOMORROW & # 39; s RACE? “I think this is a great opportunity. I started here in NASCAR more than any other race track, so as much as notebook goes, I have a very large notebook, and I understand what you are run around the track. We obviously had a pretty good competition in the fall. Probably we were too loose hoping in the long run, just trying to separate ourselves. I think we will probably return to the weekend this weekend and we can really wake it up. It is clear that winning this weekend means winning Kyle Busch, which would be great, but we see what it takes when we get there. ”

WHAT IS THE NEXT WEEK OF AUTO CLUB? WANT TO CAR CLUB? "I want to I am interested to return to it a second time -. A different experience and different conditions, it is a big and fast Who does not like going fast..?"

AUSTIN Cindrić CONTINUED – HOW TO DATE ON AGAIN AFTER AFTER ONE TEAMÄN KOLMEJÄN AFTER RASTEIDEN AND NOT PROVIDED Fascinated by spending time with pals and routinely and really, that you would verify the checkboxes weekly, I feel the first couple of competitions, the primary two miles and half the competitors that I might in all probability have been capable of perform a little higher however to the extent of with the ability to adapt and react, I feel that will probably be our power simply to get well from issues like we had in Vegas, one automotive that took us out and was capable of recuperate from it and then from another automotive out and take us out. that we will make our automotive p each time we contact the race monitor and get ourselves better every weekend, I'm wanting forward to its fruit. in the coming weeks.

Ford Efficiency Notes and Quotes
Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Friday, March 8, 2019
EVENTS: Availability of Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection Driver (Joey Logano)

] JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell / Pennzoil Ford Mustang – WHAT RACING WILL THIS THIS ADDITION? “I guess I'm uncertain now. I think a few years ago when we had bigger spoilers and bigger dealers in the car, I know we're a little more than again. I think I'm thinking a little. I think it's hard to say. After a few rounds, which we have been transporting so far, man, you can start wondering about the car of the cage. I know I was cheating and swelling after a couple of qualifying rounds because you're just driving the car so hard. I've never gone around this race track, which was fast. It's incredible, so I haven't been close to another car, behind another car, I can't honestly tell you what I think it's like until we start tomorrow to train another car. We've just been on the qualifier all day. Most cars have almost everything. There are only a few who ran more than others, but I haven't known another car yet. I'm not sure right now at this stage of what it will be. We will see. ”

Did you attempt the automotive as an extra? “I didn't test the car here, so this is the first round of these rules and all the horsepower that took me a second time to get used again. I was like, "Wow, this thing has got good powers," which was fun. But you know, as I said, there is much to learn from us, whether the 550 package or the 750 package is difficult for us to really know exactly what we need right now and what is going to happen quickly and what we need to compete with. We just don't know what makes this part of the season really fun, and this west coast is really challenging because you can't really adjust your cars too much before you get another car back here, so it's definitely a challenge for all of these competitors right now When you are able to point out all this, but it has been a fun challenge and provides a great opportunity to figure it out first. Every time we show on the race track, I go, "What are we going to do?" And I like, "I don't know. I don't know what it will be. “We just have to wait.”

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUES – HOW IS THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN YOU, YOU, BRAD AND RYAN? They have been each fast. “They quickly dismantled and actually made a lot of speed. We have looked at what they have done, and there is not much time for the practice to end when the qualifiers start to be able to change really big items and change things fast enough to get into the technology. Yes, there is a lot of time between exercise and pruning, but all cars have to pass through technology because you see a window here, so you don't have much time to do a lot of things. When you are connected to it, talk about it and try to make some decisions and give your team enough time to put it in a racing car, you're late. There are only about 40 minutes or so that you have between – somewhere around 40 minutes – so we took what we can and we saw some balance differences and the chance to watch a lot of their stuff, talk to them and try to make some decisions get a little faster. We're not that far. We're just a little, but it doesn't take much and it's nice when you have a teammate who is the fastest car because you can watch it and say, "Okay, I know exactly what they're doing," so it's a nice advantage to be right now . ”

IS TAMMIS AND BABY CHANGED BY YOUR PERSON AND VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT AND CONSIDERATIONS IN THIS SEASON? “It has changed me lots as a human. It hasn't modified me as a driver. Your focus will change and the belongings you need to do will differ from each other as earlier than, like I need to go residence. This west coast swing I needed to stay here and do issues between races, especially between Phoenix and California. A lot we will do to help promote our sport on the west coast in L.A., so I really appreciated it, and I'm going to go a bit of early, but I'm gonna go residence. I will go residence and see somewhat man and my wife and be capable of spend a while there. For me, my perspective has changed a bit and what is most essential in life and every little thing, it has modified slightly, however whenever you get to the race monitor, you’ve to have the ability to flip the change whenever you get right into a racing automotive or if you stroll into a garage and you’re filled with competition and targeted because you compete greatest What you’ll be able to't disturb.

