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Harvick, Keselowski, Blaney and Newman Transcripts –

Harvick, Keselowski, Blaney and Newman Transcripts -

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Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Friday 17 Might 2019
Event: Monster Power NASCAR All-Star Race Media availability

KEVIN HARVICK, No. four Busch Beer Millenial Ford Mustang – CAN YOU COMPLETE THIS ACTIVITY-RELATED ACTIVATION ACTIVITY? "I think when you look at Busch and Mobil 1, but with the Busch brand team they have obviously done a good job of activating this program, but the Daytona car was one of the biggest things" you've ever accomplished, and who would have thought something like that may ugly be so common? However it's great interplay, and there have been a variety of fun to undergo the whole thing and, indeed, to see that each one rolled just that I am proud to be part of a giant group of people, who have achieved a great job. I've discovered a number of new phrases, and I actually do not know precisely what they imply, but we’ve had lots of fun with it, and if you go through this things like, you possibly can deliver your self plenty of fun and does not know what is occurring is part of the fun, so it has been a great step ahead and I by no means thought to take a look at it on paper that it was something that everybody spoke so much. ”

WINS SPORTS IN 600-MILE ROTU? “There are definitely traditions that must remain, and I think it is one of them. I think when you look at Coke 600 and watch the Daytona 500 and the South 500, whatever the past, you probably say you need to shorten the competition. "WHY? “Really, it's a crown jewel. It's close to home. Everyone is doing a lot of work on it. Mobil 1 invests a lot in it because it is a 600 kilometer race and they want to prove that their parts and pieces look better than everyone else who doesn't have Mobil 1. There is a lot of evidence and everyone wants to win Charlotte and 600 is one of the races that every driver and team brings to the garage saying they want to win. There are only three or four races that all the garage say they are three or four races that we can agree to be our crown jury. ”

YOU HAVE ANY STAR USE USING ALMOST AND R & D TYPE EVENT WITH LAST YEAR? “It's a race that you can try out such things. I hope we have a little more time to watch the time with the parts and songs we had with the car to get a little information on the things that are going on. We had many questions that were answered today in practice. If you hadn't told me there were different divider and hood in the car, I probably wouldn't have known the difference. It didn't really affect the car-related handling problems. They still do not treat as well as they need each other, but it is no different than what they had with them. ”

IS THE TASK TO PLAY THE LANGUAGE FOR THAT STUFF WILL COME THIS WEEK? “He hasn't overtaken that it's pink. He has just asked me why I am in time for the pink car and why I agreed to it, so I have not really pushed it further. He has a baseball game and a few things tomorrow so he won't hang out all day. As long as we do not get to the beginning of the hood, we are in good shape. ”

WHAT IS AN INTERMEDIARY STOPPING VEHICLE IN 600 AND HAVE WINNING NEXT? “I think when you look at it, my opinion on whether we should have steps or not has not heard or been there. There are four stages in the competition and the line has 70 points, so it's important. I think when you look at the number of points you can get by winning these steps, the steps are important. You have to win the stages, and we were successful last week in winning the stage and getting the bonus point and finishing the second stage. From what's happening, it's just like drinking a good portion of the night. You add it to the third stage of the third part, and it's much more important, so the line has a lot of points. Last year we detonated the tire and we never did it to the end of the first phase, and Kyle won everything and got 70 points in one night. It's more than any other race with 10, so if you have a perfect night. ”

WHAT IS PHYSICAL TRANSMISSION? “It just depends on how hot it is. If it's as hot as predicted, it's a long day. But you are mentally programmed to go 500 miles, so your body knows when you've done this for a long time, it knows it's like "Hey, what are we doing here?" Tell yourself that when you look at the scoreboard and they tell you that you are halfway, it is certainly not such a big sign, because you know that you have a long way and you have already felt long in ways. So for us it is a slightly different mental health readiness to keep yourself out of 400 or 500 miles and make sure you are ready for the last 100 miles. ”

WHAT IS NASCAR ON SO PATRIOTIC? “As a sport, we do it better than any other sport. I think it's one thing, and we do, and Charlotte Motor Speedway is doing a great job on a Memorial Day to show off the soldiers and how much appreciation we have, but that's not just what happens just a weekend a year to us. This happens every week. The amount of support that is here for our soldiers and armies in the army and things they look like will appear every week in the NASCAR. There is no sport that does it. ”

