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John Walker Lindh, “American Taliban,” released – Fortune Magazine soldier

Image of John Walker from Lindh Religious School he attended Bannu in Pakistan. Photo: AP / Wide World Images
Alexandria Region

a / Suleyman al-Faris
a / Abdul Hamid,


Conspiracy to US Murder (18 USC § 2332 (b))

Conspiracy offers materials help and assets to overseas terrorist organizations (18 USC defendants.) Part 2339B (Counts Two & 4) [19659007] Providing materials help and assets to overseas terrorist organizations (18 USC § 2339B) and a couple of) (counts three and 5)

Conspiracy to take part in providers for al-Qaeda (31 CFR §§ 595.205 & 595.204 & 50 USC § 1705 (b )) (Rely Six)

Al Qaeda Help Providers (31 CFR §§ 595.204 & 595.205, 50 USC § 1705 (b) & 18 USC § 2) (Rely Seven)

Taliban service conspiracy (31 CFR § 545.206 (b) & 545.204 & 50 USC § 1705 (b) (Rely Eight)

Provision of Providers to the Taliban (31 CFR § 545.204 & 545.206 (a) 50 USC § 1705 (b) & 18 USC § 2) (Rely Nine )

The use and carrying of violent weapons and damaging units throughout crimes (18 U .SC § 924 (c) & 2) (Rely Ten)


Al Qaeda and Usama Bin Laden

  1. In any respect related occasions since 1989 or round 1989 after this prosecution, al Qaeda was a world terrorist group committed to withstand Islam Governments with power and violence. The group was founded by Usama Bin Laden and others. Bin Laden proclaimed jihad or holy conflict towards america and its residents by means of al-Qaeda and its stakeholders. Along with other actions, Usama Bin Laden and al Qaeda supported, administered and / or financed Afghanistan coaching camps where camps have been used to teach al-Qaeda and its associated terrorist groups and partners to use firearms, explosives, chemical substances. weapons and different weapons of mass destruction. In 1996, or since 1996, Usama Bin Laden and others in Al Qaeda headquartered in Afghanistan and established shut relations with the Taliban in Afghanistan. On October 8, 1999, the Minister appointed al-Qaeda as a overseas terrorist organization underneath part 219 of the Immigration and Citizenship Act, and was re-designed as of 5 October 2001 or 5 October 2001 as such. The state declared al Qaeda a "particularly appointed terrorist" in accordance with the International Emergency Act.

Harakat ul-Mujahideen ("HUM")

  1. In any respect related occasions since 1994 or since 1994, Harakat ul-Mujahideen ("HUM"), previously generally known as Harakat al-Ansar, was a terrorist group that has owned Pakistan's extreme Islamic view and who was primarily in Kashmir. HUM carried out terrorist training in, inter alia, the Kashmir region, and at first of 1994 launched terrorist operations towards Indian troops and civilian websites in Kashmir. On 8 October 1997, the Minister appointed HUM in accordance with part 219 of the Immigration and Citizenship Act of a overseas terrorist group.


  1. Since 1994, the Taliban, or "Islamic students". , ”Born as Afghan ruling energy. The Taliban have been the acute spiritual leaders who got here from the nation's Pashtun ethnic majority, and have been supported by Afghans and foreigners traveling to Afghanistan. They practiced the acute type of Islam and believed they have been training jihad towards those who believed they have been threatening Islam, together with the USA. The Taliban supreme chief was Mullah Mohammed Omar, a priest near Kandahar. The Taliban have been reluctant to regulate increasingly more elements of the nation and have been principally opposed by the North Alliance, a coalition of varied non-Pashtun teams. In 1996, the Taliban took Kabul, and in 1997 Pakistan recognized the Taliban as the governing physique of Afghanistan
  2. The Taliban acquired and supported the rule of Afghanistan by Bin Laden and al Qaeda, whose management was headquarters. In Afghanistan since 1996. Bin Laden provided the Taliban money and fighters in change for the sanctuary and the state of terrorism camps. He then expanded his influence. In a short time period, Bin Laden and the Taliban made hundreds of younger terrorist targets and training facilities from around the globe from Afghanistan.
  3. Within the ongoing civil warfare between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, the Taliban continued to tighten its grip. By the top of 2001, the North Alliance manages lower than ten % of Afghanistan in the northeast of the country. Overseas-born al-Qaeda-educated fighters served with the Taliban on the entrance line

Nationwide Emergency and Enforcement Order 13129

  1. July 4, 1999 US President William J. Clinton declared a national emergency to cope with the menace posed by al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Particularly, the President famous that: the Taliban's actions and policies in Afghanistan, which allow the world underneath its management in Afghanistan to be used as a shelter and operational foundation for Osama bin Ladin and Al-Qaida, which is committed to additional violence towards the USA and its residents; , are an unusual and exceptional menace to US nationwide security and overseas policy.

