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Marie Colvin and Media Falsehoods – Sri Lanka Guardian

by Rick Sterling


In April 2014 I used to be a part of a world delegation
who visited Syria for five days. Representatives came from many various methods
lands. Among the most notable have been the Irish Nobel Prize for Mairead Maguire, a
Syrian and British coronary heart surgeon and Julian Assange's father. We hung out
Damascus, then traveled by bus to Latakia and then to Homs. In every city we had
meetings with political, spiritual and social leaders, however additionally they had time
hike and speak to individuals within the streets

In Latakia, I met an American Lilly Martin
married to and lived in Syria, elevating the household for the last 25 years
years. He advised me how improper the western media was. In contrast to the media
claims that the Latakian demonstrations have been violent from the beginning. After
The primary outbreak of violence, Syrian police and soldiers have been ordered to be
carry weapons. The protesters continued to burn and destroy state businesses

Once we visited Homs, I used to be amazed at how normal it appeared.
The streets have been full of individuals and the town seemed good. It was dramatically
totally different from these introduced in Western media. It was solely once we have been
drive away from tomorrow to move by means of an area with a variety
destruction and warfare. Most

The American journalist Marie Colvin died in February 2012
in one in every of these neighborhoods. It was referred to as Baba Amr. Ten days after that
Demise, militants, and other civilians had all left Baba Amr. Its
Unfortunately, Marie Colvin did not speak to Lilly Martin or visited
Nearly all of Homs, the place the struggle was not raging. It might have offered much wanted


In line with many colleagues, Marie Colvin was
charming and bold, formidable and enjoyable to be with. He had the talent
together with private info, descriptions and feelings that lock the reader.
Unfortunately, Colvin's Syrian reviews and interviews have been inaccurate and a

It is useful to take a look at Colvin's reporting now, seven years
Later, as a result of there are new articles, books and films
how he died in Syria.

Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy have been smuggled into Syria
From Lebanon in February 2012. They spent days in the metropolis of Al Buwaydah
and then they have been taken to the town of Homs utilizing a drain pipe to keep away from
Syrian army checkpoints. Their guides and tourists have been in the course of the journey
Farouq Battalion Associated with Free Syrian Military (FSA)

From Fall 2011 on Fighters Farouq
The battalion was arrange by checkpoints, killed by safety and soldiers, and regularly took over
to regulate the Homs neighborhood referred to as Baba Amr. They referred to as it "liberated"
zone". By the time Marie Colvin and different journalists arrived, the majority
The civilians had fled from battles to stick with buddies and household in different elements

Colvin and Conroy spent a couple of days at Baba Amr, but then left
by way of the tunnel when it was rumored that Syrian troops are attacking.
When you understand that the attack didn't occur, the journalists did
Arduous journey back to Baba Amri. The second morning after returning to Marie
Colvin and French photographer Remi Olchik died when Syrian troops started


Marie Colvin's Stories and Interviews on Syria have been
extensively distributed in the United Kingdom and america. He wrote an article, "The vet is simply
hope for the wounded of Syria ”. Article Begins' Wounded civilians arriving a
The Syrian Homs City short-term clinic trusts the vet to save lots of them
stay because they don't have a physician. “As is documented in Conroy
they weren’t in Homs; they have been within the city of Buwaydah once they found
a veterinarian working as a physician. Truly, there were lots of of docs
medical tasks and remedy of civilians and troopers injured during conflicts

Colvin's essential story for the Sunday Occasions was referred to as 'Last
sent from tomorrow to the abused metropolis. It begins by capturing "widows"
within the basement "with 300" scared ladies and youngsters who have been trapped
Homs ". 300 ladies and youngster reviews are exaggerated. second
the supplier estimates half the amount more likely to be exaggerated,
because footage and videos look lower than 50 ladies and youngsters.

Colvin went on to say, "The Widow's Cellar
Displays the affliction of 28,000 males, ladies, and youngsters who take on existence
Baby Amr. “This can be a big lie; was a small a part of this number
of the remaining civilians in the neighborhood. Paul Conroy wrote as follows:

It turned more and extra unimaginable that it was there
an estimated 28,000 individuals still reside in Baba Amr. I had not seen a single. "Underneath the Lanka (p. 188)

Marie Colvin Deaths Instantly Final Night time
BBC, Channel 4 and CNN. The CNN interview began with a video of the child
dies from shrapnel wound (above). CNN believed that Marie Colvin was
the attention proves the infant's demise. Anderson Cooper asked Colvin what it was
be in the room. Marie Colvin replied that the room was chaotic and
baby demise heartache. He dramatizes the state of affairs by talking
Baby's grandmother is non-compulsory within the room when the child arrived.
Nevertheless, Colvin was not within the room. Marie Colvin and the media
Activists noticed the video on a laptop pc within the FSA Information. (Under
Wire p.155).