Did you final week have your greatest automotive for which you will have acquired this season? "It was the perfect weekend we now have had a half-mile The contest. I consider that whenever you take a look at your automotive's performance, we misplaced a bit of on the end of Stage 2 of the remedy. I felt that we might be better than we have been at the finish of the final part to only take and lead. I take a look at things like when you’ve got the prospect to win, you might want to lead the rounds and you want to be velocity. For me, this is step one and we’ll learn how it can be dealt with higher than within the latter a part of the competition. Once we had a trash within the vendor, it was an amazing lesson for everybody. You hear about talking concerning the sensitivity of the front of the automobiles, however we went from 12 laps to not be capable of make a nook as a result of the windshield was minimize off the distributor. At the moment, we left him. We needed to put a set of tires, no tires at the finish, restarted on the underside, and just that operating water was over once we acquired back. But the velocity and the weekend went, we received the remaining. You have to be capable of lead the rounds to beat these competitions constantly. ”

WHAT IS THIS RIGHTS FOR THE RIGHT DECISION AND WHAT YOU CAN DO THIS BEST? “The only thing that has been the same from the 1960s is probably the grandfathers and snacks, but I think that when you look at this particular running track, this is a really tough race track that goes from processing, because it's very atmospheric. The sun is just as effective on this race track, because it is another race track. There are lots of small bumps that are in the wrong places to keep your speed going through the corner that you need to navigate well, especially next week – it's a tough competition to deal with because you start out in the sunlight, you go out in the sunlight. There are so many things that change over the night and then add attraction to the compound they have placed on the race track that goes through when you walk through the night, so this is a tough race to get the right deal and keep it right. ”

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 2 Low cost Ring Ford Mustang – WHY NIGHTTIME NEW DAY FILLING? “I think all the rules will change this year and it has changed the way cars compete, in the past I thought that Day Trips were a bit more practical for drivers. You could probably do a little more with cars because the track should slip and you should work on all lanes. Then when we moved to the rules we have today, it is the opposite of where cars, when it is daytime, can't really do much with them. You're stuck in the career you are and at night it expands, and you can drive and use all sorts of lanes. I believe that it will give itself a loan to make night competitions the best in our sport. ”

WHAT KNOWS THAT YOU HAVE THIS NIGHT IN THE ALL-STAR RACE? "No, not really. I would like to believe that we are really good, but we don't know." means lots to me and to all of these competitions, I feel the 600 one of the best of what I have completed, is the third or fourth, however all of them have had an opportunity to win, and it's just been a not come together. and what you simply know how you can do, is constantly displayed and invest and it occurs to us when it's time. ”

DOES ALL STAR RACE SHOWS NEVER BE LOCATED?” I don't assume it's really essential to me. what the television thinks because they pay a lot of the bill, so let's let the 2 find out. ”

KOLUCIN WINS KENTUCKY What does it mean to you? ”Kentucky has been a great place for me. On my mom's aspect, the family is just north of Ohio and it appears that evidently we all the time have plenty of household and family members and cousins ​​and step-cousins ​​and unlawful laws and laws, nevertheless it's good to compete in front of them nicely. I really take pleasure in this area and take pleasure in it. It’s the first music that I received to drive the Cup automotive in the check, and I have all the time gotten from the praise. "