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUES – “Are they not annoying, but you must be 100% focused on the work at that time, and then it is also healthy to go home and turn it off and don't think about racing the car all the time, and I think it is something that will help keep you fresh when you come back to the race track, so I really worked a lot last year and it was quite challenging because just like every new parent, you will get a little overwhelmed at times. It's like: "I can't do anything as good as I want," so you just have to divide into what you want to do. It was a challenge for me. I would not say that I've got it clear yet, but I'm closer than where I was last year, so it's good. ”

IS THE SPIN TO BE RETURNED AFTER THIS YEAR? “Yes, the wheel spin was not too big. It was a bit in Atlanta, not much last week in Vegas. The rotation of the bike is likely to be here, especially when the restart zone is, and all when the new turning zone is new, the fourth. That it is. I call it a tilted corner and a flat angle because I can't get it right (laughs). I don't think I could ever get it right, but it changes the part that goes only through the gears, the relationships, all of these things are different from what we had last week. This place is always fun to restart because you have got that dog and the cars are wide, and you have such a large entry in the third where you can go under the yellow line. Not that there is a lot of grip, but there is room for something to do when the cars make mistakes or rise to a race track to get around and do stuff. I don't expect the piece to change at all. I think racing will be as good as last year and its chance was better. It's my thought at this point. We have to wait and see, but I believe that the restarts will still be chaos in the first rounds we've seen before. ”

HOW DOES THE COMPANY HAVE TO ACCEPT WHAT ANY FUTURE IS WHAT YOU NEED? “Probably only until we get the track the second time. I think we don't take it as far away as you go to Texas for the first time, it's not as far away as we went to Atlanta for the first time, but when you go to Texas the second time you have pretty much got a really good idea of ​​what you need, especially when you are Have gone through the race once and you understand, OK, this is the most important thing. I need this in my car. ”

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUE -“ As a driver, you recognize what you’re in search of and as a crew supervisor and engineers, all of whom are speaking about the same thing, all in the same place page and you recognize what automotive is being constructed and what you need probably the most. Proper now we all assume we know. "This was important in Atlanta and this was important in Vegas." Is it necessary in Texas? Part of it, sure. Some of us don't know, however as I stated, it's a enjoyable problem proper now. Each time there are new rules, there’s additionally a problem. It's a fun piece I take pleasure in, and it makes you assume outdoors the field you had before the same guidelines for a number of years. You get so refined and think of these little modifications and little modifications, and now you consider the bigger massive things, and it's pretty enjoyable. “

WITH THIS WEEK THERE IS A SOCIAL MEDIA WHICH WAS THE FANSTA OF THIS WEEK WHO WINS TAMI TO PENSE TO LINE. WHAT DO YOU THINK? “Maybe we haven't reached our peak. You can't go too soon if you can't reach your peak. That is my opinion. No, it is so early in the season that things change weekly after a week about who is the dominant car. What I am saying is, yes, we came out of the gate pretty strong, and I am proud of it, but I would not say that we are the peak too soon. No dice. I don't want to think like this if we were. ”

HOW CRAZY IS THE FUTURE? “Final week the wind was a reasonably large deal in Vegas. You have got the wind that we virtually had, that it blew the again straight back to 3. It irritated our automotive fairly a bit. It's the identical for everybody, however typically it's fun whenever you transfer in entrance of the wind and the automotive and then transfer and then all slip alongside the race monitor when the wind is wind since you obviously can't see it coming. It is troublesome in follow because you are setting the automotive in circumstances that will not be the subsequent day, and that’s just one of many variables. There’s a wind, a rubber amount, a monitor temperature, a variety of automobiles which are on the race monitor – all of this stuff actually work in apply when you consider what you will do in a competition, so that you attempt to consider these variables if you end up tuning in a automotive. Last week, three were not a practical go well with and when the competition began, it was OK. We made the modifications to fix it, however the wind was greater than what we modified to repair it. The wind went on Sunday. Right here I assumed it might have an effect on us more, but I actually don't realize it proper now.

JOEY LOGANO CONTINUE – “It's so much longer than the last time we have been right here. I don't assume we've obtained to the purpose that we know the wind's small items yet. “

ABOUT INFORMATION that ROCKINGHAM has new house owners and try to get back. THAT YOU SHOULD READ THAT YOU ARE RESPONDING TO NASCAR'S BACKGROUND WHICH WILL WIN TO RETURN ONE DAY? "Completely. I feel Rockingham is likely one of the greatest racing tracks on the surface, how it’s, and I haven't been there in a couple of years, so I don't know if it's over the winter, if it's gone, however we examined there. I examined there, I cannot inform you how many occasions and how many laps I have accomplished at first of my career, and it is all the time a lot fun, because you had these big turpoukset, who’re in the midst of the nook. a automotive would go up and down, akin to Atlanta, and you had the type of The floor that was so worn and you would run from prime to backside, not simply grip, someplace where you appeared, there was no grip and it was fun. It was so enjoyable. It was onerous to check because you say it was a change or tire wear You would by no means work out what was, however racing was so enjoyable and automobiles that some can be fast within the brief term, some have been good in the long term, and I had fun. only for the ARCA race and truck race, however I beloved it. ”

