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Playa Please Awards: 2018 The Worst Moments


2018 was something to do, proper?

However earlier than you set this annoying years of the rear view, I’m right here to remind you the lowest.

Sure, as soon as once more it's time for the annual Playa Please Awards, the place for seven years we are ashamed of celebrities, news ambassadors and direct weirdoes who’ve contaminated our schedules for their misery.

As all the time, I don’t take away all political occasions (one obvious exception) and all of Me Too Shifting Offenders. Different retailers have already died of demise.

Take a look at the six moments that made us need to move to a different photo voltaic system.

6. Taylor Swift sucks the soul from earth, wind and hearth

If you consider the globe, the wind and the hearth, you think of passion. Power. For the more adventurous.

I don't consider this.


But for some cause Rhythmless Nation leader Taylor Swift thought it was a good idea to cowl one

Just like the literal R&B Succubus, T-Swift drained all of the unrest from this album, changing iconic, full-bodied voice with Nyquil's track and boring banjo. I'm often irritated everlasting paheksuntakulttuurista the Internet, however Taylor earned every Flak, which he acquired this rice cake.

Allee Willis, who wrote the track Elementi late with Maurice White and Al McKay within the shade as courteously as attainable: “I really didn't assume he would have accomplished a horrible job. Yes, I felt prefer it was as sleepy as a hop turtle that penetrated underneath the sunflower once you enjoyed the bottle of Valium, and I assumed it had a one-storey motel, however I imply that the woman didn't kill anyone.

It might have been more exciting if he killed someone.

5. Anybody who took Tide Pod Problem earned dying


At first I assumed that Tide Pod Challenge was a silly Internet rumor, like Slenderman or Sinbad, who played a family or Cardi B:

It may't be true – individuals can't eat laundry detergents.

But we have been one month in 2018 when the American Poison Facilities Union introduced that 86 instances have been intentional abuse of laundry packages in the calendar yr

Sure, this stuff seem like Kool-Assist Burst. However as soon as I assumed the tampon was a fruit wheel – it doesn't mean I tried to eat it.

… Regardless of how a lot I favored it.

Apparently, some Youtubers thought it will be enjoyable to fake to eat this stuff. And since the world is filled with sheep, as a result of some men who can't legally drink, stated it was nice to swallow the poison, individuals actually began it.

Maybe a few of these Mumble Rappers ought to have been challenged. It might have cleansed their frivolous, rusty throat and eventually heard what they say once. Or perhaps it’s going to destroy their voices.

Eh, victory is victory.

four. Drake Not Built For Army Art

“It's Only That Counterfeit Crooks Who Can Pretend You” – Jay Z, Takeover

If you've been billed for the second time so long as Drake is, it's just natural for you to start consider in your personal hype. However one other Battle Rapper Drake stepped into the actual battlefield, Aubrey received into the Thanos fashion


Fast reminder: Pusha T and his brother Malice had been cheating with Drake's mentor Lil Wayne for years. Ultimately, Push additionally began with Drake, who was principally silent, understanding he was WAY out of his league, dealing with a lyric assassin. However when a number of rap struggles gained a literal tomato jar, like Child Cud and Meek, Drake acquired a frog and began capturing again. Then, when Push mentioned Drake's ghost writer "Infared", Drizzy had ENOUGH, and dropped what he just knew, was a diss-track to cease all diss songs, "Duppy Freestyle", which on his credit was far more than normal

After years of burning, Drake lastly fell into the lure of Pushan


Then we acquired this.

Pusha launched an previous image of Drake on a black surface, out of his secret youngster's grownup film, ran his future Adidas trade to the bottom before it even launched and sent blast-cuts to Drake's Noah ”40” Shebib.

Save your meme and hide your meme's Twitter fingers. This, women and gents, is rap beef. And Aubrey wasn't ready.

Instantly Drake went from Massive L to Massive Child Dram – claiming he had a PERFECT response, however his rap father J Prince advised him that it was scorching and it didn't launch it so Push didn't burn all the recent fyah is spit. And naturally, his legion of dancing rushed to Twitter to regulate the injury, claiming that Pushan's diss went too far.

The place have been all these pacifists when Drake had directed Pushan's groom and picked up Cud's psychological well being issues? And Drake enjoying the sufferer is even more ridiculous when he claimed to have sent a goon to disturb Pusha's live performance. Point Drake has not but disputed.

Pay attention, I feel it's unfair when individuals choose "soft" for Drake just because of his R & B ties. Drake has a variety of things – ceaselessly overrated, bearer, lazy, dangerous singer, has stolen extra types than Shang Tsung, and so forth. – but I don't need to call him tender.