AM AS THIS MILE-AND-A-HALF-IMAGES CONTACT FORCE DNA of? “I think it's an elite racing car driver and winning championships, which must be good on all tracks. Looking at the playoffs, and it is composed of all the different raidatyypeistä, and you do not book your weaknesses, and half a mile and a half up the bulk of the playoff, so you have a better right. "[19659003] HOW TO WIN TO COOPERATION AGAINST YEAR?" The real answer to this is on the race track, everything else is just a guess. had most of the competition, and I do not want to say we stole the victory, but we got the one in which we were not the fastest car through execution. In this sense, I am really proud of it, but it was really refreshing to hear my car owner Roger Pensken say that we have to work really hard so that we don't get complacent and drive it because it really starts at the beginning and he could say that the whole team that meets the need for continuous improvement is a good culture. ” a couple of years in the past, and there isn’t a actual opportunity to do it, particularly Ford, Chevrolet, with Honda's race. Now I have reached a place the place it does not seem to be an answer within the near future. I have accepted the very fact or fate, that I just have to observe them on tv, but it will be good to do, and I’ve loads of respect for many who have finished it and tried to do it too. "[19659003] WHAT WILL YOU HAVE THE FIRST AUTOMATIC?" 100 and sixty thousand followers and the $ 2 million award. there have been 200,000 fans, and the $ 2 million assessment wins it, I need to go to win it. RACE COMPANY? ”It has been one of the races that we’ve seen a variety of aggression, and automobiles are of nice significance, and I feel we've seen that when automobiles are rather less developed and totally different guidelines create totally different incentives to be aggressive and not aggressive, exhausting to answer, I feel this yr, if the circumstances are right, it might be really big A competition the place you see plenty of that aggression, however you never know. ”

WHAT ARE YOU IN THIS YEAR? – Competitors is all the time changing and it is perhaps an excellent thing and maybe a nasty thing. I might see a fairly aggressive race this yr, perhaps more than a yr's previous. ”

CAN YOU THAT NASCAR HANDLES PATRIOTISM? "I feel that in the event you come again to the historical past of sport, it was based within the late 1948s, and the Second World Struggle led to 1945, so that you make fast arithmetic and discover out that the blokes who made the sport have been more likely to play a task in lots of this stuff – natural rigidity seekers, natural rivals ultimately and contact with the soldier. It is just for me that we’ve got stored this connection for decades because the establishment of NASCAR. It's a part of our roots, a few of the DNA, together with the moon. Patriotism and Moonlight, a spirit of combination, however I feel it’s deeply proud. ”

WHAT DOES THIS COMPLETE THIS VIEWS OUTLOOK IN PATRIOTIS? "To start with, I have not traveled everywhere in the world, however I have seen sufficient locations to know that we’ve a fairly good here, and all the others should not have the identical issues as we do. It's a fantastic privilege to drive a racing automotive to life, get into this sport, whether or not you're driving or watching it. There are lots of locations on the earth where they will't do this stuff. They don’t have these opportunities, and that is why I’m grateful for what our nation is, what it means is that we will take pleasure in such events and recognize that it isn’t in all places, and the people who make sacrifices are prepared to guard our freedoms have helped make it potential. ”

WHAT'S THE NAME IN WINNING HOW TO WIN THIS FAMILY? “It's really humble. It is really sad to talk to a wife or mother or a man or father whose lost spouse or son or daughter – sometimes even a child who has lost his father or mother. It is sometimes difficult to understand, so I have a lot of empathy for them and the victim to their family has been, and I just want to show them a good time and show them the respect you want if you were on their shoe. ”

HOW TO RECOGNIZE WINNING RECOGNITION? “I think honestly. It blows my mind when someone just wants an autograph, because I really do not understand the autograph, but it must mean something to that person, but not to mention that it means so much to the families that they come out and drop what they do to see that family members are respected and appreciate so much that we do it. It's really cool. ”

SHOULD THE FUTURE BE LIKELY TO MAKE A NAME OF WINDSHIELD PICTURE? “I used to be in a position to decide on a family, so I feel it was actually particular. I can't really share the underlying purpose. Frankly, it is categorised, but in my thoughts I’m grateful to the family that’s out there. “

YOU THAT THE PEOPLE IS BELL WEATHER RACE. HOW TO FULL IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW? "Once I noticed the velocity that I’ve seen Hendrick automobiles, I feel this was an necessary improvement, because I do not assume that at the least we saw it earlier than the Int Case. Perhaps you can make statements a bit in Dover, but that they have been as robust as in Kansas, I assumed it was slightly moment for them and for our sport. It exhibits that they don’t have a quiet season. ”

PENSKE AND GIBBS ARE COMPLETE. BE YOU IN PACKAGING? “Some ways yes. I would say that our teams have the most experience with drivers, crewmans, pit crews and that it helps a lot when you have new rules and new things, but right now, if I were honest, I would say that Hendrick cars are the fastest cars. ”