THESE FULL SHOULD SHOW THIS FUTURE. WHAT CAN YOU HERE? "Don’t do it. Don’t return again. I don't know if it's going to be totally new to the house owners, however don't shave it. ”

IF YOU ARE COMING WITH ALL, RIGHT? "Yeah, you must get began all over the place. Michael McDowell)

MICHAEL MCDOWELL, No. 34 Dockside Logistics Ford Mustang – HOW DOES THE FIRST HANDLING? "It was fun. We had the horsepower back, but much more power and you really had to push yourself to go so fast. You're just a muscle memory and you are used to having some lifting points and brake points and you just need to push yourself. We're going so fast right now. It was fun. I joked with my crewmaster, Drew Blickensderfer, the first run that seemed fairly balanced, and then I looked at the speed and saw that I had to pick up as half a second, and I said, "Oh, it's not in stability now." When you need to push it arduous and take it to the subsequent degree, it's enjoyable to see if you can do it and push your self thus far. cloud cover and all that it is like a good storm, however once we get rubber on the race monitor and when the sun sits there throughout it, it should undoubtedly be a bit slippery. ” Previous garages that you need to use with a short connection, because you can be hitting subsequent door once you tried to get your automotive underneath, so you possibly can just breathe a bit and have all your gear there and have the ability to work in a considerably managed setting is good and I personally was nervous that I knocked the mudguard off and out of my automotive simply because it was so tight. It's nice to have area and it's superb and it's really cool what they've carried out here at ISM Raceway. It's fairly cool. ”

WHY DOES ARIZON WIN EVERYWHERE THAT YOU MAKE THE RULES OF THE RULES? “Yeah, Mexican food. I don't know, you know, but on the east coast, Mexican food is really terrible, so from the west coast and ever since, it's one of the things I expect the most, and I get good Mexican food because you just don't get it in North Carolina. ”

MICHAEL MCDOWELL CONTINUES – CAN TEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IN THE SIMULATOR BEFORE PRINTING? “Yeah, you can. It is clear that all manufacturers have simulators and simulators so I had the opportunity to spend time preparing this week. But the simulator you still can't copy doesn't hurt when you hit the wall, so you're much bolder in the simulator than you're in real life. Angles go up much faster than they look in the simulator, so it's a very useful tool, but nothing is like a racing car in a racing car. ”

WILL THIS SPEED BE UP TO NEW TIRES? “All above. I think forced force is a big part of it. It doesn't matter if we are in Martinsville, you still want more downforce. The teams are fighting all day to try and get a few pounds down and we've stacked a couple of thousand, so we have a lot of power now, and as I said, it was fun. I really had to challenge myself just to break into. You don't have to slow down, it stops, so arrival speeds are quite significant. ”

WHAT IS VERY PRINTING FROM THIS SPEED? “We have had great speed, well trained in Atlanta, well in Vegas, I got a car in the third round on both kilometers, which is really impressive for our group and organization. I think it is a combination of really good high season, which is expanding to three cars, which allows us to hire a large staff and then build momentum from last year. At the end of last year, we began to creep into the small 20-year-olds and teenagers more consistently, and we were able to implement this momentum in 2019, and of course this rule package has worked well now. It's the hardest part. The best teams are developing fastest, so we just have to be able to stay in the next 10 weeks when these guys imagine things. We must stay right for them. ”

MICHAEL MCDOWELL CONTINUES – WHAT ARE YOU AND YOU? THE CHEMICAL IS GOOD. "I've watched Drewia distant for many years, and I adopted him to the final four, and I just knew that that is the sort of man that I'm in search of character, hearth, the spark of management. He has all the issues I was in search of as a crewmaster, so when the staff decided to move Derrick Finley, my final crew captain to a competitive position, it was the first man I asked for, and it appeared that it wouldn't work out and luckily issues got here to us last for a moment. He has only nice leadership and has a variety of hearth and I like it. I'm on the lookout for it. ”

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Oscar Mayer Bacon Ford Mustang – IS PHYSICAL EFFECTS ON THIS PACKAGE? “I wouldn't say physically harder, but the reaction time is more important. I do not know that it consumes you or it is harder to turn your bike or anything else, only mentally I think you have to be ready to react faster if there is one. ”

TO YOU at ROUSH FENWAY? “If we can scratch Vega last week, it's been a good transition. Vegas was a battle for us, but I think everything is so new to me. Really, for the first time, when I made the change and I do not, I do not know how to say it, because I do not want it to crash into the wrong, but there is an existing frame. I have a new crew captain, a group of new team members. The only person who came with me was my observer, and Scott Graves has done a good job, but it's also new to him. He has come from a different organization. Although he's coming back, it's different people and the change of cars, the change in the package so that we talk about horsepower and everything else, there are so many new things that it's probably new than ever when I was a rookie. When I was a rookie, we got to test the bundle and now I came here with zero rounds and came off the truck and felt like I was flying and was on the eighth chart or 12th on the first run. I think it's just a transition and with good people it goes away. ”

In the event you might present a check. "Nobody wants to support testing, no one I know."

