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The amount of Fed body – look at it

The amount of Fed body - look at it

“The problem of war (Vietnam), as is often the case, is a measure. The situation is that if you can't calculate what's important, you do what you think is important. In this case, what you can count on was dead enemy bodies. “- James Willbanks, Army Adviser, General General George C. Marshall, Executive Director of the Staff and Staff College

” If the body is a measure of success, then there’s a tendency to rely every enemy's body right into a soldier. There is a tendency to need to accumulate lifeless bodies and perhaps use less discriminatory firepower than you may in any other case achieve the outcome you’re accused of making an attempt to get. "- Colonel Robert Gard, Army and Military Assistant to Secretary Robert McNamara. He also meant that the Fed's balance sheet cuts (QT) would stop by the end of the year.

Supporting this sudden change in policy is vague in view of his continuing glorious report on the US economy. For example, the labor market is "robust close to the unemployment fee with historic low ranges and powerful wage increases. Inflation will remain close to our 2% goal. We proceed to anticipate the American financial system to develop at a gentle tempo in 2019…" a number of unresolved government policy issues such as Brexit. , ongoing trade negotiations and partial government closure. ”

The juggling of Powell's monetary policy and economic forecasts is a form of verbal Jenga, where the blocks are stacked. Powell hopes to avoid saying anything to interfere with the structure without considering the truth. To read more about our idea of ​​his authenticity, read the latest article: Jerome Powell 60 Minutes: Fact Check.

The basics and policies of Jerome Powell's policy are not entirely logical. Is it sensible to manage US monetary policy for the self-inflicted BREXIT risks associated with the US, which are productive productions in about a tenth of the US? Or worried about growth in China, which has never produced reliable public financial information? Or the remaining impact of the US government's closure, with an impact of less than 0.1% of GDP?

The Fed's mandate, as congressional legislation has passed, is to control the economy for full employment and stable inflation. None of Powell's recent comments justify a policy change in accordance with these guidelines. Policy change is primarily speculative. It was also speculative assumptions that were behind Bernanke's speech in January 2008, in which he confidently asserted that the recession was not cards, and his earlier comments that the national housing season was unlikely.

Significant Tasks

What if the Fed had goals that really meant productivity and wealth indicators that provide a real measure of public health? What if they focused on the long-term causes and consequences of their actions instead of becoming a daily entrepreneur, focusing mainly on the market and the wealthy?

The small world the Fed currently has is focused on "inflation" (which they cannot measure), unemployment (which is to be seen backwards) and "financial stability", which is all necessary for rationalization. at any time, namely supporting the stock market. These are unspecified goals that allow the Fed to move the paintings as often as necessary to minimize their satisfaction (President Trump, stock market, banks, etc.)

Markets and economies like nature itself are considered a cycle, and part of the cycle Includes cleaning that will enable healthy growth in the future. Is it really sensible to support dead trees in the economy instead of falling and using resources for new growth?

Fed's War

The Fed's financial evaluation version is like the metrics used to justify Vietnam's military activities. Huey helicopter loads full of dead "enemy troopers" supported the American military campaign optics that progressed against Soviet-style communism. The "loss ratio", calculated by the number of dead "hooks" and shared dead American boys, was an important success factor (the very offensive term "gooks" was a common, common slang used by US soldiers thinking of soldiers thinking of all Vietnamese as sub-people and thus men and women).

The problem was that the government and the military-made numbers seemed to make progress in the war. They didn't really "make" the numbers so much that they contained dead Vietnamese civilians with the actual North Vietnamese soldiers and the Viet Cong militia. These metrics were the shadows of the actual measurement of success or failure. Do you need more enemy dead to improve your killing rate? Use less discriminatory firepower to get more destruction to increase destruction.

However, the Fed cannot even calculate what is important – productivity and inflation – so they do it when they go. They use financial information that tells the story they need to maintain leadership, banks and public confidence. They give speeches, hold press conferences and even continue their 60 Minutes. It is a number of "rely corpses" as we speak to get the numbers you want.

Just like the Vietnam Struggle, the aim of the financial principle of financial coverage utilized as we speak is to confuse and demoralize those that oppose it. In contrast to in Vietnam, when the body volume turned an essential metric, the Fed offers with metrics and analyzes comparable to r-star, ready inflation statistics, and questionable work composites.

They have the help of the incumbent government, depending on the Fed serving its position as a participant in supporting government spending and massive nationwide debt. Because the chart under displays, the remaining development of U.S. debt is a pure mathematical definition of the parabolic curve.

