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The street to hell is roofed in good ways. ”(Bert Rolling, The Warfare of Conflict and National
Jurisdiction since 1945.

International Human Rights Conventions

UNO, Geneva Conventions, The Hague
Conventions, Human Rights Declaration, Human Rights Commission and
so many other paper-based mostly laws and conventions are often distracting
the prevailing reality in fierce international conflicts, which requires urgent and vigorous motion
for peace and human security. Activities of countless international activities
it appears that evidently the institutions have decreased the hope of systematic international laws.
Although international humanity is leaking, a
the category of individuals is predicated on false statements in order that mankind might be equal to all
very. The tradition of the European institutions
the administration is not any totally different than the medieval politicians of the earlier century. In
An clever society based mostly on the information of the 21st century, politics is nothing
otherwise than battle management, protection of human rights, peace, man
security and human improvement. However the cynicism of politicians and their position
social peace and progress are endemic. Most politicians are
Actors, biasing on the display for the good thing about individuals. Thomas Paine (The Rights of Man, 1792), right
he pointed out that “man just isn’t an enemy of man, however a false instrument
government system – a wisdom
the nation should apply itself to reform the system – the revolution for the rationale
and dwelling quite than convulsions. “The 21st century politicians are
disconnected from actual world thoughts and worries that haven’t any understanding
and the calls for of the sanctity of human life. A worldwide order wants a
navigation change. Politicians do not think about themselves as residents but in school
to regulate individuals in society. Having chosen their agenda is inconsistent
rules and priorities of human life.

Two World Wars destroyed humanity and
international institutions and leadership failure. it is
an estimated 65 million individuals died during World Conflict II. The primary WW account shouldn’t be logged appropriately
except a number of hundreds of thousands misplaced in the planned weather – a man towards man.
Warfare forbids the character of man and social peace and concord. H. G. Wells emerged
human rights declaration in 1939 and questioned what we are preventing for

1928 Paris Convention (Kellog-Model Pact)
the signatories deserted using drive – struggle on the national instrument
and agreed on the essential conflict "by the Pacific". In 1925 Geneva
Protocols prohibiting using toxic gases as a criminal offense in peace and peace
Warfare on aggression. The start of another WW was witnessing
betrayal of all peaceful rules. The 1949 Geneva Conference required
respect for human rights and built-in human rights. Many conventions described the principles, but
nothing affordable was accomplished to help good contracts. stay
history tells how the world was captured by planned wars and
how European American superior killing units have been deliberately murdered
tens of millions and tens of millions worldwide. Are we, considering individuals
has the world discovered anything useful about history? We have now taken
to stick to the follow of peace and warfare guidelines and legal guidelines? In a
infinite and repeated political fraud, the tragic tensions of historical past
enhance international issues. Until international humanity is lively
organized for peace, the third world struggle is cheap

Sharp Struggle Towards Terror

America with NATO is preventing for almost 20 years in the conflict on terrorism. Why did America attack Iraq and Afghanistan? Iraq and Afghanistan by no means penetrated America and aren’t threatening its security. The thought and id are important in the USA. Frank Scott ("Who We Are?" Media Screens Networks) gives a wise context for who we are?

“Underneath the control of the consciousness control system, which requires us to do quite properly, although the proof exhibits that we’re on a crucial listing, we should always confuse… ..The place we, the peoples of these United States, are never a united nation, we should penetrate the mistaken the main veil of knowledge, where we’re imprisoned and start to think about a population with a standard destiny that requires collective action. We’ve got a critical social id crisis and we can’t save ourselves by doing conflict towards ourselves. But when we would like a peaceable world and a protected setting, we now have to interrupt into a religious prison the place we stay as long as we maintain it separate and unequal, which, based on the supervisors, is beneath the improper stamp.