    In Decree 13129, the President prohibits, inter alia, cost or receipt of cash, goods or providers to or for the Taliban

  2. 30. June. In 2000, the Taliban-associated nationwide emergency continued. One yr later, the US state of emergency again resumed, in response to US President George W. Bush's remark that "[Talous] The Taliban continues to allow the Afghan-controlled area to be used as a shelter and base" for operations with Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda group committed and threatened to continue violence in the USA and its citizens.

Terrorist Texts of September 11, 2001

19659029] Eleven terrorists have been kidnapped by 4 business aircraft on 11 November 2001 or round 11 September 2001 towards US assaults. They flew from two planes to the Manhattan World Trade Middle towers and one to the Pentagon in Virginia. The fourth machine crashed in Pennsylvania. About three,000 individuals died in attacks; Many others have been injured and the destruction of property was big

US army response

  1. President George W. Bush declared a nationwide emergency after an attack on September 11th. When the Taliban refused to repeatedly attraction to the USA to turn to Bin Laden, the USA and the Allied forces launched opposing bombings on 7 October 2001 in Afghanistan. employees came into conflict. On 9 November 2001, or the first main victory, the North Alliance forces captured the strategic North Metropolis Mazar-e-Sharif and arrange a Taliban defeat chain. The Taliban fighters later fled from Kabul and lost a lot of the largest cities in Afghanistan.


  1. The defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, was introduced on 23 January 2002 or on January 23, 2002 to the japanese a part of america.


AP VIDEO October 4, 2002 John Walker Lindh, the so-referred to as "American Taliban", was sentenced to 20 years in prison by federal decide Alexandria, Va.

