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The Spirit of Victory
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This yr's 5th of February is
Gonojagoron Manchan Movement 6.
Bangladesh. Great alliance with Sheikh Hasina
As we speak's Joan of Arc gained the 29 December 2008 election a
a two-thirds majority, partly based mostly on its promise to prosecute alleged struggle criminals.
On 29 January 2009, the new Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution
prosecuted for the 1971 struggle criminals.

In our nation, Bangladesh and Russia
Usually talking, in the world or even in our lives, we do not worth future issues
straightforward. Every little thing we achieve because of battle or motion comes
us useful. Learn how to Overlook the Common Movement of Ganojagoron Mancha
Demise Penalty in 1971 in Bangladesh? The enterprise started on February 5, 2013 and
It’s a turning point in Bangladesh's history of an ideal liberation after the struggle

The Gonojagoron Mancha Movement is
as if the solar would crack in the Bangladesh soil. Spring… Great
awakening… A golden star in our coronary heart… Additionally victims and their relations
there are individuals who deserve and demand struggle-like rights
Criminals in 1971. Unfortunately! It invested in a different way; solely convicted criminals
they were given the suitable to attraction to the apex courtroom in accordance with the regulation on info and communication know-how
more detailed examination of struggle criminals. The fitting of victims to attraction
the ministry involved. February 5, 2013 scene
exploded to the general public when Kader Molla, "Mirpuri's Butcher" was
the lifetime of the International Felony Courtroom (ICC) as an alternative of imprisonment
Dying penalty

Without Gonojagoron Manch
Movemen, it was virtually unattainable to let the worst warfare criminals walk
gallows. A single event can awaken a guest in us who is totally unknown to us.
It has, in reality, revered the victims and their households who have been victims
Probably the most lethal enemies of great freedom through the warfare in 1971, Bangladesh
nationwide flag and other people from all walks of life who boldly fought extraordinarily properly
patriotism reaches Bangladesh. It ignited a bloody spark to get up
and seemed at the proper nook. Nothing after the Struggle of Liberation
reminds us greater than this historic motion

Silence was a lie that cried out
then mild. Waking up is sudden. The Gonojagoron Manch movement is
amazingly gifted to us. After a long time, we will recognize us
proper to life, freedom and happiness. Zone and Wood
when the hurricane spun and spread the darkish evil tomb to good
Inexperienced country individuals often gloated in Bangladesh. Western sky
Reverberated Unhappy Accounts: The Tree Has Fallen! Giant
the physique is crushed! Hurricane has not left life in the tree! Is
Tree Actually Fallen? By no means! Not our purple currents movement ceaselessly, no
When our throats crossed the thirsty roots, Bangladesh's roots lived
tunneling deep, deep, ground! When the tree rises, the branches
thrives inexperienced and recent in the solar; the laughter of the tree should go
underneath the sun and the birds return. Little question birds
return. Birds are coming back!

Mankind, the place are you? We
have been slaughtered underneath your guarding eyes, we have been chilly. . . chilly. . .
cold. We escalated. We shouted. Mankind, the place have been you? Why did it
to show your face away? Why did you look totally different? We have been
Here invades Bangladesh's lifeless through the Conflict of Independence in 1971.
Humanity, the place have been you then? See us? See us? Humanity, sufficient
turning in any other case! Translation of the deaf ear; turning eyes once we and ours
poor individuals died unjustly

Our path known as justice. . . and
Now we now have to walk it, and vigorously comply with where it leads until the solar
to place a glow on the weeds… Let us know what follows us; we will probably be stronger
descendants, orators, days, after which, now, exit. We keep in mind us
stated, before our leaves spread in any respect, would increase the sound of jocund and
robust, with full reference. We announce the delivery of pure individuals;
we declare equity victorious; we declare uncompromising freedom and
we justify the justification and justification of the glory
satisfaction. We announce a life that is ample, passionate, religious, and bold;
we’ll announce the top that may calmly and gladly translate it; we
broadcasts countless young, lovely, gigantic, sweet-blooded; and we’ll announce
race of nice individuals. An unknown sphere, extra real than we dreamed of
Straight, Darts Revival Rays About Us – So Long For 42 Years! Keep in mind we are saying – we
can come again once more, we love you – Bangladesh; we depart the materials; we are so
one disembodied, victorious, lifeless. Autumn Sunbright! We landed in the hearth;
coastal wild black promontories are expanding; their drastic silhouettes;
the sun in common massacres, and stopping the tall, still stormy clouds
large sudden menace, such as the progressive crowd in sword factors, that
stopped however stood in the bay. Mid-zenith hangs a captivating day
windy hole crystalline, wan Valkyrie, whose extensive tooth shine
over the horrified ruins and in the hand they swing excessive above
over the waste of conflict, the sunshine of a silver lantern with the celebs of the evening
look for the lifeless face

