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SILVER PISTOL – Fortune magazine soldier

SILVER PISTOL - Fortune magazine soldier
John plaster SOG gun John Plaster SITT Ecover copy

Army collectors pay hundreds of SOG knives;

Maj. John L. Plaster, USAR (Ret.)
Although the famous SOG knife has turn out to be probably the most sought-after specialty artifact in the Vietnam Conflict – even with a whole lot of copies – this engaging blade isn’t probably the most unique or most dear SOG memento
Unknown not solely digital A handful of Inexperienced Beret recruitment staff leaders who’ve acquired one, is the key of MACV-SOG's most prestigious award: The Boxed Presentation Browning Hi Energy Pistol.
Officially named "Special
Recognition Award of the Intelligence Working Group Leader", it was referred to as "silver pistol" in the reorganization of SOG
. The Chief SOG introduced each pistol personally on the Saigon ceremony, often to determine a very dramatic activity or to earn a excessive prize, corresponding to an honorary prize.
It’s unlikely that you will notice these very uncommon pistols – which has even appeared in the museum. To my information, that is the first publicity of their existence.

Major John L. Plaster, USAR (ret.), Serving three 1-yr journeys in Southeast Asia with secret-mission secret operations, MACV-SOG. He has chosen parachuting and inexperienced Beret and communications middle, and led the intelligence-gathering recruitment groups that have been deeply behind enemy strains in Laos and Cambodia on the Ho Chi Minh route.

Silver SOG gun
SOG weapons have been included in america and included a tremendous range of all of the suppressed Sten weapons for Walther's automation and even the distinctive Gyrojet Rocket Pistol. Our confidence in these atypical weapons was because of the want for "injustice" if the seize of the staff was put into overseas palms; As Mr. Phelps and his imaginary "Mission Impossible" power, SOG cross-border events couldn’t depart the embarrassment behind
It is this credibility requirement that triggered our army to incorporate a very good quantity of Browning 9mm Hi-Power pistols that turned a SOG-favored fight arm. . With a strong metal construction and excessive magazine capability, Browning proved to be strong, dependable and efficient
Typically within the late 1968s or early 1969s, the SOG headquarters organized a small number of these scrambled Browning pistols in chromatic and boxed "Intelligence Team Leader Special Recognition Award. "
Each pistol is packed in a good-looking, hand-crafted black lacquered casing lined with aquamarine blue velvet with an engraved brass plate with the recipient's identify. But in line with SOG's "Hush-Hush" custom, the album even avoids the phrases "SOG" or "Special Forces" that describe the recipient solely with "MACV Long Range Recon Team Leader".
Paperwork – which you might not deliver house – acknowledged this weapon necessarily by the SOG crew. It has been revealed with the warfare prize paperwork and the US Embassy's export license software, and included a reference that, like many SOG gadgets, doesn’t instantly confer with the existence of the SOG.
What number of there
SOG years in, I personally did not find out about a half tusinaisen SOG-gun presentation of recruiting group leaders. Three of these have been awarded the Honorary Prize to the winners.
These honors – Robert Howard, Fred Zabitoski and Franklin Miller – have been all from CCC in Kontum. The one different dwelling SOG Medal of Honor Winner, CCN Man, Jon Cavaiani, had been POW and wasn't released by Hanoi till SOG was discharged, so he couldn't get a silver gun.
In many instances, recruiters did not stay long enough to be introduced with the SOG pistols they deserved. The truth is, once I came upon that I was awarded a silver pistol, I used to be so frightened too quickly concerning the "dusting" that I immediately requested to submit so I might take it house on vacation. Given the high accident charges of the SOG, it was not too melodramatic to assume that you simply lived with the lender.
Nevertheless, another group leaders obtained pistols that, should you multiplied this over time, keep in mind that CCN's re-group leaders and CCS have been additionally introduced to Brownings, which supplies a sensible estimate of about 40 or perhaps 50 complete pistols.
And at the very least one SOG pistol floats round as a result of it was stolen from a former recruitment group leader's complete baggage from Germany to a state army. It tells lots about how utterly unselfish Colonel Robert Howard is that when he discovered this NCO gun, he gave him his place to exchange it! (By the best way, questionable, Col. Howard is probably the most adorned dwelling American with honor, two respected service fanatics, Silver Star and Eight purple hearts. Individuals typically ask why I stayed so lengthy in Vietnam; Silver Pistol ”, got here to a particular showcase with an engraved nameplate.”


