Soldiers suffer from brutal fire during the siege of a Hue – Fortune Magazine soldier

Soldiers suffer from brutal fire during the siege of a Hue - Fortune Magazine soldier
Broadcast Engineer Employees Sgt. Donat Gouin sits behind a tv disc in the fifth half of the American Forces Vietnam community in the Hue area. (Photograph Credit score: US Military)

Soldiers suffer from a brutal firefighter during the Hue siege

Gary Sheftick, army news agency

Tet Offensive, who started 51 years ago this week, was most stunned by People, including tv station providers in Hue, In Vietnam

Department 5 of the American Forces Vietnam Community (AFVN) was situated about one kilometer from the United States' most necessary compounds in the Hue area, in a relatively protected surroundings

After the AFVN crew had signed the air that night time and stood on their hull, they heard an explosion on the road . Some of them have been already asleep, however some have been still taking a look at the fireworks via the window as a result of it was the first Tet, New Yr's Eve of Vietnam Moon.

"Then the real fireworks started," stated Harry Ettmueller,

The patches and rockets started to explode the metropolis panorama, and at a distance, markers

"It was a fairly light performance," stated former Spc. four John Bagwell, a broadcaster who jumped out of mattress when he heard the noise.

One patch round hit a service station next to its TV station, situated behind the house, where the AFVN group slept eight.

Then the staff pulled their weapons: World Conflict II carabiners as well as a shotgun, three M14 rifles and a M60 machine gun stuck after two photographs.

They took places in doorways and windows to stop attainable entry. They even gave a carabiner to visiting NBC engineer Courtney Niles, who had been an army veteran

Spc. 4 John Bagwell sends to the First Cavalry Department in Vietnam earlier than being transferred to AFVN Det. 5 Hue in January 1968. (Photograph Credit: US Army)


Station Commander, Marine 1-yr-previous James DiBernardo, named Army Help Command-Vietnam, or MAC-V Office in Hue, and was advised to keep their crew in place. The shared measurement drive of the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong guerrillas attacked the places round the metropolis.

That they had even captured part of the fortress that when was the Vietnamese imperial family and later turned the southern headquarters

The Nue assault on the Hue was one of the strongest and most successful Tet assaults. Though over 100 cities across the country have been attacked during Tet, the five-week battle with Hue was the just one the place communist forces held a good portion of the metropolis for a few days.

Tet Day, the Hue energy plant was taken out and the phone strains to the AFVN have been minimize.


AFVN had begun to increase its radio spectrum on television in Saigon in the early 1967s. Then the tv went to Da Nang and even Hue.

The US Department determined to assist Vietnamese set up a position for local residents who had been at the Consulate's office in Hue. AFVN set up its gear in a van outdoors the similar villa and commenced sending troops in Might.

Tons of of TVs have been brought from Saigon and troops have been distributed. Ettmueller stated that Air America typically flies him to models close to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to distribute them.

January 1968, with the 1st Cavalry Division and 101 Plane Elements. When shifting to the North Corps space, AFVN decided so as to add radio broadcasts to the Hue TV channel.

Broadcasters Bagwell and Spc. 5 Steven Stroub was despatched to the first cavalry to help set up a radio mission. They arrived one and a half days before Tet broke out.


During the subsequent five days, occasional fire was directed to the AFVN columns, Ettmueller stated.

Bagwell stated they hoped that MACV would send them a rescue mission, but after the fifth day they have been operating out of food and water

. On February 4, North Vietnam launched a company-extensive assault on AFVN. Dozens of Vietnamese rushed to the home and the People stored a steady fire via the windows

Every time World Warfare II carabiners have been shot, magazines fell and needed to be reinstalled, Ettmueller stated. However he had M14 and put it in full automated mode.

During the assault, the younger boy appeared in a window the place Bagwell was guarding. The boy trembled as he pointed his gun at Bagwell, who hesitated.

"He shot and one bullet came close to my ear and I heard it whistle," Bagwell stated. “The subsequent bullet he fired got here shut to another ear. I noticed I didn't kill her, she would kill me. "

He pulled the set off to M14 and the boy fell back.

North Vietnam rushed to the house repeatedly during the night time. Sgt. First-class John Anderson, station NCOIC, obtained Silver Star's front room door occupying the shotgun to turn the assault after the attack.

"He was personally responsible for causing a deadly fire to an attacking enemy," provides that Anderson stored his office regardless of the proven fact that the enemy's grenades have been significantly injured

At one level, a Vietnamese soldier ran in the direction of a door with explosives around him. Ettmueller stated when one of their northwestern troops hit a soldier's sack, it exploded, took him out, and a couple of others near.