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Acorns Ford Mustang – HOW TO NEED 600? “It's a completely different race, a completely different mentality. It is a different package so-called, but not completely. We have not been as competitive as we need to be half and half at the crossroads, so we have one shot to do extra tests to 600 persons, so we have to concentrate on much as it is a parlay into a lot of points throughout the rest of the season they have a mile-and-a-half-style songs. ”

HOW IS RFR READY 600? "I don't assume we’re getting ready for 600, we are preparing for what we have now to do and here in Charlotte. ON THE VEHICLE? ”It will depend on how good my husband's husbands are doing. automotive, it is 10 occasions worse. is like this weekend, it is going to be scorching and it will possibly disturb you quite a bit. ”

HOW ARE THE EVALUATION RFR 600?” It is just one other race, nevertheless it's Coca-Col a 600. We’ve a special soldier within the windshield, which suggests so much to me personally and usually it's a terrific competition. It's coke 600. It's in our backyard. Identical to Ford, once we go to Michigan, it's in their yard, and meaning a bit bit extra. ”

THE WINNER OF THE FIRST ALL RACE WINNER WON'S WIN. REPRESENTING THE FUTURE OF THE FUTURE? "Sure. It is good to be locked, however it does not make it so, that you’re going to be on the protected lane, as a result of I've carried out it solely as soon as, and it's been a long time. My first Cup win was the All-Star Race, earlier than you ever gained the Factors Race. It's simply the principles. They might change it next yr. ”

YOU ARE 600 YEARS WHO HAVE YOU DOING THAT YOU? assembled competition and our automobiles require a bit of extra about us. They’re a bit of quicker, a bit of smaller drive, so I often just a little bit more of a problem, so you’ve a better A-recreation.

WHAT THEN Two weeks years to comply with patriotism USE? "I've all the time stated that, NASCAR makes it higher than another sports activities. I’m partial, but I consider that we honor and thank and present our appreciation and all of the things which are simply liable for civil to these soldiers who’ve executed a lot for us, giving us this freedom. You've heard it left and proper, up and down, left and middle, we're all grouped by just saying because of Memorial Day Weekend. With a view to do what we love and have a windshield, probably in the huge cities of their family, and all the opposite members who have accomplished so much for us after a whole lot of years, it’s an honor to characterize only one, however all of them. ”

IS OVER WHO WIN YOU FULLY? “I met my colleague who was a green beret. I was a NASCAR Hall of Fame. His name is Greg Steube. He got up to me in the blue hallway and he introduced himself and said, "Hey, listen, I just want you to know who we're fighting for." I looked at him, "What are you talking about? You're crazy. You're just a nutcracker, and he's but he's a hero, he's also a wounded veteran and he's a fucking hell. He made me realize that when you make this victim go to the pond over, go into battle, take this group of people to whom you have led someone and sacrifice your life, sacrifice all the things that mean something to you in your life he thinks somebody about me that he looks like a hero when he is a real hero. when he fights, he fights against me as an American family member, a guy with a wife and two children, and this model. He hit me home. ”

RYAN BLANEY, No. 12 BodyArmor Ford Mustang – BEFORE YOU NEVER USE THIS ALL-STAR-RACEAN? "Yes and No. The one handle you are feeling is that you simply look again at earlier All-Star races once we apply here through the day when it's scorching and what it does at night time. It stands out in the best way you take a look at what you did and whether you acted or not at night time. This can be a robust half where these day-to-day practices and night time-time races with excessive temperatures fall. It's not going to drop a ton, however solely the sun rises from the race monitor is great. You’re just a guess and back your notes and I hope you make the correct selections. ”

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING FOR 2018 JOBS 2019? “Yeah, you can always look at what the race track trends are doing, even though the packages are different. I think the biggest thing is that the tires stay pretty similar and the track always makes things pretty similar, no matter what the car is – is it in the day if you're hot and slippery and you're loose what the song does when it's cool and tightened or maybe even released. You're just trying to look at your notes. Sometimes you miss it. Sometimes you guess wrong and throw you in the loop, but you can always go back and see only the history of the track with temperatures and tracks and the sun and the night and such things. ”