Lagooned gold, doesn't seem like that
dock promontories quite; past the attain of some historic lands
an unforgiving morning where previous oblivities accumulate; and melancholy
Unoh consoling all the things that go utterly to demise. And blend more, no
more life perpetually waking up? Time wouldn't ferry us like that
On the shore of such unpopulated seas, walk with the hope of demise
depressing suffering? Have not everyone forgot to save lots of the ocean there
the golden barrier and the black, swelling promontors? Died to all disgrace,
Overlook about all glory, don't wander there, shade of shadow, a
the troll itself was destroyed, so it was cleaned of all memory and sucked again
Primal void? We shouldn't know that, on that seashore, in response to fantasy
the arrival of our ft? Give yourself the day of fatigue
sleep and not using a battle by resting our confidence in you. Allow us to not drive us
signifies the spirit of getting ready on your Worship. You are the one who appeals
a night curtain that is on the drained eyes of the day in order that its imaginative and prescient could be renewed a
a more delighted awakening of the 2013 national awakening part.

Gonojagoronic Manchon Movement
means a platform for public uprising or mass awakening. It's real
track… The movement experienced external threats, comparable to extreme forces
Jamaati males and their pals, and thus the group has turn out to be less
politically lively as widespread mobilization in February
March-April 2013 and January 2014. Originally, spontaneous movements have been sought
to build violently violent help for a coarser sentence for Kader Mollah, a
a notorious struggle legal beneath the felony code and that is
targeted on nationalism and patriotism. Demonstrations have been referred to as
The most important native mobilization in Bangladesh's last reminiscence is both local and local
overseas media. Gonojagoron Moncho – or Shahbag – demonstrations
At the start of February 2013, they have been as calm and contained candlelight, giant
conferences, theater, poetry, national songs and nationalist

After Gonojagora Manchon
The Awami Union amended an identical regulation on info and communication know-how
Parliament and included the victims' attraction clause in this misguided one
regulation. The Supreme Courtroom overturned the grievance acquired from the victims
lifetime endowment of ICT and ordered Molla to die.
After February 28, 2013 guilty of a verdict and Jamaati dying sentence
Social gathering Vice President Molla, human and Jamaat protesters held demonstrations
which led to clashes with Gonojagoro's Moncho supporters. The unrest resulted
dozens of demonstrators, bystanders and cops.

Gonojagoron Moncho activists have been killed in totally different areas
Bangladesh: Exceptional Blogger Rajib Ahmed Haider was attacked and killed
February 2013. Gonojagoron Mancho is also called a well-liked breeding ground

eight. February 2013
Gonojagoron Monchon spokesman gave the oath to the gang
demonstrators in the Shahbag division, which introduced the aims of the goal
extending the demise penalty to those who have been tried
Crimes towards Humanity in 1971. Objectives of Gonojagoron
Moncho also: a commitment to a democratic Bangladesh, where faith is
thought-about as a personal matter; corporations, banks, the media,
Jamaican social and cultural communities; referred to as for research
Sources of funding for Jamaat and its related institutions
corporations; banning spiritual fundamentalist politics or EU coverage. ,
Jamaat-Shibir; and obtain its objectives without violence

The group's necessities are wider
to promote accountable governance and has opened up the state of debate
society. Gonojagoron Moncho acquired help from all sectors and courses
at first, and the motion revealed inner tensions and discussions
secularism and faith in politics, tradition of impunity, which is a part of
political course of in Bangladesh and the significance of group harmony
in society