RYAN NEWMAN CONTINUED – TIME AND CONSUMPTION NOT USED? "Absolutely not. Testing is a waste of money."

WHAT IS THE RIGHT FOR ETIQUETTE AUTOMATIC? I had this conversation with my good friend final night time, it has been a part of a short carriageway, massive monitor racing, course programs, regardless of the place there are several automobiles in the identical race and you need to work round them, that's simply part of it. Everybody has to work round these automobiles, be it the primary, second, third or 20-seat automotive, so how do you employ them or how they have an effect on the race are part of a racing automotive. ”

appears OF HOUSE ON AGGRESSIVE EXTRA YEAR. THIS IS AINOASI THIS WORK HERE OR tO WIN tO WIN? "No, I have no idea that I am rubbing whom n. I need to be aggressive. The most effective time is now to win, so don’t maintain something again. What I’ve seen, I’ve not seen anything like what he has finished flawed. ”

HOW DO YOU USE? “It's been good. We learn each other. We learn everything about cars and I have a lot of changes in staff and cars as well as manufacturers and technology, so there are a lot of changes, but all for the right reasons. ”

IS IT GOOD THAT YOU ARE STRENGTHENING YOU WHO WILL BE YOU? "I feel he is an effective compiler language, because he's been there quite a bit all through his profession, but he additionally got here to where I got here from, so we’ve a slightly comparable background, even 10-15 years of one another, but the same sort of driving fashion and language and emotion and things that I feel are all the time and all the time 4 tires and a automotive that desires to go fast. “I run the Silver Crown as much as I can. I ran a Silver Crown automotive every year besides final yr when it rained out, so I adore it. I have to do it on the proper time and in the suitable place and don't take away what we do here.

RYAN NEWMAN CONTINUES – ”There isn’t any truthful relationship between these guys and sponsors and house owners who pay you a great piece of change to go out and have little enjoyable. ”

IS THE SUSTAINABLE FOUR SPECIAL PACKAGES IN THE FIRST FOUR OUTLOOK ON THE DEVICE? “I wouldn't say it. Everyone has the opportunity just as they did in 2014 when the spoiler changed and over again ”15 or every time it was, however I feel it's just that. You should all the time adapt. If it was 65 levels and cloudy here at present in comparison with two years in the past when it was 95 and sunny, it’s as huge a change because the package deal is in the eyes of some individuals, so it's only a matter of how you modify and adapt to the state of affairs and this package deal is simply part of it. ”

HOW ARE THE RENOVATIVES HERE AND YOU? “We can't get our bus so easy anymore, it's the biggest change, but overall it's fine. All of what I have seen here, there are more fans. I do not see it as a line in the start line, I just look at the race track and I know that I have to do 100% of my work and hopefully it is good enough. ”

SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT FOR FREE IN THE WESTERN WEST? “I spent a week in Utah's snowmobiling. It was cold. Sunnuntai-iltana oli tuoreen lumen jalka torstai-aamuna, joten ratsastimme melko kovasti. ”

ARIC ALMIROLA, nro 10 Smithfield Ford Mustang – MITÄ TÄSTÄ TIETOISUUTTA TÄSTÄ? MITÄ TÄYTTÄÄ TÄMÄN? ”En todellakaan tiedä. Mielestäni se on todella, todella mielenkiintoista, koska autoilla on niin paljon otetta. Olemme menossa niin nopeasti. Olemme menossa niin paljon nopeammin kuin olemme menneet tänne aiemmin, joten olen utelias näkemään, miten kilpailu tulee pelaamaan, kuinka nopeasti olemme menossa, keskikentän nopeus on korkea, pääsynopeus on korkea. En ole varma. Minulla on paljon kysymysmerkkejä ja paljon epävarmuutta siitä, miten kilpailu tulee pelaamaan. ”

Onko FILOSOFIA MUUTETTU TULEVAISUUDESTA LOPETUKSISTA VIIMEISEN RACEIN JÄLKEEN? "Ei, luulen, että olemme aina olleet melko aggressiivisia, kun käytimme koiraa ja pääsimme esiliinalle menemään uudelleen."