  1. Grand Jury Real actual and incorporates as regards to 1-10 the overall allegations of this charge.
  2. From 2001 or around Might 2001 or outdoors of December 2001, outdoors the jurisdiction of the USA and any state and district with the defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, different great judges and unknowns, made a conspiracy to kill US residents, together with civilians and army personnel, by committing homicide as defined in US code 18, part 1111 (a).
  3. It was part of a conspiracy that al-Qaeda members and partners committed terrorist acts and killed Americans
  4. It was part of a conspiracy that al-Qaeda and Taliban members and partners violently opposed US army personnel and other US government staff in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks.
  5. to the conspiracy and its unlawful object, the defendant and his dog handlers made apparent acts, together with:
  6. Might or June 2001 a number of weeks after HUM army training in Pakistan, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH (LINDH) reported to HUM officers need to battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  7. LINDH
  8. In late Might or late June, LINDH introduced in Might 2001 or late June in Kabul, Afghanistan, the headquarters of Mujahideen in Dar ul-Anan, used by the Taliban Recruitment Middle. When presenting HUM's presentation e-book, LINDH informed the employees that he was an American and needed to go to the entrance strains to battle.
  9. LINDH agreed to participate in al-Qaeda coaching camp for extra and in depth army training, understanding that America and its residents have been enemies of Bin Laden and al-Qaeda and that al-Qaeda's principal function was to battle and kill People.
  10. At the end of Might or June 2001, LINDH traveled to the Bin Laden visitor home in Kandahar, Afghanistan, the place he lived for a number of days.
  11. In June 2001, LINDH traveled to the al-Farooq camp, the al-Qaeda facility. a number of hours west of Kandahar, Afghanistan. LINDH reported about twenty other trainees to the camp, principally from Saudi Arabia
  12. . In June and July 2001, LINDH stayed in al-Farooq camp and took part absolutely in coaching actions after being informed Bin Laden had sent fifty individuals in his camp to conduct twenty suicide terrorist actions towards the USA and Israel
  13. or around June and July As part of his al Qaeda training in 2001, LINDH participated in terrorist training programs on arms, orientation, navigation, explosives, and battlefield combat, including using arms, pistols and rocket-propelled grenades and the construction of Molotov cocktails
  14. . round June or July 2001, LINDH personally met Bin Laden, who thanked him and other trainees for becoming a member of Jihad.
  15. In June or July 2001, LINDH met a senior al-Qaida official Abu Mohamman. d Al-Masri, who asked LINDH whether or not he was thinking about traveling outdoors Afghanistan to work towards america and Israel. LINDH refused to help the front row to battle.
  16. LINDH swore loyalty to jihad in June or July 2001.
  17. LINDH traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan in July-August 2001 after training, and was awarded an AKM rifle with a barrel suitable for lengthy-range capturing.
  18. LINDH took the AKM rifle when he traveled together in July or August 2001 and about 150 non-Afghan fighters from Kabul in Takhar's entrance line, north-east Afghanistan. In it, LINDH's unit was positioned underneath the command of Abdul Hadi in Iraq.
  19. The group of LINDH was divided between July 2001 and September 2001 into smaller groups who switched from one to 2 weeks in Takhar wells,
  20. LINDH took with him numerous weapons, together with the AKM rifle, RPK rifle, which he gave after the failure of the AKM rifle, and no less than two grenades between July 2001 and November 2001. Having discovered of the terrorist assaults in the USA on September 11, 2001, LINDH was left together with his battle group. LINDH did, despite Bin Laden's ordering attacks, planning more terrorist attacks and sending al-Qaida personnel from the coaching facilities to the entrance strains to protect and defend Bin Laden from expected army duty
  21. when he discovered that US army forces and US citizens had been instantly involved in supporting the North Alliance in their army battle, the Taliban and al Qaeda forces
  22. The LINDH Battle Group withdrew from the Takah to the Kunduz area in Afghanistan in November 2001 and ultimately handed over the North Alliance forces. On November 24, 2001, LINDH and different captured fighters have been driven to Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan and then to a close-by Qala-i Jang (QIJ) jail association.
  23. or about November 25, 2001, People, CIA worker Johnny Micheal Spann and another US authorities worker interviewed LINDH in a QIJ compound who tried to determine al-Qaeda members amongst prisoners.
  24. Taliban prisoners, or about 25 November 2001 within the QIJ compound, have been attacked by Spann and another employee, captured by guards and armed. The spann was shot and killed in a violent attack. After wounding, LINDH withdrew with the other detainees in the basement area of ​​the QIJ compound. The bloody uprising took a number of days to repress.
  25. LINDH stayed in QIJ's basement with other Taliban and al Qaeda fighters till they received back. (Opposite to 18 USC § 2332 (b) (2))

t 5–25.

  • Defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, dealt with the matter both by means of Might 2001 or round June 2001 underneath US jurisdiction, but with any non-state or district jurisdiction, however other giant and unknown judges knowingly made materials help and assets knowingly. as this time period is defined in 18 USC. § 2339A (b), to a overseas terrorist organization, specifically Harakat ul-Mujahideen ("HUM") (violation of 18 USC § 2339B)

    1. Nice jury realited and embrace as references 1, although 10 common claims and 5 to 25 chapters of this charge.
    2. Defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, in Might and June 2001, beneath the jurisdiction of the USA however not beneath the jurisdiction of a State or District, knowingly and tried to offer material help and assets, as defined in 18 USC § 2339A (b), Overseas terrorist organization, specifically Harakat ul-Mujahideen ("HUM") (opposite to 18 USC § 2339B and a couple of)

    (Conspiracy supplies material help and assets to al-Qaeda)

    1. jury realited and included in the Common Claims 1 to 10 and this Judgment in Chapters 5 to 25.
    2. . Between Might 2001 and December 2001, the defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, was inside the jurisdiction of the USA, but outdoors the jurisdiction of a specific state or district, and other giant persons recognized and unknown to the jury knowingly knowingly offered material help and assets as outlined by this time period. 18 USC §2339A (b), a overseas terrorist group, al Qaeda (18 USC § 2339B violations.)