Bloggers and on-line activists
The Community (BOAN) is a gaggle of Bangladesh who began Gonojagoro Manchon
online protests by means of networking and social media. Spokesman
Gonojagoron Moncho, Imran H. Sarkar, the primary organizer
Bain. It's referred to as an apolitical umbrella
organizations. The group shouldn’t be an organized political get together or group
The normal which means, however slightly its peak motion was a coalition
unfastened networks, associations and particular person actors, despite the fact that the core is

Individuals in the unique
There were a whole lot of hundreds of demonstrations by Gonojagoron Mancho. Movement
could be described as a motion initiated by young individuals with tons of of hundreds
supporters, including males, ladies, girls and boys from all walks of life and
citizens regardless of age and religion. Young and totally different individuals
professions including university academics, students, cultural and political
Activists, journalists and bloggers joined this protest motion. A said
there was numerous ladies from the perspective of the movement.
Shahbag Square Dhaka is the middle of motion. For Help
The motion has spread throughout the country. The motion uses social
networking for help

Organizers of Gonojagoro Manchon
The movement has refused to allow political events to participate. T.
movement speeches or actions. Seen Gonojagoron
The speaker publicly said in the rally that "this movement is just not part of something
political celebration. “The motion consists of sit-in packages and a program to occupy
Shahbag earlier than judgments regarding warfare crimes, including a
sit-in is said to the ruling of Ghulam Azam, the 90-year-previous president of Jamaat
July 2013. The same yr, July 17, each Jamaat and Gonojagoron Mancha
referred to as simultaneous sharks (day-lengthy strikes) leading to 4 deaths and 100 deaths
accidents. In mid-August 2013, the Gonojagoron Moncho organized a route
and the rally to protest the shoulder held by Jamaat and to honor Bangabandhua
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Three Gonojagoron Mancho Activists
Killed in totally different areas throughout Bangladesh: Outstanding Blogger Rajib
Ahmed Haider was attacked and killed in February 2013. Gonojagoron Moncho is
is also referred to as a forum for common mass manufacturing platforms. It began at 6
February 2013 at Shahbag Sq.. It refers to the Shahbag mass occasion and
social motion. It requires the dying of those discovered guilty
conflict crimes in Bangladesh's struggle of independence from Pakistan in 1971.

Detention of Jamaat-Shabbier activists and denial of Jamaati celebration. Some
lots of which have been peaceable and some of which brought about violence, including some
Hefazet activists and police in many other nations
instances, excessive pressure used by safety forces, leading to killing
many individuals. The fiery band sloganeer younger woman activist Lucky Akhter is born
"Agni-kanaya" (younger daughter of fireside) after agriculture
Minister Matia Chowdhury, has all the time fascinated the audience at her prime
patriotic slogans. Ganajagoron Mancha has announced his determination to proceed
Sitting on Shahbagh until Quader Mola's demise sentence is executed.
The activists blocked the Shahbagh intersection at 10:50
and crowds started amassing from 19.00 onwards,
protested when the news of the demise sentence arrived.

Ganajagoron spokesman
Mancha Imran H Sarker stated, "The scarecrows do not deserve any mercy." He referred to as
everybody can be a part of the session till the judgment is delivered. this occurred
in a country where lots of our societies in all walks of life fought
ignoring households and private life for months. They’ve fought free
The hostility of Bangladesh's far-reaching rights and the Pakistani army junta
their brutal locals in 1971
Warfare, I should think about how insignificant the battle for liberation has come underneath
Zian, Ershad and Voyeur politician like Begum Zia. It
it is just attainable for the earthly state to be reformed if the federal government recognizes it
the duty to determine the fanatic community and accountable the criminals,
including these hiding beneath totally different noms de guerre flags