TIRES ARE THE FOLLOWING YEAR OF THIS REQUEST? “Tires change a lot, but they feel they are doing a good job of telling us if it is a new compound, or we have used it somewhere else or used it here earlier. I did not hear that it would be different this weekend, so you imagine it to be the same, and I hope it is the same thing we have gone through here in the past and just go away from it. The tire is just like cars, they are constantly changing and trying to improve them. ”

WIN YOU WELL WITH A GREAT EXCELLENT? “I thought it was pretty good in practice. We saw a lot of friends who ran in the middle of one and two, and you can feel the grip there. Three and four seemed not to work so well, but it was an option, so, yes, that VHT's things are sometimes unpredictable, but I feel it is good for us if we'd like to get up there and run it in practice and try to feel it out. I think it's good. I think even car drivers used it in practice. They were in the middle of running, and I'm sure that they are driving a lot of competition, whether it be in the middle or at the top, even if it is at night. You can go there and use it as a tool for what it is there. ”

WHAT IS ETIQUETTE MILLION BUCKS? “There is no label. This is the competition. It's not points. You play a lot of money and do what you need to do. It's such a thing. You can ask what you would do and the drivers say that their minds have been formed, but indeed, until you are in the position that it is literally divided into another decision on what you do if you are in that place. We spend most of our time thinking about things that don't happen, and just imagining the future, but it's very rare that the things you think about in advance are planning to do anything, not to mention this sport. only race really hard. You want to win. Are you going to go out and clear the man and try to hurt him? No, you don't want to hurt anybody, but you're going to compete with people and move them out of the way if you need to, but as I said, it's just right now. ”

IS IT WON'S CONNECT THAT YOU ARE NOT A RIGHT LOSE? “You have a million dollars, and yeah, you have effects every time a buffer is placed on someone and a rough one. You know they will not be happy with it, but at the same time you have to look back and say that they would have done the same thing for me if the positions were to be exchanged and likely, regardless of who it is, especially in this competition. You just handle it afterwards, but lose the stuff. People are really working hard on these All-Star races. It's a great opportunity for many teams to do good, and is a great name that you have to say that you have won the All-Star Race. ”

HOW HOW IS IT IMPORTANT FOR THIS SEASON? “Nothing right now. Yes, you are a frustrated moment that doesn't go. To be honest, the last four races have not been very good for us, because it is not just good, but it grabs some stuff. Kansas last week was a really big recession. It's one of our best songs, and we were just really bad throughout the competition, so it's frustrating to go to a place where it feels like it's one of your best places to run so bad. Do you like, “What the heck is going on? What do we have to do? “But you can't really give it stuff. You may be frustrated that night or the next day, but at the end of the day that doesn't mean anything frustrated later or let it focus this weekend. The previous thing is just to find out what you need to do next time in different ways. You put it in your book and pull it back a week before the next time you go there. Yeah, it's frustrating at times, but you can't just be frustrated. It is not a fun way to be, so you have to look for positive results, whether they are good or bad. We have had the chance to win some competitions this year and it has not worked, but you are just trying to find out what you need to do differently. ”

HOW DO YOU WIN THIS FUTURE? “I take a look at the bigger image. So, it's nice what we do, and I really like my work and issues, but on the finish of the day you possibly can't simply be loopy on a regular basis. This impacts your life's work and shouldn’t be fun, and then it isn’t enjoyable to be with anybody else in case you are a jerk on a regular basis. I also assume it’ll develop as you grow older, as you perceive, as necessary and essential. You get a fireplace. Trust me, I'm in all probability some of the fervent pals, once I put on the helmet and how you have to be, but you just cannot give it bleeding on other things. I feel it's just getting older. Earlier, I had plenty of grudges once I was youthful, and you get slightly wiser in your age and study some type of things to get in, find out the options as an alternative of dwelling on the problems. "