      1. and included by reference to basic claims 1-10 and counting one among factors 5 to 25 of this cost.
      2. Defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, offered that they’ve US jurisdiction, however outdoors the jurisdiction of a specific state or district, knowingly offered and tried to offer materials help and assets as outlined in 18 USC. §2339A (b), for a overseas terrorist group, al-Qaeda (18 USC Sections 2339B and a couple of)


        1. and Embrace Basic Claims 1 to 10 and considered one of these accusations from 5 to 25
        2. or Might 2001 or around December 2001 underneath the jurisdiction of a State or District, Defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, a US individual, deliberately A decree issued beneath Chapter 35, Chapter 35 of the US Code, because LINDH, which is understood and unknown by other major juries, conspiracy to intentionally and illegally render providers to al-Qaeda, a particularly named terrorist, and for its profit (violates Section 31 CFR 595.205 & 595.204 and 50 USC § 1705 (b).


        (contrary to paragraph 31 C) .FR § 595.204 & 595.205, 50 U.S.C. § 1705 (b) and 18 U.S.C. § 2.)

        1. The Grand Jury responds and incorporates the Basic Arguments from 1 to 10 and calculates one in paragraphs 5 to 25 of this judgment.
        2. From or around Might 2001 to December 2001, or around December 2001, a defendant from a specific country or district, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, a US individual, intentionally and intentionally committed a violation of Section 50, Chapter 35 of the US Code as a result of LINDH deliberately and illegally


        (opposite to Article 545.206 of the 31 CFR) b) & 545.204 and 50 USC § 1705 (b).

        1. The actual jury is real looking and consists of references 1 to 10 to basic claims and one to 5 to 25 of this judgment.
        2. or around Might 2001 t In February 2001 or round December 2001, the defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, who’s a US individual, intentionally violated the US Code 50, Chapter 35, Decree that LINDH and different giant jury unknowns and unknown persons have been deliberately and illegally delivered to the Taliban, the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and individuals whose property and property obstructions have been closed underneath 31 sections. , Federal Code, chapter 545.201.

        COUNT NINE

        (violates 31 CFRs) § 545.204 & amp; 545.206 (a), 50 U.S.C. § 1705 (b) and 18 U.S.C. § 2.)

        1. The Grand Jury responds and incorporates the Basic Arguments from 1 to 10 and calculates one in paragraphs 5 to 25 of this judgment.
        2. From or round Might 2001 to December 2001, or round December 2001, a defendant from a specific country or district, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, a US individual, deliberately and intentionally dedicated a violation of Part 50, Chapter 35 of the US Code because LINDH intentionally and illegally supplying and trying to deliver to the Taliban, Taliban-managed Afghan territory and individuals whose property and property has been blocked in accordance with clause 545.201 of the Federal Code

        COUNT TEN

        (violates 18 USC § 924 (c) (1) (A), 924 (c) (1) (B) (ii) and a couple of)

        1. ] The Grand Jury reacts and incorporates as regards to paragraphs 1-10 Common Claims and Paragraph One in every of this Prosecution 5 -25
        2. Defendant, JOHN PHILLIP WALKER LINDH, was not beneath the jurisdiction of any state or district in Might 2001 and December 20 01. intentionally use, transport and management firearms, specifically an AKM rifle, an RPK rifle and no less than two grenades, which have been damaging units in accordance with US Code 18, Section 924 (c) (1) (B) (ii) throughout violent crimes towards which the defendant may be blamed in a US courtroom, specifically the Conspiracy for the murder of US residents in a charge calculated on certainly one of these fees; participation in the providers of al-Qaeda, six of this charge might be charged. Serves Al Qaeda's providers charged for this accusation, the seventy Taliban cryptographic choices, and offers providers to the Taliban for prosecution. included by reference

        His father, in flip, THR STORY.

        Crimeless Crime: Prosecution of John Walker Lindh

        From a Lawyer in Washington, Might 2005

        Frank R. Lindh

        In 1997, at the age of 16, my son, John, turned to Islam. His efforts have been to grow to be a instructor. He hoped he might in the future research at Al-Madinah University in Saudi Arabia, however before he enrolled in such a prestigious institute, he chose to grasp the basic Arabic and keep in mind the Quran first. It was this ambition that, in 2000, took him to Sanna, the ancient capital of Yemen, where he undertook strict studies.

        At the moment, I did not know that John's trips would lead him to face extraordinarily harmful circumstances and shortages, unwelcome worldwide renown and finally a 20-year prison sentence. I just knew that John was a curious, respectful and sensitive baby with a vigorous mind and a sincere want to do good on the planet. He was (and is!) Boy, for which I’m proud.