“Hamming it up in our escape station, I snapped this picture Capt. Fred Krupa next to Laotian Highway 110 during Operation Ashtray II. Fred came to MIA during the SOG operation, his fate is unknown. ”
The Story of Ashtray II
If I might minimize an SOG gun in eight copies, I handed them over to my American teammates in Ashtray II as a result of it was our our joint effort led to the receipt of the Silver Pistol product, which is referred to in the reference as a "great POW lightning."
in Näiden n – Captain Fred Krupa and Sergeant Rex Jaco, John Yancey, Richard Woody, Paul Kennicott, R. Michael Grace and David Galaso – that we tried a very harmful process: connecting Vietnamese vans to a closely defended Ho Chi Minh route, we might not only destroy vans, but would seize the leading truck driver and drive with him all night time
And such a leading truck driver was notably beneficial,
intelligence analysts had decided because he was probably the most poor enemy knew the places of the hidden North Vietnamese amese
truck parks, route stations and base camps in South Laos – which in turn can be the targets of the B-52 assaults. The seize of such a driver was considered one of SOG's most necessary tasks in the early 1970s.
However attaching any enemy soldier close to the Ho Chi Minh Trail community was straightforward to say and troublesome. The world was so strongly patrolled that only the achievement of a freeway was a serious achievement, however the reaction forces in northern Vietnam have been so nice that escaping with a sluggish-shifting prisoner was additionally harmful.
Once I was at house, I was tried for the first ashtray convoy and POW snatch operation. It was led by Main Frank Jaks, our S-3, who was nonetheless youthful and highly effective, was a teenage anti-Nazi get together in Czechoslovakia. Although his hand picked, all of the US. The staff successfully reached the freeway and captured the convoy – by destroying quite a few vans and inflicting heavy accidents – they by chance killed the chief and returned empty-handed.
One other Ashtray
Although Major Jaks needed to steer one other ashtray broadcast, the Joint Chiefs made him too aware of the danger of his imprisonment for the second time in Laos. Subsequently, it will be a totally new perspective, a unique strategy, it was determined that the ashtray II would include a brand new group of men led by someone else. And to my surprise, I used to be chosen as the workforce leader.
Mission can be a joint effort led by Recon Staff California and RT New Hampshire, led by Captain Fred Krupa. Though Krupa took me away (I was a employees

sergeant), such "most experienced-recruiting man leads" ethics was fairly widespread in SOG.
In addition to the four People in each group, we might also wish to convey alongside 4 members of the Montagnard tribe groups, a complete of 12, as SOG recruitment teams often solely work half of this many males. details of ambush, training workouts to return into contact with the enemy, and experimenting with totally different demolitions. And, in fact, practiced it time and again and over – both day and night time. I used to be unpunished, but everybody understood that it wasn't the slightest to grab; Keep in mind that these did not want petitions, but a lot of the troops of special forces experienced their second Vietnamese tour, despite the fact that many have been new to SOG reconstruction.
When he deliberate our plan for the top of Saigon for SOG, he insisted that we drive a short, two-day recruitment from the world we flee after the ambush to ensure that we do not run immediately into the hidden base camp of the enemy. Captain Krupa led this fast activity, which slipped in and out with none danger. Two days later, a mixed 12-man workforce was added by helicopter
Three days of sluggish, silent movements reached highway 110, which was a thief's intrusion 29.three. Within the early part. 1970, day earlier than Easter Day.
After the thick leaves had descended to the final mild and even taking a look at one truck to venture into the daylight, we escaped the street. I positioned three Claymore wells related to each other by a det-wire for simultaneous detonation; they have been directed to a semi-circle to focus on the explosion trolley on the front tire of the truck.
Then we went down the highway and waited. Just before 10 pm, the sounds of the approaching vans progressively elevated till they appeared turbulent like the approaching diesel engine – then finally each roller precisely the place the three claymore showed and "KA-BOOM!" – I talked to the mines and so fast, Woody and I abused the Soviet-made GAZ-63 truck that had stopped in front of us.
In virtually three seconds, the driving force of Yancey twitched from the cockpit and when Krupa slid into the wrists of the plastic automotive seat
”Fred Krupa grabbed this photograph captured from the Soviet GAZ-63 truck fleet and the termite grenade with a hood. Our satchel expenses blown it up, creating beacon fires to direct US air area to many NVA troops that depressed us to proceed. "

I'll never forget the astonishing view of Fred Krupa together with his Kodak Instamatic and flash cubes within the midst of the infamous Ho Chi Minh route, flashing away once I threw the luggage on the truck and put the timeout termite on the hood. The opposite seconds later I shouted out the retreat that Woody supported with whistle, just as we practiced – then the hidden enemy soldier shot Woody, dangerous, by way of both palms. Rex Jaco took Woody and led him again to the rally, and Krupa and Yancey pulled out the enemy prisoner.
The elimination process, which left me alone in the truck, began to vary hearth with a number of enemy soldiers to purchase time for everybody to get collectively at the rally. On the similar time, different males lit up greater than 40 type of Claymore wells and grenades that create a kind of minefield behind us, which might boil for about 45 minutes, stirring and delaying many North Vietnamese troopers who’re approaching the ambush.
At the rally, Galaso, an SF physician, repaired Woody in addition to he might. And Woody, despite his massive pains (both of his forearms have been crushed by AK's bullets), refused morphine as a result of he was afraid to sluggish us down. He was a troublesome guy.
One among Montagnards was lacking. We couldn't wait or discover her; we needed to get out of there instantly.
We ran by way of its virtually black jungle, which solely interrupted Woody's remedy or restrictions on prisoner restrictions. After about an hour, a special Ahead Air Controller arrived, promising us, "Unlimited Air." Subsequently, when the flames of burning vans blink perfectly into the beacon of US fighters, the continuing bombs fell around the ambush simply before
Shortly after daylight Hueys 57. Assault from Helicopter Company arrived for basic use, Cobra battles have been despatched by a 361 helicopter assault
. Then the pair A-1 Skyraiders put the cluster bombs right on our aspect, but by some means we didn't hit.
And after some time Hueys threw in and we have been gone – we might have carried out it. The SOG helicopter discovered the lacking Montagnard a day later and safely retrieved.
Behind the Blind Prisoner, John Yancy & (Hat), Dave Galaso, Kontum, South Vietnam. One in every of Delta Pressure's earliest commanders, John made a 1980s hostage rescue attempt in Iran, after which he was killed in Ft. Bragg. (Photograph-Frank Greco)