ARIC ALMIROLA JATKUU – Se ei ole koskaan muuttunut, joten nyt mielestäni on yhtä tärkeää seurata position as it's ever been here at ISM Raceway and I feel getting up by way of the gear box and doing a great job on a restart of going by means of the gears and getting a run on the automobiles in entrance of you you're gonna take that run. If they’re on the race monitor, you’re gonna go to the apron and if they go to the apron to block, you’re gonna keep on the race monitor. You’ll see us 4, five-broad by way of the dogleg, but then we’ve acquired to get back to at the very least two-extensive by the point we get to turn one.”

YOU’VE HAD FOUR DIFFERENT AERO PACKAGES THE FIRST FOUR RACES. HAS IT THROWN YOU OFF? “It has been challenging. There’s definitely been a learning curve at each track. Daytona was kind of similar to what we’ve had in the past, but then going to Atlanta there was a lot that was just question marks and I feel like when the race finished at Atlanta it was like, ‘Alright, we have good foundation and have an idea.’ But then we went to Vegas and it was completely different from Atlanta and we left there going, ‘OK, we’ve got some good notes and we’re prepared to come back to Vegas.’ And then we should up here to Phoenix again and it’s kind of like a clean slate, a blank notebook and really nothing to go back on and just trying to change a lot of stuff as the weekend goes on to try to identify things and answer some questions.”

DO YOU EXPECT AUTO CLUB TO BE PRETTY CRAZY WITH HOW WIDE THAT TRACK IS? “I do. I expect Auto Club to be out of control. I really do. I think we’re gonna get huge drafts. I think cars are gonna get locked together. We’ll lock bumpers and there will be tandem drafting and I think especially on the restarts that will certainly come into play and that’s going to create huge runs for a couple cars in a big group when they’re catching a big draft. So I think that’s gonna be one of the biggest things to look out for when we go to Auto Club Speedway is just the restarts. They were always crazy, but they’re gonna be really crazy now.”

DOES THIS KIND OF RACING SUIT YOUR DRIVING STYLE? “I don’t know. Actually, what plate racing is and what this type of racing has turn out to be is basically danger versus reward continually. Prior to now in case you had a better automotive and tried to make a move and it didn’t stick, you have been in all probability just gonna give that one spot again and really no harm, no foul. Now, when you have got a run when you go to attempt and pull off the move and you don’t make it, especially on a restart, you will pay a serious penalty.

ARIC ALMIROLA CONTINUED – “If you don’t make the move that you want to make and it doesn’t stick, you’re looking at paying a five, six, seven spot penalty. So I think that that’s similar to restrictor plate racing when you’re trying to be aggressive and make a move and make things happen there’s always that risk versus reward.”

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE AND WHY? “I would say the longstanding favorite movie would probably be Dumb and Dumber. I’m a really big Jim Carrey fan. I love silly slapstick humor and so I’ve always been a fan of that since I was a little kid. I’ve watched Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber and all of those movies, so I would say over the long haul if there was one movie that I could only watch forever to the end of time it would probably be that one.”

THERE ARE THREE CARS THAT WERE 2.5 SECONDS OR MORE OFF THE PACE IN PRACTICE. WHAT IS THE ETIQUETTE FOR DRIVERS A LAP OR MORE DOWN? “Have you been listening to our radios the last couple of weeks? It has been a hot topic. That’s the one thing as racers when we all grew up racing in go kart racing at the very novice level one of the very first things you learn is what the flags mean. You learn that the green flag means go. You learn that the red flag means stop. The yellow flag is caution. Well, there’s that blue flag with the orange stripe and we all learn about that flag when we’re a little kid and that flag means that the leaders are coming and to move out of the way – move out of the racing groove. Well now, it should be even easier. You have spotters telling you, like you don’t even need the blue and orange striped flag. You have a spotter telling you, ‘Hey, the leaders are catching you again and the guy that’s catching you has been running the bottom the last five laps.’ Give him that lane. ‘Hey, the guy that’s catching you has been running the top the last five laps as he’s catching you. Give him the top lane.’ I think that’s just a really simple driver etiquette that we all learn at a very young age and we get really frustrated, and I realize that they’re here with just as much equal right to the race track, but it’s just a common courtesy, especially when there are guys battling for position on the race track in the top 10, top five, for the lead and those guys are multiple, multiple laps down and not really going to change their position one way or the other. It’s really just a common courtesy.”

ARIC ALMIROLA CONTINUED — DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AMONG THE ELITE? “Yeah, I think when you look at Stewart-Haas Racing as an organization we’re certainly as an organization one of the elite organizations, so I would put myself in that category being the fact I’m part of that team, and certainly feel like we can compete to win races on any given weekend. We showed last year in our first year together that we came oh so close to making it to the Championship 4 and we finished fifth in the points, so I would certainly say that quantifies for being in the elite group of teams and drivers.”