        In September 2000, his visa expired and John was pressured to go away Yemen. He wrote by e-mail that he meant to continue his research in Pakistan focusing on Arabic grammar and notes. I hesitated John's plans without hesitation and wrote: "I trust your judgment and hope you have a wonderful adventure."

        In spring 2001, John went to the summer time warmth escaping into the mountains. At the start of June, which was not unknown to me, he crossed the border with Afghanistan when he volunteered for the Afghan Army, who took part in an extended-standing civil struggle between the Taliban authorities and the northern federation supported by Russia. Volunteered John acquired two weeks of army coaching at the Taliban camp, which he later discovered, and was funded by Osama bin Laden, who visited the camp twice. On the second visit, John met bin Laden, but got here out unnoticed. He might see that bin Laden was not an authentic Islamic scholar or leader.

        Later, when he returned to america, John admitted that he had made a critical mistake in becoming a member of the Taliban army. But on the time of his determination, he was not conscious of the brutal human rights state of affairs in the Taliban. His motive, he defined, was merely to assist alleviate the suffering of abnormal individuals in Afghanistan. "It seemed to me," he stated in the listening to of his condemnation, that I was obliged to assist what I thought-about as an Islamic liberation movement towards warlords who had occupied several provinces in northern Afghanistan. I had discovered about books, articles, and people who had first-hand expertise of a number of atrocities committed by the North Alliance towards the civilian population. I had heard reviews of massacres, baby rape, torture and castration. "(The reports of atrocities committed by warlords of the North Alliance were not exaggerated or inaccurate, and the State Department has documented them thoroughly.) . He was given a rifle and two hand grenades, neither of which had the opportunity to use. Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld later claims that John had been found "together with his AK-47 in his arms," John himself handed over his weapons to the North Alliance forces long earlier than they met US troops.

        Though the terrorist assaults on September 11, 2001 have concealed the fact that John's considerations concerning the suffering of innocent civilians in Afghanistan have been shared together with his own authorities. For instance, on 21 July 2000, the Council of State issued an "information page", which said that the USA was "the largest single donor of humanitarian aid to the Afghan people."

        The US authorities also offered funds directly to the Taliban government, together with a $ 43 million grant in Might 2001 to eliminate opium. This was not secret assist, however Secretary of State Colin Powell personally announced that "We are still looking for ways to provide more help to the Afghans." Following the September 11 attacks, the State Department quietly eliminated the press

        The Bush administration's help for the Taliban was part of a mannequin courting back to 1979, when President Carter responded to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by providing both army and humanitarian help to the anti-communist opposition. President Reagan was notably supportive of Afghan resistance. In March 1983, President Reagan stated: “Every country and every human being has a share in the resistance of Afghanistan, because the struggle for freedom in Afghanistan defends the principles of independence and freedom, which form the basis of global security and stability. In March 1984, he said: "The resistance of Afghanistan's freedom fighters is an example for the whole world that the ideals of the ideals prevailing in this country are the ideals of freedom and independence." The following year, in March 1985, he said: “They are our brothers, these fighters of freedom, and we owe their help. . . . They are the moral counterpart of our founder and the brave man and woman of the resistance of France. We can't turn away from them. ”

        These have been“ freedom fighters ”. John believed in help when he turned a volunteer within the Taliban military. If John was confused concerning the true nature of the Taliban, he was not alone. For 2 full many years, his personal authorities had praised these troopers as daring and moral fighters of freedom who fought towards the oppressed enemy. If it weren't in the September 11 assaults, John's determination to hitch the Afghan Military in spring 2001 would have been left to the family.

        This was a positive selection. John acted impulsively, with distorted idealism and without giving his household. He placed himself in a detrimental method within the civil struggle between the Taliban government and the Russian federation supported by Russia.

        Nevertheless, it must be noted that John had no information of Osama bin Laden's darkish plot to attack the United Kingdom. States, and by joining the fighters of freedom in Afghanistan, he tailored to the army, which had acquired assistance from the Carter administration, the Reagan administration, the first Bush administration, the Clinton administration, and one other Bush administration. John had no felony function, and he never took any action towards america. READ REST HERE

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