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Updated: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Friday Cable Originals and Online Decisions: December 4, 2016

NETWORK FINALS: BLINDSPOT lost 0.1 in last numbers. As well as, CW was in all probability at its lowest resulting from sporty pre-selections, with Zero.2 eight and 0.1 / Zero.1 at 8.30 and 9.00.

Classification Scheme for Official Broadcasting Packages

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CABLE HIGHLIGHTS: ESPN's Afternoon Assessment beneath THE MASTERS for Friday Cable 0.57. LIVE PD of A & E decreased from Zero.11 to Zero.56, and the lead terminal was 0.29. In Discovery, GOLD RUSH misplaced 0.05 to 0.31 when the Departure Time was less than 0.29. HGTV's MY LOTTERY DREAM HOUSE fell from 0.02 to Zero.30. We, MAMA JUNE: WHAT HAPPEN GOT 0.02-0.25, and BRIDEZILLAS was 0.03-0.14. Food Network DINERS, DRIVE-INS & DIVES rose 0.03-0.25. Within the ID, IN PLAIN SIGHT was Zero.24 / Zero.24. MTV RIDICULOUSNESS was 0.24 / 0.23 in comparison with Zero.22 last week. NHC PLAYOFFS games for NBC Sports Internet have been 0.23 / Zero.21, while CNBC games have been 0.14 / 0.13. Nickelodeon's Noon BLAZE & THE MONSTER was # 19 with Zero.20. It was a cable information within the 18-49s on the MSNBC's RACHEL MADDOW SHOW display with 0.18 / Zero.30 / 2.four M and Fox News's TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT at 0.18 / 0.34 / 2.5 M, and CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360 was Zero.13 / Zero.18 / 800Okay. Bravo's DON'S BE TARDY registers as much as Zero.18.

50 Greatest Unique Cable TVs with Demographic Info

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150 Greatest Unique Cable Networks
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P18-49 Demographic Scores (000s)
Rank Telecast Internet Dur Dur Dur P18-49 P18-49 P18-49 F12-34 P18-34 P25- 54 M50 + P2 +
1 MASTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT L ESPN ESPN 15:00 10 0.57 0.19 Zero.74 2.14 3,228
2 MASTERS RAIN FILL L ESPN ESPN ESPN ESPN ] ESPN ESPN 03 PM 31 Zero.56 Zero.19 0.four 5 Zero.69 36] 1.86