WHAT HAS CONTRIBUTED TO YOUR INCREASED FINISHES HERE THE LAST FEW YEARS? “I think some of it is circumstantial, but I think some of it is just continuing to get better here. Now this trip and this race is certainly gonna be a lot different than what we’ve had in the past, so I don’ t know that the past will really play into this weekend, but really feel good about where we’re headed as a team and as an organization. This is one of those weekends where we’re going in again, like the last couple weeks, with a clean slate and really no notebook and we’re really learning on the fly. We didn’t unload with the speed that we were hoping for, so we’re kind of making a lot of adjustments and trying to check a lot of boxes to figure out where the speed is.”

WHAT’S THE PERCEPTION OF NASCAR INTERNATIONALLY AND HOW DO PEOPLE IN CUBA VIEW THE SPORT? “First of all, Cubans don’t have a lot of access to TV and or the internet, but they are aware. They’re certainly aware and they love their cars. You have to remember that free trade with the country of Cuba stopped in the sixties, so they live and die and survive on the use of their cars, so they’re very, very good at improvising and being mechanics and they make a lot of money with their cars using them as taxis and using them as delivery service vehicles. Cubans really, really, really cherish their cars. They get passed down from generation to generation to generation, so I think they love the automotive industry, they love race cars and I think Henry Ford honestly said it best when he said the day a race was created was when two cars rolled off the assembly line. That’s the way human nature is. We all want to compete and we all want to race and see who has the fastest car and all those things, so Cubans are no different.”

ARIC ALMIROLA CONTINUED — HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO GROW THE SPORT GLOBALLY? “I think it’s important. I think that’s what every sport wants is more people, more eyes on your sport and grow the demographic, and I think NASCAR is no different. They’ve made that push and tried to evolve in to a more international sport. They’ve got NASCAR hot and heavy down in Mexico and they’ve got NASCAR in Canada, and they do have an international presence, so I think for every sport you look at what every sport does, they try to grow their awareness internationally and NASCAR is on that same page.”

DANIEL SUAREZ, No. 41 Ruckus Ford Mustang – HOW IS NASCAR VIEWED IN MEXICO? “For sure it’s growing and it’s growing a lot. In the last five to seven years it has been getting much better and bigger. Back when I started racing 15 years ago, NASCAR in Mexico was not an option. We didn’t have ovals and we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to become a racer in the oval world in NASCAR. Now it is way different and there are way more opportunities. NASCAR has done an amazing job building those young drivers not just in Mexico, but they have another series to develop young drivers of 12, 13, 14 years old and all these drivers are good enough to one day make it to the United States and do exactly what I’m doing right now. It feels really good to be able to help these kids and to five them advice and to help them in many different ways. I live by myself in Charlotte and I’ve had several drivers from Mexico come and stay in the house and doing testing in K&N Series and different series, so it feels really good to support some of these kids. When I came here seven or eight years ago I didn’t have that person, so I hope that I can be able to help drivers from all these places so they can eventually have a career here in the United States like I do.”

HOW IMPORTANT IS TO GROW THE SPORT OVERSEAS? “People don’t really realize this but we have a lot of fans of this sport in all Latin America. I get an opportunity to race in Brazil every single year and NASCAR in Brazil is big and I guarantee you a lot of people don’t know that. I remember I went to a race and some fans showed up with a Daniel Suarez shirt in Brazil. That’s pretty impressive for me, so there is definitely a lot of opportunities down there. There are a lot of fans from Colombia and Argentina that follow the sport extremely close and I wish there was more stuff down there because there are a lot of people that follow this sport and follow myself as well. Hopefully one day we get an opportunity to do something because we owe those fans.”

DANIEL SUAREZ CONTINUED — DO YOU EMBRACE THE ROLE AS AN AMBASSADOR FOR THE SPORT? “I do and I feel very proud doing that. Today, I’m the only driver in the Cup Series that can speak the language that all these people speak, so I feel a responsibility of doing that. If it’s not me, who is going to do it? So I feel that responsibility of trying to send a message to all these different countries to follow this sport. I’ve been very fortunate to get in touch with some of these people and to know they follow this sport. More and more Latinos are coming into the sport and it really brings a smile to my face. Hopefully, we can keep working in the direction we are going so far and we can bring more drivers and all people from Latin America into this sport.”

HOW HAVE THINGS GONE THIS YEAR AFTER THREE RACES? “It’s getting better. We’re learning a lot from each other. Billy Scott and the entire 41 group has been good and getting stronger as we go. Maybe last week we didn’t show that in the race, but we’re getting stronger. We had some issues on pit road. We didn’t have a good day on pit road, but that’s what happens sometimes. We have to make those mistakes in order to fix them. I feel that we’re gonna be in a good spot in probably a couple of months.”