The protesters held Mollah
The sentence is just too delicate given his crime. Bloggers and online activists have been invited
Extra protests in Shahbag. Tens of hundreds of individuals joined
demonstrations that led to protests throughout the nation.
opposition course of, questioning the validity of the courtroom and protest
the discharge and demanding launch of defendants and convicted persons
Jamaat-e-Islami, because its leaders have been nearly all of those that have been recognized
trial. The Bangladesh Nationwide Get together (BNP) expressed its help
Jamaat-e-Islami, Their Political Ally

was sentenced to Delwar Hossa Sayeed for warfare crimes and sentenced to dying.
Jamaati Followers protested and there have been violent clashes with the police. About 60
individuals have been killed in confrontation; most have been Jamaat-Shibir activists,
others have been police and civilians. In 1971 Bangladesh was an element
Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In 1971, liberation in conflict
From Bangladesh, then from East Pakistan, fought for West Pakistan for nine months.
Throughout this time, the Indian Military, which provided a dive to Mike
Bahini (Freedom Fighters) joined the Conflict on 3 December 1971 to help
Liberation of former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Probably the most immortal struggle ended
December 16, 1971 by handing over Pakistan's armed forces
Bangladesh and India troops resulting in the formation of peoples
Republic of Bangladesh as a secular and unbiased state

Belonging to the blood
US Consulate in Dhaka, US Department of State,
The Pakistani army and its supporters had made many atrocities
Al-Badar, Al-Shams… militia. Time Journal stories to a high-degree US official
saying, "It's the most amazing, calculated killing after days."
Nazis in Poland. “Three million individuals died, almost a quarter
A million ladies have been raped and over ten million individuals fled to India

Individuals of all layers of Bangladesh
supported the invitation of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to create
free and unbiased Bangladesh liberation through the struggle. Nevertheless, Pakistan
especially the supporters and members of the Islamic political celebration
Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) and its scholar wing Islami Chatra Sangha (ICS)
Muslim League, Democratic Social gathering of Pakistan (PDP) and Nejam-e-Islami,
to cooperate with the Pakistani army to stand up for independence
Bangladesh. Students belonging to Islami Chatra Sangha have been referred to as
Al-Badr power; individuals from Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim League,
Nizam-e-Islam and comparable groups have been referred to as Al-Shams and Urdu speakers
individuals (commonly often known as Biharis) are generally known as Al-Mujahid. All these
butchers went to rampage in all the craze to kill the freedom loving

Since 2000 has grown
-. – Bangladesh calls for justice linked to crimes dedicated in the course of the warfare
1971 Battle; the difficulty was central to the 2008 elections.
The Awami League-led 14-party Grand Alliance included this problem in its election
manifesto. Its rival, the 4-celebration alliance (which included BNP and
Jamaat-e-Islam had a number of leaders alleged to have committed conflict crimes.

The government meant to make use of
1973 Regulation: Worldwide Legal Courtroom Regulation. It tried to vary the regulation
updating and incorporating it into the expertise of different nations. Modifications in
though there have been some authorized shortcomings
trial of individuals and political events who have been responsible of conflict crimes
Bangladesh Liberation Struggle in 1971.

25. March 2010 by Awam
The government introduced that it might type a 3-member courtroom of seven members
analysis agency and 12-member prosecutor
underneath the 1973 Info and Communication Know-how Act. The panel of three judges included Fazle Kabir
and Zahir Ahmed, Chairman Mohammed Nizamul Huq. Abdul Matin, Abdur
Rahim, Kutubur Rahman, Shamsul Arefin, Mir Shahidul Islam, Nurul Islam and M.
Abdur Razzak Khan was appointed to help state prosecutors. Golam Arif
The chick was named as Chief Prosecutor. Different prosecutors have been Syed Rezaur Rahman,
Golam Hasnayen, Rana Das Gupta, Zahirul Huq, Nurul Islam Sujan, Syed Haider
Ali, Khandaker Abdul Mannan, Mosharraf Hossain Kajal, Ziad Al-Malum, Sanjida
Khanom and Sultan Mahmud Semon

Indicted Abpul Quader Mollah's "Butter of Mirpur" December 18
2011. He was accused of: Pallab murder; kill the professional-release poet
Meherunnes, his mother and two brothers; Khandoker Abu Taleb kills;
Ghatar Char and Bhawal Khan Bari are killing; Alubd massacre (344 individuals);
Hazrat Ali and his household rape and murder. February 5, 2013
ICT found Mollah guilty of crimes towards humanity. He was sentenced to life
Prison sentences for Alubd and Ali and 15 years for Pallab
Meherunnes and Taliban murders. The day earlier than the judgment was declared, see
In Bangladesh, Jamaat-e-Islami (of which Mollah was the chief),
announced a nationwide dawn-to-nightfall strike on February 5th
their chief's conviction.