The People and most European plenty have invested in Islam and Muslims as their enemies and someway the 9/11 attacks have revealed an superstitious and incomprehensible episode. In reality, the "terror" fantasy was made by Western political leaders and teams led by lobbyists; it has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. Fantasy itself is the previous neo-conservatives of the Bush administration

History reveals Europeans as criminals who conquered morally and intellectually developed Islamic civilization and crushed all its materials and scientific improvement and public institutions with its army campaigns. The colonization of affairs was not the top result of Western democratic values, spreading freedom, freedom and justice, however the violence and murder of hundreds of thousands and tens of millions of human lives to be able to construct European empires into coloured bloodstains. European Crusaders surpassed the channels and unknown time zones to subjugate the much-shared Muslim inhabitants as the views and values ​​of their superior nationalism, which Muslims have been worse than the European race and could possibly be used as subjects with out human id and uncooked materials to construct a new structure of empires. Centuries later, if UNO had been at that time, it will not have dared to name European invaders terrorists as a result of it violated democratic reasoning as a result of colonial plenty lived in slavery and denied elementary rights and id. They have been categorised as "conquered races". In the info society, in a information-based mostly international mind culture, ignorance is not essential to study from dwelling historical past.

Perpetuated Insanity Season Towards Age

Too many textbooks describe historical conventions,
legal guidelines and guidelines, however nothing is used when it comes
the truth of conflict. We stay in
age of data, world of data, but ignorance and vanity rule where
the holiness of human life shouldn’t be a virtue that atypical citizens typically perceive.
All authorized provisions don’t appear to be a purpose to guard life and
respect for human dignity. The safety of human rights is fast turning into a
trendy business introduced by "goodwill ambassadors", film stars, and
athletes on the display and nothing greater than an infinite deception for man
issues. The vitality of human rights can’t be imagined by the description of the media
a number of stars of the selected film. Wars are always outraged and hundreds of thousands
tens of millions have moved, murdered, together with chemical weapons and drones, however UNO, NATO, international leaders and
different ambassadors are nervous when cold-blooded murders are unstoppable
Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Libya and Kashmir. ,
human conscience – if there’s an present factor. These are
forgiving atrocities and crimes towards innocent humanity. Is there
– a concrete and reliable international accountability system for prosecution. ,
wars and crimes towards humanity? The ICC is just one other identify
few experiment with comparatively much less essential offenders and small nations
Certainly not criminals like George W. Bush, Tony Blair and so many others.
All conclusions have penalties, and wars are a direct menace and
human rights.

Bertrand Russell and Alfred Einstein Manifest (1955)
referred to as "conflict with the H-bomb
Stop Humanity
2017, America tested the mom of bombs in Afghanistan. Human rights
The Commission, Geneva, has its own class, which meets 9 weeks a yr
studying papers and complaints and doing nothing else. 50
anniversary of the human rights declaration, greater than 12 million individuals
around the globe asked the UN Secretary-Common to satisfy his promises
within the 1948 Declaration. UNO or international leadership has no visionary
and intelligent dedication and power to implement any helpful protection
humanity. We’ve a cause on the planet
REQUESTS a justified dialogue and open public debate on human points
rights, protection of civilians in conflict areas and sustainable mobility
peacekeeping and battle decision. It is particularly related to the global
citizens. Political secret cannot be chosen and be
answerable for residents' demands. International political management
desperately needs an inside eye and soul to know the overall actuality
they are involved about citizens so that they will guarantee an unknown freedom and destruction
the forces of human ignorance and cruelty that held mankind in prison
two WWs. Political misery requires a wise enchancment. Time to reside; its
should not be ignored. Rational man, rationality
requires goal reasoning in all human endeavors complemented by a
outlined and operational liability system. Otherwise, there isn’t a history
Keep in mind us because the individuals of data, wisdom and enlightenment, however the people who belong

Earlier within the century, C.E, M. Joad (Trendy Divinity Information), wrote a tragedy in these individuals.

“…. Human nature is, no less than partially, ungodly and partly foolish, as a human can
beings are prevented from struggling the results of their evil
madness? … .I merely do not see that warfare is foolish and ineffective and evil. They
Assume typically that it’s essential and clever and honorable, as a result of there isn’t a warfare
the work of evil men, who feels improper, but good males
Passionately convinced that they’re right. "

dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja is specialized
international safety, peace and battle decision and international affairs
desirous about Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and
by several current publications by International Peace, Safety and
Battle decision: Approaches to understanding current issues
Future choice-making. Lambert Educational Publishing, Germany, October 2017.