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO WIN A RACE SOON? “It’s always good to win race and always good to put yourself in that position, but we have to be smart and we have to be patient. There are a lot of new things going on right now, a new car, new package, new engine package, a new team – everything is new for myself. Even the spotter who is talking to me every lap is new for me, so everything is new for me and I feel everyone in this group has the potential to do great things. We just have to be patient, not put too much pressure on ourselves because that’s very easy to do, especially someone like myself. I’m not very patient. I’m not here for being patient, I’m here for being a little aggressive, but sometimes it’s good to be patient too. I have to be smart about it, be aggressive when I have to and be patient when I have to. Right now, I feel like we have to keep working in the direction we’re going and things come our way.”

HOW HAVE THINGS CHANGE HERE AT ISM WITH THIS NEW PACKAGE? “It is totally different. Identical to they are saying it’s a unique method. That’s precisely the word. We don’t have as much power as we used to at the huge tracks and we have now the identical energy and more downforce at tracks like here in Phoenix.

DANIEL SUAREZ CONTINUED – “It’s just one of those deals that we have to get used to everything. You have to get adapted to everything and learn from what we’ve got.”

DO YOU FEEL THAT FIRST WIN IS CLOSE? “I think we are gonna get there. I don’t know if it’s gonna be next month, but we’re gonna get there. The team is strong, I can tell you that. The team knows how to make cars go fast. I’ve been very impressed with many different things that they have done for me. They know how to make the car go faster. It’s just a matter of knowing each other, working together, working that chemistry and to put the results on the race track. I feel like we have everything that it takes to do it, we just have to be patient and work in the right direction.”

SOME SAY YOUR SPIRIT IS BACK. IS THAT FAIR? “It is for sure. I will tell you that I came to this country to win races. I came to this country to be competitive and to win championships and I didn’t feel like I had what I needed to to do that last year. We were just missing different stuff. At one point every single driver in the Cup Series is competitive. If they’re not doing the right thing and the results aren’t coming frustration is going to come. That’s normal. That’s why we race on this level because we are competitive and because we are aggressive and extremely hard on ourselves. Last year, I started the season the way that I’m starting the season right now, but at one point of the season I didn’t feel like we had a direction and then the team came apart again and things started to go in the wrong direction. That’s in the past now. There’s nothing we can do about it. I feel very fortunate to be with an amazing team with Ford Performance. We’ve got a lot of support from a lot of people. As you said, the smile is back and hopefully we can bring even a bigger one in Victory Lane.”

Ford Performance Notes and Quotes
Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Friday, March eight, 2019
EVENT: Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection Qualifying

DAVID RAGAN, No. 38 Select Blinds Ford Mustang – YOUR TEAMMATE DOESN’T SEEM LIKE THE FIGHTING TYPE. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I didn’t see exactly what happened, but it’s a mess when everybody waits to five minutes. That’s just part of it. I felt like I messed up Kurt Busch a little bit into one. I didn’t have a lot of room in front of me, so I was trying to back up a little bit and I thought he was done and he ran another lap and a half, and we actually were side-by-side coming to the checkered flag. I messed up his lap and he messed up my lap, but when you have a bunch of knucklehead drivers sit out there and wait for four minutes left and 30 cars still have to run, that’s what you have.”

HOW FRUSTRATING IS THAT? “It’s frustrating if you wind up on the wrong side of it, but maybe that’s what NASCAR needs to do for Sundays. They need to make a time limit and that will all make us race hard.”

MICHAEL MCDOWELL, No. 34 Dockside Logistics Ford Mustang – WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND SUAREZ? “It was kind of chaotic out there. We all waited until the very last second to go out trying to do the best track you can and so when you do that you’re gonna have traffic with people finishing their lap and starting their lap. I understand while Daniel is upset. I’d be upset too. I definitely messed up his lap, but then he tried to crash us. When he came over I wasn’t that excited about him trying to crash us on the race track. I made a mistake, an honest mistake, but trying to crash somebody is a different story. That’s all. It’s just racing.”

DO YOU THINK NASCAR WILL BE UPSET? “I don’t so why they would be upset. We were just talking it out.”

DID YOU SETTLE ANYTHING OUT THERE? “What I told Daniel, everybody makes mistakes. That’s just part of it. Not every qualifying session is gonna go how you want it. It’s not how we wanted it to go. It hurt us as well. It’s not the race. We’ve got 300-and-some-odd laps to figure it out on Sunday.”

WHY WOULD THAT BRING IT TO SUCH A HIGH LEVEL? “When you mess up somebody’s lap I understand their frustrated. When you try to hurt somebody and damage hundreds of thousands of dollars of race cars, that’s taking it to a whole other level.”

MICHAEL MCDOWELL CONTINUED — DO YOU HAVE A HISTORY AT ALL? “No, we were at a hockey game last night. Don’t read too much into it. It’s emotions. That’s just the way it is.”

YOU WERE AT THE HOCKEY GAME LAST NIGHT? “Yeah, we were all hanging out.”