Many particularly younger citizens
individuals have been livid about Mollah being sentenced to life for his crimes
imprisonment and never dying. Judgment was criticized in social media and
A peaceable demonstration began at Dahan Shahbagh Sq.. I noticed Ganajagoro
Mancha was born. Demonstrators' Demands: Mollah's Dying Penalty; dying
struggle crimes convicted of warfare crimes in international warfare crimes
courtroom; Banning Jamaat from Bangladesh politics; and Jamaican boycott

The leaders of Ganajagoron Mancha swore
to be the chief of the individuals of Gonojagaran Mancha
(Nationwide Awakening Stage) continues the transition from Teknaf to Tetulia
until the demise penalty is imposed on the members of Razakar and Al-Badr
who committed crimes towards humanity, comparable to bloodbath and rape in 1971. Me
swear that we’ll remain singing on the streets and on-line till
The insurance policies of conflict criminals, Jamaat and Shibir are banned and
their nationality is withdrawn. We nonetheless take the oath we do
continue this demonstration and hold the special litigation special
Razakars and Al-Badr activists who have been convicted and underneath
trial however released after 1975. We swear we boycotted
Enterprise Models – Islami Financial institution, Ibn Sina, Focus, Retina and lots of others
teaching centers. We all know by way of them that they’re elevating cash to continue
their launch. We also boycotted the tutorial and the
cultural organizations via which they distribute liberation
feelings amongst youngsters. Briefly, we attempt to ban all the things
Razakar and Al-Badri are members of enterprise, social and cultural organizations
activists. We swear that we’ll continue to satisfy stringent requirements
Punishment by Jamaat and Shibir for responsible
after the threat of warfare, when they are instantly arrested by recognizing them
news and newspaper footage by way of video. We swear we boycotted
mass media of conflict criminals akin to Diganta Television, Day by day Naya Diganta, Amar
Desh, The Day by day Sangram, Sonar Bangla Blog. We don’t order
Warfare Crime Newspapers in any workplace or home. On the similar time we
requires the liberating mass media to boycott the struggle criminals and theirs
the members. ”

The protest started immediately
Kader Molla's judgment, “Butter of Mirpur” was announced. Scholar
the organizations started the protest instantly after the Shahbag judgment
a square that was an actual urge for individuals to collect in Shahbag Square
Within half an hour's judgment. It takes half an hour
ask for protest by way of numerous social media and later satellite tv for pc TV
channels. Some other social and cultural organizations require totally different
packages in the identical place that later worked collectively. Demonstrations got here together
Shahbag Circle; they painted wall paintings, pulled cartoons, hung
the consequences of struggle crimes and singing slogans, and permission to proceed
exhibits until their requirements are met. The protesters sang at night time
and holding flashlights to help their call

7. February 2013 demonstrations
began at 8 pm at Shahbag Square. Hundreds of people collected banners,
posters, Bangladesh flags and posters in Shahbag with their necessities. On
On Friday afternoon, an enormous rally with an estimated presence was held at Shahbag
more than half one million. On February 12, 2013, the protesters found three
minute silence at 16 in Shahbagh and all through Bangladesh. Dhaka,
Visitors was stopped when hundreds of individuals went to the streets, shaped a human
chains and stood in silence. Bangladesh Premier League Recreation
Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium stopped for 3 minutes as players and
supporters observed silence. Parliamentarians and the police additionally joined
protest. Bengali singer Kabir Suman wrote a music referred to as "Tin Minit"
("Three Minutes") to Respect Quiet Protest.