MAY I HAVE TO BE TO WIN things to return BRAD AND JOEY? "Yeah, I feel so. You’ve dangerous weeks. Kansas was just a dangerous weekend for us. We have been just gone, so that a few of them odor, nevertheless it looks like your complete group is sweet sufficient to win the races. Brad introduced a superb present last weekend and was capable of win this race, so the velocity continues to be there as a result of it's identical to I stated the entire yr. Our group is great. Our group is great, and they do such an incredible job, whether it's a street crew or a mural males, they’ve all of it together, and it's just a question of all assembly you, be it 400 miles, 500 miles or 600 miles . The part I’m not apprehensive about is just a query of doing my job and just performing some issues together. ”

WHAT ARE YOU NEXT FOR LONG LONG LENGTH? “It's been cool. This can be a neat shop made by BodyArmor across the Charlotte space and gave some of Ryan Blaney's bottles. I feel they only produced 2,000 of them, and final week I received a whole lot of social media things saying that folks went in and bought all of them. And extra individuals have been operating social media this week and stated they didn't find them as a result of they're all gone, so it's neat. Oikeastaan ​​en tiennyt tätä, mutta olin ensimmäinen urheilija, jolla oli tietty pullo, jonka BodyArmor on tehnyt, joka myytiin yleisölle, joten minusta tuntui erityiseltä. He ovat niin hieno yritys, ja on ollut hienoa kasvaa heidän kanssaan viimeisten kolmen vuoden aikana ja että he ovat autossa jälleen tällä viikonloppuna, mielestäni on erittäin hienoa, että he osallistuvat hyvin urheiluun ja he ovat edelleen kasvussa. He ovat melko nuoria. He aloittivat toimintansa vuonna 2011 tai 2012 ja he ovat vauhdissa todellakin asettamaan haasteita muille suurille urheilujuomayhtiöille, joten osa on hyvä, mutta pullon asia on ollut todella siisti ja rakastan nähdä faneja.

MITÄ SINÄ MITÄÄN PATRIOTISMIN NASCAR-NÄYTTÖJÄ? ”Luulen, että se on toisiaan. Olen nähnyt sen kasvavan tämän urheilun ympärillä, tulossa tänne 600 viikonlopun kanssa isän kanssa ja sinä opit enemmän ja enemmän siitä, "OK, mitä me teemme täällä", ja opit arvostusta kaikille, jotka ovat palvelleet ja jotka palvelevat tällä hetkellä. Se todella ajattelee, kuinka kiitollinen sinun pitäisi olla, ja saat tavata hyviä ihmisiä matkan varrella, olipa kyseessä sitten perheet tai sellaiset asiat. That part could be very special to me and whatever we will do to point out them a great time and our appreciation for what they’ve completed and continue to try this actually means lots for us and hopefully them too. It’s good to observe it type afar as a child and now to be a part of it I feel like is much more particular.”

DOES ALL OF TEAM PENSKE AND WOOD BROTHERS RACING COME INTO EACH WEEKEND WITH THE SAME APPROACH OR DIFFERENT AGENDAS? “The same approach. The Penske group and the Wood Brothers car, we all have the same stuff. No one is getting prioritized over there. We all have equal opportunities to run well and win races. I think that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t prioritize a team or a car, but it’s all just hard work that goes into it. We’re all just working together and trying to figure out what’s best for the whole company. We want to run first through fourth every week, so that part has been nice. Honestly, I want to have three wins like Brad does, but you have to figure out how to get there. It’s not because he’s getting something special that I’m not, it’s just they’re doing a really good job and they’re figuring out how to win races. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

WILL THOSE TEAMS SWITCH TO R&D FOR THE PLAYOFFS? “I don’t think you really see much of that anymore with the benefit of winning now and it helps you throughout the Playoffs. That’s why it was invented. It used to be win and you’re in, but you wouldn’t get any extra bonus points towards the Playoffs so teams would just go into R&D mode. Now, you get so much benefit from winning after your first one throughout the year that it helps you throughout every round of the Playoffs, so you don’t see teams doing that. I’m not saying the R&D is not your best stuff, but you just don’t really see that anymore. No, I don’t really think that’s the case. Even us without a win we’ve kind of tried, I wouldn’t even call it R&D, just kind of new pieces. You choose if you want to run them or not and that’s just a decision by crew chiefs and teams. I know our group doesn’t do that very much. Some others might, but I just think with how great it is to continue to win throughout the year you don’t really see teams going into that mode.”