DANIEL SUAREZ, No. 41 Ruckus Ford Mustang – WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? “As a race car driver you always have respect for the other drivers, especially here in Phoenix when we all know that the second lap is a good one. Your first one you’re just putting temperature on everything. I was opening my second lap and he was in my way in corner one and two. I assumed he was gonna get out of my way in corner three and four and he didn’t. He was in my way for the entire second lap and then he messed up my opening for the third lap, so he pretty much messed up the whole qualifying.”

ARE YOU MAD AT HIM OR DID YOU SETTLE IT OUT THERE? “I’m obviously mad because track position is the situation in racing today. I don’t really care about starting in the front or the back, but what is very important is the pit stall selection, which we’re gonna be bad, but I have a very strong race car. We showed that in practice and we’re gonna be able to overcome that tomorrow.”

WERE YOU GOING TO JUST TALK OR WERE YOU READY TO SCRAP LIKE YOU DID? “I’m ready for whatever. I’m not concerned for anything.”

RICKY STENHOUSE JR., No. 17 Sunny D Ford Mustang – “We struggled all day. We didn’t have the speed that we needed. We found a little bit at the end of practice that I thought could make us close. We were kind of optimistic after the first round. We got some clean track there and put a good lap on our Sunny D Ford down and when we needed to go faster we just didn’t have the balance that we needed to go that much faster like those guys did. We’ll go to work tomorrow and get it going in race trim and see if we can’t find a little bit more front turn. That’s kind of where we lacked, just rolling speed across the center of the corner. We’ll go back and work hard tomorrow during practice and see if we can’t make our car better.”

PAUL MENARD, No. 21 Menards/Quaker State Ford Mustang – “We had plenty of speed to get into the final round. We missed the balance a little bit and adjusted on it between rounds. I messed up into turn three and messed up my last two laps because it killed the current lap and I didn’t get off turn four very well. That hurt us. We missed it by a half-a-tenth and definitely were tracking way better than that and I just missed turn three.”

ARIC ALMIROLA, No. 10 Smithfield Ford Mustang – “We missed the balance right there in practice and couldn’t get the grip in the car and the balance that we needed to go put down the lap we needed to to get to that top 12. It’s frustrating, but better than we were in practice. We were still off of where we needed to be, so I’m disappointed a little bit, but we typically don’t qualify that great here and typically race really well.”

COREY LAJOIE, No. 32 Schluter Methods Ford Mustang – “We’re 50 percent on our stage two qualifying. We made stage two at Atlanta and stage two here, so that’s an improvement for me as well as Go FAS. That shows the hard work they put in over the off season and we’ve got some good cars. Hopefully, we can roll that into Sunday.”

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Oscar Mayer Ford Mustang – “We lost something from practice and we need to figure out what it was. Our Oscar Mayer Ford was definitely more competitive in practice on our mock qualifying run, so we’ll have to go back and look at what it was. I’m excited about having full horsepower and getting a chance to race here at ISM, where I’ve had success before. We’ll work on our Oscar Mayer Ford tomorrow and get it driving good and hopefully be able to improve on our starting spot.”

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Alliance Truck Elements Ford Mustang – “That was good, not as good as Ryan, but by far the best qualifying effort we’ve had this year, so we’ll take that.” ANY EXPLANATION? “No, I have no idea. I really don’t. When I got in the car this morning I had no impressions and it was pleasantly fast, so hopefully we keep that going.”

NASCAR EJECTED YOUR ENGINEER INSTEAD OF CREW CHIEF. DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? “I have no idea what’s going on there. Nobody has told me anything.”

BRAD KESELOWSKI CONTINUED — HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYBODY FIGHT IN QUALIFYING? “I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. What happened?”

IS IT THAT HAIRY TO GET OUT FOR QUALIFYING? “That’s the way the format is designed. You’ve got one of the ARCA cars out there that blew up at the end of practice and oiled it all down, so nobody wanted to get on the track too soon and it is what it is.”

KEVIN HARVICK, No. four Jimmy John’s Ford Mustang – “I think that’s a good day for us, actually. I don’t feel like I’m in any sort of rhythm driving the car starting in qualifying trim like we did and everything is just a lot different with all the speed, the markers are way different, brakes way different, everything that you do is way different. Obviously, I didn’t get a lot out of the car in practice and didn’t get it where we needed it to be and wound up running, I kept running in the first round because I didn’t really know where I needed to be and wound up putting an extra lap or two in those first two rounds on those set of tires, but in the end I think it went fine.”

HOW DIFFERENT IS THIS PACKAGE FOR YOU HERE? “We’ve won in every package, so this is more back to 2014 style of package with all the corner speed and the way that you have to drive the car.”

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Ford Mustang – “Twelfth isn’t what we were looking for, but our teammates are definitely really fast. The good news is we can see what they do and try to put that into what we’re doing, whether it’s driving or setup-wise, we just need to look and see what that is because Blaney’s got the speed.”

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