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Friday June 21, 2019
Occasion: Toyota Save Mart 350 Media Availability

Joey Logano Media Availability

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang – HOW DO CAROUSEL EFFECTIVE? “I think it affected us before we tried to find out what it was going to do to speed up the carousel, but we still need the guidance you need elsewhere on the race track. You have a few rounds that try to find out where you are going and what you need in your car and then start working. We all have a lot of time to work with it and find out. The thing that is still unknown is how it competes. We practically had some cars behind us in traffic to see what the effects of the car and the small things are. There are many unknowns until we compete honestly. ”

WHAT DOES WANT TO WIN WIN A WINNER IN THE POWER OF RACE DQ WHICH WINED BEFORE PRINTING? IS THAT YOU WILL BE THAT YOU CAN HELP ROSS? “You're just going. Cannot do much. Maybe I'm not the best to give advice. It took a year and a half ago. Maybe I'm not the best to answer this. I do not know. It smells. It smells like everyone. It's not good for sports, not for a big racing team or for Ross or anyone. You hit and continue. You won't stop. You continue pushing and trying to figure it out. From there you go. I don't think he needs a lot of advice. I'm sure he's fine. He's a pretty good racing driver and he's showing it lately. I am sure that he will get through this and the way in which the trucks pass, I would not be surprised if they get another victory. ”

ABOUT INFORMATION AND EXPERIENCE You've obtained the previous few years, have you ever been a better driver than you will have ever been? "Indeed. Definitely. You will all the time get higher. Subsequently, on this sport and lots of sports, it is troublesome for younger individuals to compete with previous veterans, buddies who’ve been for a long time and who have been by way of things. You've gone by way of all the things, been here and completed in many conditions Nothing is new to you. You understand how to organize, deal with strain and adversity and drama. You've been by means of it. You've been there earlier than you undergo these things, many occasions you simply don't know. You possibly can lean on so many retired racing automobiles What works for someone else does not work much for you, and it’s a must to find a grove and who you are a competitor and a person and the way you need to cope with situations. You possibly can go there continuously. sports that discover a residence and they’ll proceed for a long time as a result of they only continue See Kevin (Harvick) and Jimmie (Johnson). These guys have been right here for a long time they usually gained't fall. They are still actually good and use knowledge for them. If there’s a approach you drop your age, and I don't know if there’s or not, they will beat it with wisdom. ”

WHAT IS THE NEXT WEEK IN CHICAGOLAND? “You have cars, I think right against the wall and at the bottom of the race track. I always thought that Chicago was like a mini Fontana. I've always looked at it like this. There is some tire wear, so the bumps, fairly flat, just smaller. There are different lanes on the race track, and the way the seams are on the race track looks just like Auto Club. When I see Chicagoland what I think, I don't think the competition looks much different. ”

EVERYWHERE THANKS TO WINNING THE TIME OF TRANSPORT MAY BE WINNING FUTURE. ARE YOU FULL THAT HERE? "No. There's a bit of a bounce and then you definitely go up and the tops of the hill and go down for some time. You obviously have these forces in your body, but nothing sudden. You see the slope and you understand that some strain is created and a few grip is created simply earlier than You don't have a grip once you attain the highest of the hill. I call it to leap. I feel it's a leap. When you go quick sufficient, you possibly can in all probability leap. I'll let another person attempt it first. There's wisdom, let another person leap it first. ”[19659002] WHAT IS ABOUT THIS WEEKEND, WHEN YOU HAVE TOWARDS AN EVERYTHING COMPARATIVE TYPE OF RACE WEEK? ”Anticipate Sunday afternoon. There is just one individual in a very good temper. This place can piss me off like anything, consider me. I'm not smiling many occasions No, it has a special mood, the panorama is totally different, you’re racing. I need to win here so badly as anyone tries to get one thing and do something to happen here. I consider that the 2 toughest competitors for Staff Penske is Sonoma and Dover. We just need to say that. There's loads of hassle getting this race back in the store and the best way we put together for it. We are always making an attempt different things. Certainly we’ll hit one thing. It seems to be like there are Teams and Drivers that hit something here and it’ll go eternally. It seems like the same automobiles go here quick, no matter what the package deal of guidelines is and what the format of the tracks is. It feels like it's the identical automotive that goes right here quick. They learn how the tires stay within the automotive. You gained't see something totally different when it comes on Sunday. You'll see the identical automobiles which were right here shortly during the last 4 or five years. it already seems to be practical. They could sleep easily and drink wine, however I'm not going to try this. ”

CAN YOU MAKE ROGER (PENSKE) WHICH WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL? “Yeah, what a great honor to him. These awards, you think of what Roger has been able to achieve as an American and business owner and Motorsports tycoon. The guy is amazing what he's done. Indy 500 wins, championships, all competitions in different series around the world. For me it is incredible. His selflessness, which is not shown honestly, but he is in the way he supports charity and does it quietly. I think a lot of people say. I think it is much deserved. I'm excited about him. You think of some of the awards he has won recently in Hall of Fame, and now this is something he should be very proud of. I have the honor to know a guy. It is amazing to work for him. ”

WHAT IS WONING TO RETURN DAYTON IN THE FOLLOWING month, IMPORTANT IMPORTANT AND HEAT? “You've got me out of here, in a few weeks. You're right, Dayton always has more manageability than Talladega and we haven't brought this rule package yet. It doesn't have as many processing features that challenge as much as before. The power drive to be added to these cars has much more grip than we had before, even though they all cut them more and more to try to win it and get all the bets off and take all the handling back. It has even more processing than before. Packaging seems to be closer, harder to stop. That's how it was Talladega and it is no different. You have such a big blade and the front side is quite challenging. It is harder than before because the bubble behind the car seems to be smaller. ”

HOW TO EXTRA HORSEPOWER PRODUCTS? "We also have a few hundred more pounds in the car if you look at it so it is back on the levels."