One other thing I didn't call him – a fighter. Hold on to the Grammy nominations which are submissive albums, homie, you're high-quality. Depart this hip-hop story to professionals

3. Nicki Minaj and horrible, horrible, no good, very dangerous yr

What number of years on this very area, I've been advised that Icki Garbaj was a charlatan? And how many years have you referred to as me a frenzied ladybug?

However then Nicki finally crosses someone who needs and other people say, "I think Nicki has changed."


Struggle between Nicki Minaj and the brand new, most popular female rapper Cardi B on the Web could possibly be a column of 1000 phrases. However it's just a stone in Nick's landslide.

In the course of the past 12 months, he has chosen unnecessary battles with Cardi and when Cardi entered his public LITERARY HID; accused journalists of being paid criticism of his work 6ix9ine, a deviant that appears like a bunch of Now and Laters melting in a scorching automotive and needed to grow to be an actual boy; released yet one more mediocre album Queen (which, frankly, is best than most of her different trash albums), spotted Spotife's fingers to unfold the disintegration album and even started to tempt Travis Scott and his own BABY when he outsourced him; he was in comparison with Harriet Tubman himself, as a result of the Lord solely is aware of why; and even went after Safari, the guy who wrote a lot of the (trash) items that you simply beloved when he was cool, after.

He also created Queen Radioa, a propaganda radio that woke him up together with his enemies and spin his story as his clever snake circles every little thing. Nicki Minaj is mostly a female Trump.

It's time to start out listening.

2. Jacquees, R&B King of R&B

Particular model suck jumps to complete listing # 2 simply two weeks before publication. But it is for you Jacquees – he has discovered to fail upwards

Just some weeks in the past Jacquees hit Twitter and proudly declared R&B the king (for his era).

100% of the Web reported together: [19659003]   tenor-3

 Screening 2018-12-20 at 4.10.16 PM

 tenor-2 ” width=”498″ peak=”241″/> ” width=”498″ peak=”241″/> ” width=”498″ peak=”241″/> giphy-Three "width =" 467 "height =" 350 "/>

Whilst a" generation "warning, this sign is pure fiction, this stupidity gave rise to an almost 48-hour dialogue about who was the king of RULKAN.

But this Jackee boy needed to go and spoil it. to open a platinum-selling mouth, Birdman Jr. Jr. runs out anyplace, cuts Keith and HIJACKS THE INTERVIEW to shout about how he actually is king.

 Screen Shot 2018-12-24 6.59.47 AM ” width=”500″ peak=”335″ /> [19659003]

See Keith's Face

Tigger and S Through the follow-up research (for some purpose), Keith rightly placed a small ammunition in place and apologized for it from the digital camera. And when Keith tries to make some extent that legends like Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass by no means waste time pretending to be kings, but let the music converse for themselves, this guy CUT KEITH OFF AGAIN, shouts "well they didn't have the Internet!" "

If Keith killed him in the fitting digital camera, nobody would have thought. I acquired you a assure, huge homie.

Just the horror that IceJJacqueesFish stepped into Keith is ridiculous. Take a look at the Scoreboard: Keith has bought 30 million data, REAL classics, and greater than 1's than Jacquees has a pair of unpolluted lingerie. Jacquees has an ONE OK studio album, a couple of singles that nobody remembers and a bunch of other individuals's songs.

You’re karaoke, not the king of R&B. Be humble

1. Conservative Kanye Kardashian

 Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 1.28.11.

So, No. 1 was fairly obvious this yr as a result of one of many black American voices got here from the producer Talib Kwel's "Get By" launch for the additional Jordan Peele & # 39; s "Get Out" program.

Before the MAGAs are sensitive and I rise to mention, I need to be clear – on this case I don't necessarily care about Kanye. I made positive that he used his carelessly on his platform to undermine the group he spent most of his profession help.

In filled with injustices – self-negligently revealed LP (and supposed follow-up motion at CP-time) infinite nonsense Twitter seashores – the most important claw on his neck was this assertion:

”Once you hear about slavery 400 years… 400 years ? It seems like a selection. You have been there for 400 years and that's all. It's like we’re mentally imprisoned. "

This statement is probably the most disgusting example of the rights that I’ve ever heard. Our ancestors tore their houses, actually their households have been stolen from them, crushed, crushed and systematically brainwashed. They suffered from the imaginary, and it was a miracle that the black breed didn’t extinct in the 20th century.

But was their struggling a selection?

Nah, you determine to sell individuals on clothes that appear to be a hand from under. Strolling Lifeless Zombies. You choose mediocre music after which criticize individuals who don't understand its alleged genius. You choose to suck into a management that prefers to build and hide behind partitions moderately than building bridges and selling unity.

You choose suck.

I know that Kanye has since supported these comments. And yes, I know he has battles with mental well being. But here's an amazing concept:

Out of Twitter

Cease your mouth

Get help

And take L


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