”Rex Jaco captures the prisoner and leads him from a helicopter area behind John Yancy and Dave Galason. I had hardly any time to drop my gear within the RT California room when the primary sergeant advised me that SOG "Blackbird" C-130 had been moved from one other activity and arrived ten minutes to carry the prisoner and myself to Saigon. These unmarked SOG C-130s have been chased by Chinese civilians outfitted with Fulton's "Skyhook" recovery system and the newest electronic warfare.
Definitely, ten minutes later Blackbird arrived and I led the hog to the driving force of the car. We have been the only passengers. But because this was all of the report, the Chinese pilot landed on the Saigon Tan Son Nhut civilian terminal, somewhat than being more of an American ramp.
Nonetheless masquerading over the face of the camouflage mask, over the face of a handcuffed North Vietnamese prisoner asphalt; When he had seen the superb actuality of a contemporary airport, he started getting slightly antsy. With a view to find out and think about the nerves once more, I put the .45 automated muzzle in his right temple and held it there once we revered the 100 meter less visible army terminal. This remedy was instantly effective and calmed down.
I all the time keep in mind the kinds of USF and again arch military at this terminal that took a glance on the approaching haggard SFer, which had a 45-push pressed on his hook then imprisoned, then out of the blue remembered that they needed to go elsewhere. Despite about 50 US personnel round us, no one tried to make a small measurement in ten minutes once we waited for the SOG unmarked business van to arrive and take us away.
Then I began to get uninterested in chilly beer, then I discovered SOG Deputy Common, Basic Ross Franklin, and I had an important meeting: Basic Creighton Abrams, Commander of all US troops in Vietnam, needed to see us.
Hurried recent jungle fatigue and rushed to shaver shaving and haircut by SOG Sergeant's great escort, who makes positive I didn't discover a cold beer.
That night time we went to the headquarters of MACV, the place we advised Common Abrams about Ashtray II. Commander of the Special Group, Colonel Robert Rhealt, was arrested and accused of murdering a Vietnamese double agent a yr earlier. Nevertheless, I’ve to provide an previous basic credit for displacing philosophical differences and gratitude with particular forces and

SOG. When Abrams shook my hand and requested me to congratulate all my males, he meant it sincerely.
It was the hell of the day: deep in Laos and avoiding the enemy trainees at daybreak at midnight, and at the hours of darkness, on the face of the US Drive Commander in Saigon. And an hour later, without an air-conditioned bar, I seemed extra on the beer than I might eat. Which country! My solely regret was that I used to be not an ambusher comrade of my ashtray II, who celebrated that night time, despite the fact that I lifted a glass for them all.
Epilogue: Ashtray Men II
What came from eight American operations Ashtray II is an accurate, microcosmic indicator of the good risks encountered by SOG men.
Hardly taken via each arms through the convoy-ambush, Richard Woody established himself at the Vietnam hospital, then passed back to the states.
Though Paul Kennicott came via our impatient ambush, he was badly injured virtually a yr later when he returned about five kilometers east of the place we might have conquered that night time's convoys.
He was also known as a public official.
John Yancey, who pulled the enemy prisoner from the truck and led him by means of the jungle for therefore lengthy, towards a dark night time, later turned a late-retired service rally to another rally where he was one defending a fallen comrade who had been too badly wounded to stroll. Though the man died, John boldly inspired the enemy's attackers for more than an hour until the aid forces arrived. I feel he earned a certificates of honor. Considered one of Delta Drive's earliest anti-terrorism activities, John was a Desert One in Iran throughout a failed try and rescue hostages in 1980; then, because of the human error of one other Delta Pressure, John died in 1989 in a direct hearth. All of us are lacking quite a bit.
Fred Krupa was somewhat greater than a yr after Ashtray II. the complete SOG clearing drive on the Cambodian border as he fell off the floating helicopter after the AK spherical. I used to be there instantly on the USF O2A Forward Air Control, and although we put many air strikes and tried to launch a rescue mission, we never obtained Fred again. He is MIA to today. God bless him.
The rest of us have been nonetheless alive.

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