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NEW – Open Letter to General Jaubla Wan, State of Jubek: Concern for Donation of Your Country

Date: 08/08/2019, SSN;

Pricey General Jadalla Wani, Governor of Jubek State, Juba, South Sudan,

We, the undersigned, want to prolong our sincere greetings to you and all members of the State Authorities and the Assembly. The truth is, we thank all of the state authorities's onerous-working officials who’re doing their greatest to serve the individuals of the Jubek state.

First, we’re a gaggle of involved residents from all corners of the Jubek state. along with our collective considerations about current occasions and developments in our nation. As you understand, current clashes between authorities forces and opposition forces have resulted within the displacement of our communities and the deterioration of the humanitarian state of affairs in these elements of the nation. It provides to the sooner demographic transition beneath comparable circumstances. However now individuals are apprehensive about their current determination to divide the land to the SPLM / SPLA hero, heroine and martyr. They marvel the place that land comes from if it isn’t a brand new approach to take land from local communities.

Your Particularity,

We wish to categorical our grave concern about our determination based mostly on the next details:

Firstly – As you nicely know, the land challenge has reached a stage of disaster due to the enlargement of the town of Juba. The extension of the city space was important within the early levels of the establishment of the South Sudanese authorities in order to accommodate the huge influx of residents from different elements of the nation, including foreigners. But corruption and exploitation rejected this course of. It was seen by senior government officials and military generals as a means of separating the area people from the lands of their ancestors by coercing and threatening, typically at gunpoint. In consequence, some of the villages that had beforehand been half of the Juba suburbs have been misplaced by the Bar. Consequently, they lost farms, livestock (stolen by armed pastors) and different livelihoods. The Kamiru village occasion in early March 2012 is one example of injustice to native communities.

The Bari group is probably the most glad and rich of its residents and foreigners within the country. When the floods took Dinka Bor into their houses in the early 1960s, we adopted them as a compatriot. Similarly, the Congolese, who fled their struggle of their country throughout that decade, have been welcomed by the bar. They by no means disturbed or attacked these communities. They have been really exemplary in displaying tolerance for variety. But this pleasant nature had been exploited, and in consequence, Bari misplaced a considerable quantity of land to powerful authorities officials and high-rating SPLA / SSPDF officers. In addition, an armed pastor insulted some of their qualities. At current, there’s hardly any land that might be given away with out giving to local affairs the products they have inherited from their ancestors.

Second, the remnants of heroes, heroines and martyrs around the globe are often returned to their communities and places of origin. . If they don’t have houses there, the government will grant them plots of land to be inbuilt each of their cities, cities or villages of origin. It is a type of satisfaction for the area people that their little kids' last vacation spot is on earth locally. In many instances, these households find yourself converting museums into memorabilia by the respective communities.

Subsequently, it’s more applicable for heroes, heroines, and martyrs to grant land in their nation-specific states. Juba shouldn’t solely have the distinction of proudly owning houses for all the respected and respected individuals in South Sudan. Each state must be honored to have the houses of its heroes, heroes and martyrs.

But when it comes to giving them in the capital of the nation, Juba shouldn’t be the place. As you might keep in mind, the Group has persistently referred to as for the capital of South Sudan to be relocated from Juba to one other country. Our great group leader, the late Dr. Philip Tongun, stated it clearly by way of SSTV – “Juba has all the time been a home within the capital of South Sudan. Bari individuals shouldn’t be the one group that has the privilege of housing capital. It's time for different communities to have this privilege. “

The Bari group remained steadfast in its demand for a capital switch from Juba. On four April 2011, a gathering of the Council of Ministers chaired by President Kiiri adopted a resolution on the transfer of the capital from Juba to Ramchiel. The place of the Bari group has not changed on this challenge. Heroes, heroines and martyrs ought to subsequently be given plots in Ramchiel, the new capital of South Sudan.

Thirdly – It's concerning the criteria you chose for the parcel allocation. Why is it limited to the families of SPLA / SSPDF heroes, heroines and martyrs, while the families of Anyanya heroines, heroines and martyrs are excluded? Additionally, why did you allow our martyr in 1992, who have been rebels but couldn't get into SPLA strains? We all know what occurred to them when the Khartoum authorities overthrew them to President Omar Al Bashir.

The group has no amnesia concerning the atrocities of the SPLA and their sons who lost their administration and the neighboring state. The case of brave leaders; Justice Minister Peter Abdul Rahman Sule and General Elias Lino Jada are usually not and should not be forgotten. The Bari group sees your determination as another try to seize their land, however this time via the again door. The system seems to be aimed toward facilitating the acquisition of a presidential group, clan and household in Bariland. The illegitimate appointment of the presidential nephew because the deputy mayor of Juba says rather a lot. You have to be aware that land grabs are happening in the Rajaf East as we converse. The nationwide government seems to be pleased to help the state government curb these unlawful acts. You’ve shown generosity in your intention to grant land to the SPLM / SSPDF hero, heroine and martyr. However members of the identical institution and others proceed to take pleasure in illegal land acquisition, as talked about above. The earlier question is repeated – the place do the nations you plan to give come from?

Fourth – We are properly conscious of our rights as enshrined within the Transitional Constitution for South Sudan 2011 (TCSS 2011 Revised 2015). It states that the land belongs to the Communities. Selections by the president, governor or different authority to divide land with out the consent of the inhabitants involved; would essentially be unconstitutional. Such commitments are subsequently thought-about to be illegal and non-binding. We see them as merely a seizure of land.