In his CNN interview, Colvin described Baba Amria as follows:

28,000 civilians, men, ladies and youngsters who cover, are
peeled, defenseless…. There are not any army objectives right here…. So it's good
and lie that they (the Syrian military) are just after the terrorists….
The Syrian army only dies of chilly and starving civilians.

In reality, Baba Amr was the first base for militants
Farouq Battalion. If there was a "perfect lie", it appeared like that is


Like most West Syrian protection, Colvin reviews
does not present an necessary context, reminiscent of:

• How
The conflict began in Homs. The eyewitness stated: “From the start, protest
the movements weren’t purely peaceful. From the start, I’ve seen armed protesters
Guided alongside protests that began to shoot the police first. Very
Typically the violence of the security forces has been a response to the merciless
the violence of armed rebels. ”

• How Baba
Amr was taken. In October 2011, fighters from the Farouq Battalion have been set up
Baba Amr's inner checkpoints attacked and killed Syrian military troopers and others
security forces and killed or expelled government supporters. The method was
just like what Aleppon's civilian has documented: “Nine days of mine
window in Aleppo ”.

• Assaults
infrastructure. In December 2011, the militants blasted the tube into Homs
Oil Refinery, a serious oil supply for the nation

In mid-January, the Arab League report paperwork the outcomes
their analysis. They stated:

The observer mission witnessed acts of violence
towards army forces and civilians
deaths and accidents. Examples of these actions are civilian bombings
a bus that kills eight individuals and injures others, together with ladies and youngsters
and diesel gasoline practice bombing. Another Homs Event a
The police bus was blown up by killing two cops. Gasoline pipe and some
small bridges have been also bombarded.

Baba Amr's soldiers destroyed the government tanks and used

2. February 2012 FSA militants attacked the federal government
Watch out for ten soldiers and 19 different prisoners. It was
apparently the final straw of the government. The subsequent day, February 3,
Baba Amr's powerful bombing started


Marie Colvin's Baba Amr reviews have been a political aim
encourages Western motion. That is made clear in the e mail sent to the Sunday Occasions

It’s unhappy that the Syrian regime permits you to continue doing this… I feel I’ll give attention to Baba Amri, 28,000 annoyed… ”beneath the Wire station (b. 196-197)

His report was lacking necessary information sensationalisoitiin
endure on the opposite aspect, ignored the struggling on the opposite aspect and demonize

In an interview with CNN, Colvin used his video
dying little child urging western motion. “This child is more likely to move
More individuals assume: “What happens and why no one stops this murder
Tomorrow, which happens every single day? ”

In his final article on Sunday, Colvin says:
Baba Amr, Free Syrian Army (FSA)…. are virtually unanimous
civilians who see them as defenders. “This declare is very suspicious.
a lot of the civilians had left Baba Amr. It was all household
Members of FSA Troopers and Others, None,

The impartiality of Marie Colvin's reviews and interviews was not
distinctive. Quite the opposite, virtually all NATO and Gulf states report on Syria
been biased. Stephen Kinzer would write later: “Media is deceptive
Patrick Cockburn would write "Just about everything."
You have got learn that Syria and Iraq might be mistaken. ”


It’s claimed that Marie Colvin was deliberately focused
Syrian authorities. This is unlikely. His demise brought the scholar
Damascus and helped militant opposition. A number of months after Marie Colvin
Demise, a serious British journalist informed reporters that the same Syrian rebels
tried to get him and his staff killed.

"I am fairly clear that the rebels deliberately set us
shot by the Syrian military. Deadcus has dangerous deaths. ”

It’s further claimed that Syrian intelligence outlined
Location of Marie Colvin by figuring out the satellite telephone sign used in her
interviews. That is incorrect. Colvin advised the journalist at the Sunday Occasions
Thuraya satellite telephones didn't work. He used his Skype interviews
The identical antenna uplink was used by Baba Amr. night time and day of media activists

Marie and Remi labored in the battle space
successfully with armed rebels. Their dying was one other tragic one
because of the struggle.

Ten days after Colvin's demise, militants and left
The civilians withdrew from Baba Amr. There was no bloodbath, simply the parade of the street
and celebrations in different elements of Homs

Deaths by Marie Colvin and Remi Olchik
recognition and widespread publicity. Tons of of unknowns within the West
Syrian journalists have also died in the battle. They are in a way
Victims of the Syrian Armory. In one other sense, there isn’t a match
truthful. Some have been inspired by struggle, and they’ve been set for others.

Rick Sterling is a researcher in the San Francisco Bay space. He can contact