Other Occasions: February 21
the same yr, International Mother Language Day, the number of demonstrators
reached a brand new peak. On 26 March 2013, its leadership declared independence
Bangladesh Day, as a result of the federal government was going to ban Jamaat-e-Islam
policy. The federal government didn’t forbid Jamaat-e-Islam from politics afterwards
deadline expired. Seven demonstrators are referred to as themselves Shaheed Rum
Squad started shortly until the dying of March 26 at 22.30 in front of the Nationals
A museum that opposes inadequate authorities motion to ban Jamaat in response
Shahbagh demonstrators ultimatum. Mounts stated at a press convention
they sent an open letter to Prime Minister Hasina in 100 hours
their protests. Greater than 100 organizations expressed their solidarity
hunger hackers

Condemning Delwar Hossain
Sayeedi: On 28 February, the International Felony Courtroom convicted Delwar
Hossain Sayeedi, Nayeb-e-America, Vice Chairman of Jamaat-e-Islam
Demise sentences for eight out of 20 struggle crimes and crimes
Humanity pledged the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 in the course of the struggle. Picket
celebrated the punishment. Jamaati rogue followers have been indignant with the decision,
unbelievably claiming that the case towards Sayeed was politically motivated.
Jamaat urgently referred to as for a nationwide two-day strike starting on March third. by
In the afternoon, violence led by Jamaat-e-Islam supporters broke out
Bangladesh. By the top of the day, thirty-5 individuals have been lifeless, together with three
cops; and eight hundred others have been injured. By
For the BBC, it marked "the worst day of political violence in Bangladesh for decades."

Police and
The Jamaat-e-Islam staff continued their operations on March 1, spread north
The districts of Gaibandha and Chapai Nawabganji… Opposition leader Khaleda Zia
Critically criticized the federal government's brutality and Jamaica
demonstration in the capital Dhaka. Security measures have been raised
forestall the state of affairs from escalating. Deaths rose to forty-four
together with six cops. Former Prime Minister and Head of BNP Khaleda Zia
proclaimed a nationwide dawn-to-nightfall constitution on March 5 and requested
nationwide meetings on 2 March to oppose what he referred to as the federal government
probably the most deadly struggle criminals in the world to rescue oppression and massacre

three. March 2013, violence continued
when a strike by Jamaat started. Jamaat supporters emphasized Hindus
Citizens attacked their houses in many elements of the nation and waved the Hindus
the temples. Over 40 temples and lots of statues have been destroyed and grades
Houses glow, lots of of individuals are homeless everywhere in the nation.

Islamic strain group
Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh is dominated by the murderers of Jamaat-e-Islam
accused several demonstrators of Muhammad of Shahbagh and
make pornographic descriptions of him. Numerous banners appeared
Road and assembled in protest in entrance of Chittagong Press Club
their horrible deeds. The Shahbag protest has attracted individuals from all social backgrounds
layers in its courtroom. The Shahbag junction in the middle
protests are referred to as "Generation Circle" (Bengali: Projônmo)
Chôttor) or “Shahbag Square”. The protest unfold from one Shahbag to another
elements of the country with seats and demonstrations all through the country.

Since then Minister of Finance
Quamrul Islam stated that the sentence towards Abdul Quader Mollah might be
was totally different if individuals weren’t in the streets earlier than. The government is
intends to attraction to the Supreme Courtroom by challenging the judgment
Mollah. On February 11, the government accepted the proposed amendments
1973 Worldwide Legal Courtroom Act, which offers for a provision
The plaintiffs can attraction towards the verdict of the judgment. This evaluation
allowed the state to attraction to Mollah's life cycle to dying

Jamaat-e-Islami, who was already
protests towards the longer term trial of its leaders, demanded a
common strike. It nonetheless requires international warfare crimes
arrested and social gathering leaders released. Jamaati supporters had arranged
national demonstrations, the incidence of which has elevated since November 2012
In February 2013, I demand the release of their leaders. The actions included capturing
Photographs, smashing and hearth automobiles and explode house-made bombs.
The violence was directed on the capital Dhaka and the good police
cities. Several Jamaat-Shibir activists have been arrested during strikes
Oppositions with the police