SHOULD DOK FOR ROSS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR MORE INFORMATION THAT YOU GET? SHOULD DELIVER A DELIVERY TO ALL LOADS THAT NASCAR IS ENCOURAGED IN THIS TIME? "Little question. It should undoubtedly send a message. All of us checked out it. Wherever we have been, I feel everybody had a TV watching and at the least heard about it this week's information. It was devastating for a lot of totally different reasons. To start with, you think of factors. drop factors, drops in the playoffs of their state of affairs, as if they didn't show up, it's a reasonably large deal, but I feel the workforce thinks concerning the cash, wasn't there a $ 50,000 bonus to win it? And there was a victory in the stage. These truck teams might not run on sponsor invoices there, it is troublesome for them, it’s a massive hit. ”

Is NOT PERFECT FOR WINNING?” Statistics and Prize? In case you are a Stat guy, that’s. and racking them then I feel it is. Truthfully, I feel the score is the most important factor. It’s the largest hit. pia. ”

ARE YOUR STATIST?” So, I see where we’re and we try to get by means of the profitable record. Yeah. I like watching that stuff. Solely when I have gained. (laughter) That yr we didn't win a lot. Nothing occurred.

Ford Efficiency Notes and Quotes
Monster Power NASCAR Cup Collection (MENCS)
Friday 21 June 2019
EVENT: Toyota Save Mart 350 Media Availability

Ryan Newman Media Availability

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Wyndham Awards Ford Mustang – THIS IS LIKELY FOR YOUR FUTURE. Is it magnificence or does it attempt to do all of it? “I'm not real. We didn't qualify. I know we're out of speed, but not the speed difference you've seen in speed charts. I believe that our Wyndham Rewards Ford is competitive, not just the fifth best car. We have work to make it better. It's pretty much. The carousel only learned a little about me and clarified the braking points and what the car's balance would be like through the corners. By the way, I think I might be a little caught because I came up with the 18 or 19 years of thinking I used and it is no longer. ”

Was it struggling THIS IS ALL THE NEW BRAND? "No. I simply received the prospect to return out on the monitor yesterday, they usually let me drive the automotive just due to that feeling. I couldn't go fast as a result of there were lots of people around the race monitor, however I needed to get an concept of ​​what to expect. It's wonderful. It's fascinating to see the way it competes, it's one other half a mile away, hopefully including some type of pleasure and a number of the passing areas we’d like right here. ”

WHAT ARE THE DELIVERY FIRST TIME WHICH THE COMPLETE AREA IS CARRIED OUT BY CAROUSEL?” I don't know. I feel it's going to be difficult whenever you climb the hill for the primary time to see where the harmonic effect is going by going again to step three. You come to the brakes in places you've by no means had earlier than the brakes. That is the largest challenge I feel. Every little thing else would be the similar, however the first massive assessment is fascinating to see how far it goes again to turn 2. ”

YOU ARE IN RED. WON'T WIN TO DECIDE TO DECIDE WHICH WIN IN THE OPTIONS OR RACE POINTS? “It's Graves. He has a better picture of what to expect and hear more about what the radio wants to do or do, and better understand the past. I am about to go as fast as I can without using a racing car and take a car that we are competitive enough to have the chance to get the best result. It may be the first or the 31st, I don't know. It is interesting to see how the strategy works and who goes, because no matter what these points are very important. You have half as many points in two stages as you can to win the race. It is a guess between risk and reward. ”

WHAT'S THE CHICAGO'S NEXT WEEK? “We got the chance to do a Goodyear tire test there and we did a couple of darts that I could say. 25 rounds. We were gone compared to other cars there. It was a much broad open gas time. As long as you have a fast car that is fine. If you are open and not fast enough, it is miserable as a driver because you can't do anything to replace it. They rob him when you cut over the gate. It's like a slow kart on a kart track. You just want to start the race again and get to another map. I don't know if it will be like competition, but it was like a test, open after 25 rounds. A lot of people have learned a lot about this package because we have tested there, but it was a wider open gas stream than I expected on a track that usually loses a pretty grip on Chicago. ”

WHAT IS THE ELDORA AGAIN RUNNING AGAIN? “I would do it if the situation was right and I had the right opportunity. It was fun last year, and I'm not sorry for any opportunity I had. I had a lot of fun, just got someone else down. If something fell on my lap, yes, but I don't want to take away what I do here to focus on something outside the Cup garages. ”

Did you will have the tires you used with CHICAGOLAND WHAT'S PROFITABLE IN THE GRIP? “It's hard to say because everything is so different when it is part of an airplane and horsepower package. The tires felt great. They didn't feel any crazy different than we had in the past, which I think was the situation this year. I think they're all right. ”

WHAT ARE THE RIGHTS AFTER DAYTON'S THIS PACKAGING THAT IS TRADITIONAL IN THIS BUSINESS? "I have no idea. I've been very vocal about protecting automobiles race on the monitor, and because Larson just walked in, I feel he has some answers for you. It's the most important pet. No matter what we’ve got to do, is sweet for competition, however to be protected drivers and protected What Kyle (Larson) automotive did in Tallad could not be accepted, I have no idea what modifications have been made, if any modifications have been made, and what we do to attempt to maintain it from occurring once we return to Dayton, nevertheless it doesn't should occur. Anyone with the most effective withdrawal package deal in Dayton will know at the end of the competition. ”