Knowledge: Funds Stream – Domestic Non-Monetary

Fed has worked with the US Treasury Department in collaboration with the US Treasury Division. encourages the conduct they need to forestall. The Fed punishes savers by decreasing interest rates to encourage shopper and business borrowing and spending at a time when present money owed are heavily burdened by both. Consequently, financial savings are lowered and investments are affected. When funding is decreased, it suffers from productivity, the primary sources of economic dynamism and the development of dwelling standards.

Fed coverage promotes indebted bills and expenditures earlier than saving and investing. In the long run, as we now see, this damaging cycle causes a deterioration of nicely-being. Citizens will get drained of the duty to set up and begin to choose radical politicians who’ve radical ideas for repairing the system.


The Fed has shown that it is worried concerning the inventory market as an extended-term welfare of the inhabitants. In contrast to Paul Volcker, who took a huge profession danger when coping with monetary policy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it seems that the Fed has no comparable character or integrity. No one needs to sacrifice in the brief time period of the nation in the long run. At that time, Volcker was tempted to make troublesome and painful selections beneath the steerage of the Fed, but finally he set one stage for one of the greatest progress and innovation durations in US history. Immediately, the Fed is hostage to stock market fluctuations and presidential protests.

“We would do better if we showed ourselves a little more relaxed and less terrified about what is happening… in the smaller countries of Asia and Africa, and not jump like an elephant who fears mice every time these things happen. This is not just our business, but I don't think we can do it successfully… I have the fear that our whole thinking about this problem will continue to affect some sort of illusion that concerns our invincibility. ”- George Kennan [19659002] George Kennan was an educational who promoted the USA peace coverage in the course of the first 20 years of the Cold Warfare. His teachings have been typically misused to justify US overseas coverage in Southeast Asia within the 1950s and 1960s. When the construction of troops in Vietnam continued in the mid-1960s, Kennan was invited to testify earlier than Congress. In spite of warnings from the wars of struggle, politicians who applied for re-election could not convey such a message to the American public. Higher to sacrifice the lives of less privileged 19-year-previous boys than admit a mistake on a US overseas and army machine. As well as, the construction of blast bombs abroad increased financial output, although it was not profitable or useful

Right now, Kennan's feedback can easily be traced to the motion of central banks and stock markets [Hiiri.]

Complicated System

The US financial system could be very complicated and dynamic system. Trying to measure the level and pace of financial progress, employment, inflation and productiveness could be very troublesome, although not inconceivable. Totally different authorities and personal businesses liable for such a measurement will do their greatest to recognize what’s a really insufficient effort. Unique readings are all the time checked, typically heavily, particularly at crucial turning points of the financial system.

When nervous, it is assumed that the tactic used to assess the standard of financial progress shouldn’t be only applicable but accurate. At the similar time, nevertheless, the elements of GDP are difficult and exclude other issues that must be explicitly included. Consequently, economic policy-making focuses on those issues which might be measured in response to their preferences with out accuracy or significance. Emphasize "body amount" without proper separation. For more information on this, see The Macroeconomics.


In the Vietnam War, General William Westmoreland maintained its strategic focus on the attacks by the North Vietnamese forces supporting Viet Cong's Guerillas in South Vietnam. Westmoreland referred to what he called a "crossover". This was determined by the point where the US military forces killed more North Vietnamese enemy troops than could be replaced. It was indeed a strategy that weakened. As a result of this concept, as discussed above, what became successful successfully was "the amount of body." Because the amount of body was the most important, everyone became an enemy soldier, regardless of whether it was innocent civilian or northern Vietnamese officers [19659002] You are not receiving body data. Get the numbers. And the numbers are lies, most of them. If the body is a sign of success, otherwise respectful men will be liars – Joe Galloway, news correspondent and journalist

Just as Westmoreland's approach to implementing the Vietnam War did not produce a false justification for the actions taken and for the countless young American and Vietnamese people, the US government and the Fed misunderstood the optics of several economic measures to justify their actions, such as:

  1. Fed Political policy influenced by central bank representatives, including the federal government, major global banks and the richest 1%
  2. politics
  3. Stock market valuations are affected by heavily manipulated interest rates and currencies
  4. Stock market prices are manipulated by higher share bonuses facilitated by low interest rates t
  5. The federal government supports the takeover of shares in the stock exchange commission (SEC) in accordance with section 10b-18 of the share price management policy

. “We tend to fight the next war in the same way as we fought against the last war. We are prisoners of our own experience. It was a kind of overcompensation of the problem, combined with our supremacy that made me feel arrogant. And it is very, very difficult to dispel ignorance if you hold arrogance. "- Lieutenant Common Sam Wilson, Military

The Federal Reserve and the Vietnam Conflict are worlds, but considering in the bureaucratic sense could be very comparable. Misleading techniques are often used as a device for many who have to justify one thing that makes little which means and violates the ethical code

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