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Violent Strategy Wins US Attack on Venezuela – Sri Lanka

Robert J. Burrowes

to the Venezuelan Peoples

The US Elite Has Determined Again
is making an attempt to put its will on the individuals of another individuals, in this case, and
not for the first time, your nation in Venezuela.

23. January 2019 after careful secret planning
within the previous weeks and late night time name from the US yesterday
Vice President Mike Pence – see ”Pence Pledged US Backing
Before the Venezuelan opposition leader's motion and Venezuelan – Trump's copper
Plan is an enormous mistake ”- United States
commenced a coup by President Nicolás Maduro and his authorities
You’ve got democratically chosen to characterize you on 20 Might 2018. See “The Case of Legitimacy
Maduron one other time period.

Organizing, Recognizing and Supporting "Temporary"
President "The US Doll that has been trained for this purpose in the last decade – see" Making Juan Guaido:
How america Regime Change Laboratory established the Venezuelan Coup Chief – The US government has merely brought it
a clearer focus, and now it has lengthy been making an attempt to grab control
Venezuelan large oil, fuel, gold, water and different natural assets
oil and fuel conveniently situated near the Texan refineries. For gold
See, for example, “The Bank of England refused
returns $ 1.2 billion gold to Venezuela – reviews and then “Bank Of England Urged To
Move Venezuela's gold to Guaido.

This coup is, in fact, solely in keeping with america
overseas policy during the last two centuries, with a central focus
has been to safe the world's most essential geostrategic areas and steal
assets of overseas peoples. Listing only 'probably the most vital in america
“In Central / South America, see” Earlier than Venezuela: Lengthy
Latin American Intervention Historical past ”. But you possibly can
Read additionally a extra complete record of US interventions (only since 1945)
William Blum's “Crossing Other People”
governments: overhead.

It goes with out saying that this newest firm is within the management
change ”clearly violates international regulation with so many elements
it is troublesome to briefly document them. First, the continued US intervention
There has all the time been a violation of worldwide regulation in the course of the prolonged interval, together with Article 19 of Chapter IV. ,
United States Organization Charter. Secondly, the sanctions are unlawful beneath so many agreements
it is lousy. See rules for the rule
103. Collective punishments.
Thirdly, the coup is opposite to Venezuelan constitution. See “Guaido's fault
Constitutional claim to the Venezuelan Presidency. ”

Sadly, international regulation (like nationwide regulation)
is just used as a second option to deliver violence outdoors the elite
a circle and, as the disc's random remark exhibits, is routine
The elites ignore the USA and elsewhere when their geopolitical, economic
and / or Other Benefits “Require”

As normal,
This coup, even the US sycophantic allies, like
Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Israel…. – see, for example, “Australia recognizes Juan
Guaidó as President of Venezuela ”
and ”Emmanuel Macron, Pedro
Sanchez, Angela Merkel and Theresa can’t have the best to offer Ultimatum
Venezuela ”- as nicely
an elite-dominated company media that is such an excuse. Keep in mind,
provided that many of these political leaders have been awarded
their apparent incompetence in coping with crucial import issues
in their constituencies – are these phrases talked about as Brexit and
For example, "Yellow Vests"? – It’s no marvel that disturbing supply
Different occasions additionally use some aid from glare

In fact the American American organization
(OAS) – Recognizing Guaidó's violation of his own Constitution – and
just European Union (EU), also kneeling before US strain
ignore international regulation, simply add a missing international system image
an ethical compass and a rule of regulation, to not mention braveness.

It's true, as most of you nicely know, that
Venezuela has had robust financial circumstances, but like most of you
additionally they know that these circumstances are because of "an outsider."
sabotage and falling oil costs ”, together with particularly
The financial sanctions imposed by the USA in recent times. for
strong accounts of what has lately occurred in Venezuela,
particularly, these horrible economic circumstances trigger exterior elements, t
see the report on behalf of the United Nations Human Rights Council
Alfred de Zayas 'Unbiased Report'
Skilled in promoting democratic and truthful worldwide order
Delegation to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Ecuador ’, which outlined the USA
had decreased – see “Former UN rapporteur: United States
Sanctions towards Venezuela, that are inflicting an financial and humanitarian disaster – in addition to the investigations which were t
Venezuela rooted in lies, ”
“Trump's sanctions do
Financial recovery in Venezuela Virtually inconceivable "," US system change in 2007 "
Venezuela: Documented Display and Venezuela: What Activists Are
You should know concerning the US-Led Coup. "