Fifth – Notice also that you simply and the president are each elective. The president, by no means elected president of South Sudan, appointed you as governor of Jubek without elections. Thus, you both would not have the facility of the individuals to make selections on their behalf in matters of land distribution. Only the Bari group has the proper to cope with matters associated to their God-given land.

Your Excellence,

Your change may be compared by giving one thing you don’t personal to a 3rd social gathering with out the proprietor's consent. In fact, within the present circumstances of our nation, where there isn’t any regulation, order or freedom of speech, your determination can come true. The Bari group can't block you or the president right now. However we know that every little thing has time. President Kiir and does not reside ceaselessly. But the Bari group can be there long after both of you’re gone.

As a beloved Bari and one of our recognized heroes, we ask you to think about this unpopular venture. We would like you to mirror in your heritage, which has thus far remained immaculate and unspoiled. Assume of the injury that such a transfer might have to your recognized identify. You should reject this choice, which has angered the overwhelming majority of Bari citizens.

As for those who have begun queuing to get their promised plots, we might say; not so quick. They shouldn’t be in a hurry to construct what you will have given or are going to supply them. The final saying, which belongs to the Barians, is way away. Otherwise, they might construct their homes not on rocks but on shifting sand. The Bari group will never acknowledge any land acquired with out its consent.

Your Highness,

We still hope that you simply take our recommendation under consideration and whether you retain what you plan to do. We’re ready to work with you and supply help in all of our efforts to improve the lives of our individuals.

Thank you and God bless you.

Signed: Involved Citizens of Jubek State

  1. Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok UK
  2. Baba Wani Sudan
  3. Alfred Lado Egypt
  4. Edward Loro USA
  5. Tombe Jada Withheld
  6. Wani Loro Arrested
  7. Jada Lo Lako USA
  8. Dr. Wani Rondyang UK
  9. Jildo Gore UK
  10. Stephen Reader Ladis Ethiopia
  11. Wani Gwuddu Arrested
  12. Wani Chrispin UK
  13. David Laku UK
  14. Masmino Gore UK
  15. Pita Na Morbe Withhusto Veneto -Sudan
  16. Jong Na Pitiya arrested
  17. Wani Sule Jada South Sudan
  18. Loku Wani Jada South Sudan
  19. Loro Emmanuel Ladu South Sudan
  20. Mogga Dennis South Sudan
  21. ] Wani Juma South Sudan
  22. Loro Kwajok Arrested
  23. Kaku Na Tongu Arrested
     Moulodyang Gore Arrested 
  24. Nene Na Tombe Arrested
  25. Sule Lo Loro Arrested
  26. Kwajok Jada Okay6590 arrested
  27. Jada Tongun arrested
  28. Igale Dependable
  29. D & # 39; oggale Ladu arrested
  30. Ladu Tombe arrested
  31. Wusong Jada arrested
  32. Keji Na Loro arrested
  33. Emmanuel
  34. Emmanuel [19659026] Kulang Lowala arrested
  35. Pony] Awad Laku arrested
  36. Loku John Wi third arrested
  37. Mori Pitiya arrested
  38. Grace Bojo arrested
  39. Wani Chris arrested
  40. Matthew Laku arrested
  41. John Ladu arrested
  42. Swaka arrested
  43. Naala Bepo USA
  44. Lowala Bepo USA Laku arrested
  45. Margin Tongun arrested
  46. Sokiri Modi arrested
  47. Dario Kasmiro (Wani Kriba) USA
  48. Erkolano Yoguso arrested
  49. Canada
  50. Pitiya Lo Wurda Australia
  51. Sudan
  52. Swaka Martin arrested
  53. Yokwe Mogga arrested
  54. Gune Na Bureng arrested
  55. Womba Ladu arrested
  56. Subek Lo Poni arrested
  57. Wos arrested
  58. South Modi Loro arrested
  59. Sule Wani arrested
  60. Najowan Jada USA
  61. Kapoki Na Rombe arrested
  62. Dr. Robert Ladu UK
  63. Gora D & # 39; oggale Wani South Sudan
  64. Stephen Lado South Sudan
  65. Wani Stephen Erkolano South Sudan
  66. Robert Sala Pitiya South Sudan
  67. Andrew Pitiya Subek South Sudan
  68. Angelo Longkui Sarapano South Sudan
  69. Marsa Bondya Lado South Sudan
  70. Augustino Modi Korsuk South Sudan
  71. Lada Yanga Morris South Sudan
  72. Jada Angelo Tongun South Sudan
  73. Gore D oggale Ware South Sudan
  74. Emmanuel Takak L South Sudan
  75. Wani Tombe Dedamo South Sudan
  76. Dr. Keji L. Jada Kwajok USA
  77. Gumba Na Davide Arrested
  78. Soma Yokwe Arrested
  79. Jaden Daniel Arrested
  80. Kitale Gori Arrested
  81. Legge Thomas Arrested
  82. Jada L. Jada Kwajok] UK
  83. The quantity was arrested
  84. Dr. Pony L. Jada Kwajok USA
  85. Kenyi Jubek Arrested
  86. Kiden Laku Arrested
  87. Santo Wade Arrested
  88. Gworit Ladu Arrested
  89. Denya Na Buluk Arrested
  90. Kose Lowala Arrested
  91. 19659117]. 19659026] Ladu Gubek United States
  92. Emmanuel Stephen South Sudan
  93. Morbe John South Sudan
  94. Gworit Joseph South Sudan
  95. Musa Juma South Sudan
  96. Nyagong Joseph South Sudan
  97. Moses Samson Kriba Italia


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