During the night time, at the very least three rocket-driven grenades have been launched in the home and the B40 rocket went immediately by way of the entrance window and hit the rear wall. The wall collapsed in Ettmueller and Marine Sgt. Tom Young, forcing both men to crawl out underneath the rubbish

"They pretty much… leveled the house," Bagwell stated.


In the morning, the house was on fire and AFVN

They decided that they had the greatest probability to attempt the MACV compound. NBC's engineer Niles stated he knew the metropolis was the greatest format, so he volunteered first on the door. Bagwell was close to him.

The plan urged each men to cross the street to the ditch so that they might close the fire to the other group. Nevertheless, Niles was shot to dying. Bagwell introduced a quick tour, however stated it didn't help a lot.

Anderson and others in the house saw the path of the fire. After a brief break, seven of them ran out of the door and turned in the other way. They made it via the fence line and crouched around the North Vietnamese workforce that was building a machine gun on the second flooring.

They made it by way of the hole in the second hole in a small rice dish once they got here to the US Info Library subsequent to a barbed concrete wall.

There northern Vietnam seized them.

The young stepped out to cover the fire and killed an automated fire.

Ettmueller described the chaotic state of affairs: “We were there, trapped. More tours coming; More grenades are thrown. Chickens run around, jump in the air and fly. More tours coming. ”

Stroub was shot in his left hand and had an open fracture. He went out, Ettmueller stated. Anderson was shot with a bullet that penetrated his flake jacket and grazed his film.

As the AFVN staff started to expire of ammunition, North Vietnam closed and captured them.

The prisoners have been tied with a thread and their boots have been eliminated and then marched ahead. Ettmueller helped Stroub, nevertheless it wasn't lengthy before he stumbled and fell. The NVA soldier opened the fire from the prime with a machine gun and executed him.


At the similar time, Bagwell was neglected of the station after Niles was shot lifeless. North Vietnam had left AFVN's different group.

Bagwell, who had been in Hue for simply a few days, had no concept find out how to go and he was out of ammunition.

He walked the streets, unsure what to do. "I was quite amazed at all the fighting I hadn't fired."

Then he seemed down at the boot and observed a gap. With adrenaline pumping she hadn't felt something however "the next thing I knew was that I was in pain."

Bagwell seemed up and saw the Catholic Church. He knocked at the door and requested the priest to help him. About 100 Vietnamese civilians have been already hidden in the church.

The priest demanded Bagwell to vary his garments. They buried a single and M14 yard.

"His idea was to make me look as much as possible with a Vietnamese," Bagwell stated.

North Vietnamese soldiers disbanded in the church to seek People.

"They came and started to show their rifles straight to my face," he stated. "I closed my eyes and thought," there isn’t a means they don't know I'm not Vietnamese. ””

However North Vietnam walked past him. Papwell then took the priest up to the church bell tower to hide.

Nevertheless, different American troops reported that NVA fighters have been hiding in the church, Bagwell stated. In order that they started to peel the church and hit the bell tower.

Half of the tower collapsed. "I just robbed out of all the mess and crawled back downstairs," Bagwell stated.

The priest rushed to him and stated, “Have you learnt in case you are a dangerous luck. We have now to get you out of here. “He referred to the varieties of rice in the mild that was distant and stated he was an American unit.

Bagwell stated that the US helicopter started to circulate via rice paddles and shine in the searchlight, considering he was a Vietnamese as a result of he had no uniform.

"Actually, that time I counted about 12 times that I should have shot and killed," Bagwell stated. "Six northern Vietnamese and six American."

When the solar rose, Bagwell was close to the US signaling unit. He took off his white shirt and put it on, shouting “Don't shoot! Do not shoot! I am American! ”

They stored their arms and requested if he was really American.

”Can't You Tell This Okie Accent? “Bagwell replied.

did you there? “Soldier requested.

"I was with a television and radio station," Bagwell stated

"No, I don't think so; they are all dead or prisoners, ”the soldier insisted. "The only physique we haven't discovered is Bagwell."


An estimated 3,000 South Vietnamese civilians have been executed in Hue in Tet during North Vietnam to be sympathetic to American troops. Bagwell stated he discovered that the Catholic priest was executed in U.S. Hiding Soldier in the church, and he knew Soldier needed to be him.

AFVN Det. 5 – Ettmueller, DiBernardo and Anderson and Marine Cpl. John Deering and Army Mission Engineer Employees Sgt. Donat Gouin – pressured to go 400 miles via the barefoot jungle over the subsequent 55 days.

Five years they have been tortured, interrogated and transferred from one POW camp to another until they have been released from the notorious Hanoi Hilton in 1973

Bagwell and Ettmueller turned part of the Military Public Administration Middle in 2008. in honor of.

(Editor's word: Bagwell and Ettmueller interviewed this month The retired chief Anderson was interviewed in 1983 when he was a civil servant in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.)

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