But some individuals don't consider this US coup is just
geopolitical control can also be very important. As Garikai Chengu stated:
“America is making an attempt to regulate Venezuela as a result of it sits above the strategic degree
At the intersection of the Caribbean, South and Central American worlds. Control
The nation has all the time been a very efficient strategy to achieve energy
these three areas and past. "See,
Destruction: America's Warfare in Venezuela. ”

Venezuela is especially brought on by the continued illegality of the USA
our nation's absolutely affordable authorities is able to participate
to resolve these issues. See, for example, “Venezuelan Director Nicolas
Maduro is on the lookout for talks with Obama
and Maduro renews its willingness
Dialogue ”. Nevertheless, this is
the dialogue shouldn’t be of curiosity to the US elite or its cycophantia
western and local (both in central south america and venezuela)
– Allies who, as said above, intend to watch the control. ,
Venezuela and stealing assets.

Anyway, and most importantly, for those of us
taking note of the truth, to not the waste managed by the elite
media – see, for example, “Can Venezuela Have a
Peaceable transition? "However
"Resistance" Media Aspect With
To promote Trump in Coup Venezuela ”- we’re properly conscious of what everyone is considering this. As a result of,
Based on a current vote, you’re strongly outdoors the USA and others
intervention. See '86% of Venezuelan opponents
Army intervention, 81% are US sanctions, towards native polls.

Thankfully, in fact, you’ve got plenty of solidarity
Allies together with Russia, China, Cuba and Turkey
acknowledges the suitable to stay with the federal government you might have chosen and need
steal assets. In addition, the UN Security Council's "emergency"
On 26 January 2019, the Council requested america to hunt authorization
Because of interference in Venezuela, the Council was divided into China, Equator
Guinea, Russia and South Africa opposed the transition to Côte d'Ivoire and. T.
Indonesia abstained. See “The UN political commander calls for dialogue to be facilitated
tensions in Venezuela; The Safety Council was divided in the direction of ending the crisis ”.

And there's a lot of people there
essential public intelligentsia, former diplomats and peculiar individuals
firmly on your aspect if you defend your self from the last Westerner
imperialism. For example, Professor Noam Chomsky and others vital
individuals have publicly announced their help – see
Researchers and specialists in Venezuela condemn the US-sponsored mass destruction – and former British Ambassador Craig Murray has claimed
that "a Venezuelan refugee should have

In any case, given present and ongoing resistance
The elected authorities's protection coup, I want to supply one other
avenue to help you to think about. Help, when you like, plan and

So what is needed?

I have defined in detail the way to formulate and
to implement a technique to beat such attempts at coups, "Strategy for Violent Defense: Gandhian"
The strategy

Nevertheless, I additionally introduced the main points
This Strategy Website Violent Defense / Liberation
Strategy. The pages of this
the web site has clear directions on how one can easily design and implement them
the twelve elements of this strategy

For those who like, you'll see a schematic presentation

And on the Strategic Objectives page you'll see an inventory of 23 strategic objectives.
it’s crucial to beat the coup you’re at present resisting. These
strategic goals could be simply accepted, modified and / or added if mandatory,

To read a direct rationalization of how
design and implement a non-violent tactic to have a strategic impression
can do that here: “Violent action: why and
How does it work ".

This requires consciousness that the political goal and
The strategic aim of violent actions.

And to ensure that courage is strongest
utilized, you’re welcome to think about 20 factors designed to make sure that you’re
are "minimizing risk"
Violent repression
you’re taking violent motion with oppression as a danger. The knowledge is beneficial
to neutralize both violent provocates and in addition when episodes are
police or army defect that supports US doll Guaidó in days or
weeks ahead, as is usually the case in such contexts

essential if you want to win the facility and defend your elect
government. However the probabilities of success are a lot better should you wrestle,
and your solidarity with allies all over the world have targeted on the ceiling
strategic effects and goal to share costs.

Keep in mind that you determine
Venezuela. Not the US elite, nor even the president and authorities.

In fact you determine to think about
and / or accept the proposed technique, you’re my solidarity.

Biodata: Robert J. Burrowes has a lifelong commitment to understanding and ending human violence. He has been doing in depth analysis since 1966, making an attempt to know why individuals are violent and have been non-violent activists since 1981. He has written "Why Violence?" .