Seminars demonstrators
Candlelight in many overseas nations towards JeI Goons and their
accomplices. The residents of Bangladesh abroad have expressed their solidarity
protests on social media web site Fb and Twitter. demonstrations
solidarity has additionally occurred in Australia, Malaysia and Germany
The USA helps the best of the Ganajagoro Mancha movement. At a
Within the Melbourne Angel Statue, the protesters signed a petition
Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina demanded the dying of warfare criminals.
The individuals of Bangladesh in Taiwan additionally expressed their solidarity with Shahbag
protests on February 10, 2013. Fb also performed an essential position
to spread news worldwide on Shahbag occasions. Fb occasion was
created an invitation to protest towards Shahbag; and the human chain that went into the virus
Facebook was probably the most essential sources of data
Shahbag opposes his activists. Bangladesh used Twitter
“#Shahbag”, which presents a reside upgrade from

in Bangladesh on February 10th
The scholars gathered at New Jersey Rutgers College to precise their solidarity
Shahbag's protests. Bangladeshi college students at Delaware College
and the close residents showed their solidarity with the Shahbag movement
February 15 at the vigorous junction of Newark, Delaware. The candlelight was
that night time there were several blogs and activists towards Rajib
hours earlier than the present

enterprise executives swore that "they boycott the business of conflict criminals
communities – Islami Financial institution, Ibn Sina, Focus, Retina and numerous different coaches
centers. We all know by means of them that they are raising money to continue
anti-launch measures. We additionally boycotted educational and cultural
the organizations by means of which they spread feelings of liberation
difficulty. Briefly, we try to deny all the corporate, society and
Cultural organizations of Razakars and Al-Badr activists. ”

International Reply: 18
Helmikuu 2013 Britannian ulkoministeri Sayeeda Warsi toivoi Shahbagia
Sq. protestit, jotka kuvaavat niitä rauhallisena, tuottavina ja väkivallattomina

Medialle: Sreemangalissa
Moulvibazarin kaapelioperaattorit ovat solidaarisesti protestien kanssa lopettaneet toimintansa
jakelija Bangladeshin Jamaat-e-Islami-televisiokanava Diganta Television.
Protesters in a crowd have been holding up English-language poster. Protester showed
placards to overseas media. The BBC, CNN, Yahoo! Information, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The
New York Occasions, The Unbiased and others have revealed tales on the
protests; BBC Bangla has been intently following the occasions. Reuters
photographer Andrew Biraj revealed “live” pictures of mass demonstrations at

End result: On 11 December 2013 demand
for fast execution of ‘Butcher’ Molla.’ The demonstration put strain on the
authorities to amend the Worldwide Crimes Tribunal Act so struggle criminals “can
be swiftly executed if convicted”.  The cupboard additionally set a 60-day restrict
for the Supreme Courtroom’s Appellate Division to rule on appeals, to keep the
instances shifting. Because of this those that have been convicted and sentenced to
demise might be executed that yr if their verdicts survived attraction. Sisään
response to in style protests, former Jute and Textiles Minister Abdul Latif
Siddiqui stated on 12 February that a bill was being drafted to ban Jamaat-e-Islami
from Bangladeshi politics.  On 17 September 2013, Bangladesh Supreme Courtroom
discovered Abdul Quader Molla responsible of murders and other warfare crimes and ordered his
execution and executed him on 12 December 2013.

Timeline 2013:

February 5 – Abdul Quader Molla is
sentenced to life imprisonment. Preliminary gathering of protesters in Shahbag
Sq. (also called Shahbag Circle) befell.

February 6–7 – Protests intensify,
crowds grew greater, other cities and towns picked up protest. Bangladeshi
diaspora and scholar communities overseas also begin to precise solidarity with
the protest.

February 8 Friday – Tons of of
hundreds attended afternoon rallies in Shahbag and nationwide. The outstanding
figures of the country addressed the crowds.

February 9–10 – Protest continued countrywide.

February 12 – three-minute silence was
observed in Shahbag and all across the nation. JeI students’ wing, Shibir
tried to disrupt with a mid-day rally which shortly turned violent as they
used guns and bombs towards police.

February 15 – Protester and blogger
Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed. Haider had actively participated in the protest
from the beginning and had written several blogs towards Jamaat-e-Islami

February 16 – Hundreds of individuals
from all professions gathered at Shahbag sporting black badges to point out their
respect on the dying of Ahmed Rajib Haider. By touching the coffin, protesters
swear not to return residence leaving their demands unfulfilled.

February 17 – Numerous faculties in
Dhaka hoisted the national flag and sang the national anthem to precise
solidarity with Shahbag protesters. The Shahbag activists introduced a grand
rally to be held on February 21 and reiterated their demand of demise penalty
for conflict criminals.

February 18 – The Shahbag protest
continued for the 14th day. Khelafat Andolon and Islami Oikya Jote demanded the
demise penalty for prime bloggers (Omi Rahman Pial, Ibrahim Khalil, Arif Jebtik
and Asif Mohiuddin) of the continued Shahbag motion for their robust stance
towards the baneful warfare criminals.

February 19 – British overseas workplace
minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi praised the Shahbag Square protest, describing
it as peaceable and productive. Shahbag protesters vowed to unfold their motion
to the grassroots degree by making ‘Gonojagoron Mancha’ (mass-upsurge stage)
like Shahbagh square at each nook of the country.

February 20 – A smear campaign
towards Shahbag activists, branding them as atheist, anti-Islamic and
anti-social parts by interesting to the spiritual sentiments of the individuals and
at the similar time making an attempt to brand Haider as an atheist to justify his homicide.

February 21 – After the movement ran
for two weeks, with big participation from plenty of individuals, in the grand
rally at Shahbagh held on February 21, 2013 in the afternoon, Dr. Imran H
Sarker introduced six demands earlier than the individuals. An intelligence agency launched
a message to the news media and regulation enforcement businesses which said that some
anti-state parts would attempt to perform damaging actions including
suicide bomb attacks on locations like Shahbag, Shaheed Minar and Baitul Mukarram.
Regulation enforcement businesses arrested a number of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders and Shibir
activists carrying explosives and planning to assault Shaheed Minar.

February 22 – Shahbagh Ganajagaran
Mancha referred to as for nationwide protest simply 1 day after calling off their
demonstration at Shahbagh. This happened after Jamaat activists went on a
rampage in Dhaka city, clashing with police and attacking them with bombs and
stones. Jamaat activists destroyed the Sylhet Central Shaheed Minar setting on
hearth the national flag of Bangladesh and flowers. Hundreds of scholars and
individuals angered by this vandalism attacked and set hearth to some establishments owned
by and linked to Jamaat-e-Islami in Sylhet metropolis.

March 6 – The Shahbag protest has
accomplished one month. What started from the bloggers and online activists has
become a mass rebellion, unfold across the nation to individuals from all walks
of life, and among the many expatriate Bangladesh’s individuals.

The Gonojagoron Manch Movement or
the National Awakening Stage Movement is the most important turning level in
Bangladesh’s history. This very try and blot out eternally the stigma of
non-bringing the conflict criminals of 1971 to justice for decades and it might be one
mandatory link in the chain of events preparatory to the entire overthrow of
the entire non-trialing system of the mass murderers. This movement served as a
defining moment for those culprits to ebook and inflict due punishment to them,
and the motion quickly emerged as probably the most outstanding one in the annuls of
Bangladesh’s history.

Celebrated Educationist Prof Dr.
Khan Sarwar Murshid once reminded us, “Forgetting or forgetfulness is
equal to perfidiousness.” We should always have fun this great movement every
yr with due honour and admiration toward its organisers and people who
actively participated and supported this crusading battle tending in the
course of a specific superb aim-directed purposive. Due to the Gonojagoron
Manch Movement, we might lawfully attempt six beastly animals and efficiently
executed them. And the trials are nonetheless happening to punish the remaining worst
struggle criminals of 1971. We salute the Gonojagoron Manch Movement, its leaders, activists,
individuals of all walks of life, PM Sheikh Hasina and her the-then cabinet members
on its 6th anniversary this yr. Let us not drive our flagging spirit into a
poor preparation for worship of the Gonojagoron Mancha Movement. It’s thou who
draw the veil of night time upon the tired eyes of the day to renew its sight in a
brisker gladness of Nationwide Awakening Stage of 5th February of 2013. Grace,
then, is grace, – that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it’s positive, it
is unconditional, and it’s everlasting. This music isn’t a track of
theology—it’s our own heartfelt expression of gratitude to this great movement
which betided six years again in Bangladesh. Long stay the Gonojagoron Manch
Movement as a lighthouse for us all in Bangladesh.

End –

The writer is a senior citizen of Bangladesh, writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, present and international affairs.